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The lead up to the final episode was a bit of a snore: the crew went to Mount Weather, found the President, and was off to Washington, D. One thing I did enjoy was the flashbacks, which explained a good bit of what Warren went through. As I correctly predicted, she was programmed by Dr.

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A flashback shows Cassandra in a trailer, the acting and the dialogue is hilariously terrible, and she fails to properly tase the guy in the trailer with her. Two more guys break into the trailer to subdue him.

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I'm confused about the season four series finale. Does Roberta use an antidote to prevent black Rainbow from succeeding?

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Season five implies that black Rainbow had a negative effect on zombies and maybe scared people away. I may very well have read that wrong, but as I said I'm confused.

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Also, does that mean Mr. Sunshine was working for good? Side note, love the series.

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Here's to hoping Netflix likes it as much as I did. I think it took effect, but since Warren replaced one of those things in the Black Rainbow plane, it took the effect of mutation insead of the fire and stuff, as far i think. Continue to enjoy the series, and sorry if i in any way spoiled anything! I think its ambiguous.

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I think its implied the 'cure' or black rainbow is in fact genuinely a good thing. Here's the correct answer: Mr. Sunshine was good all along and Warren in fact had a bad canister, so she swapped one out but not the other in time So the Black Rainbow only had half the effects.

Which lead to Talkers.

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I didn't re watch it but that was the only thing I didn't quite puzzle together. Found the internet!

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A question about Black Rainbow and 'Mr. Posted by 2 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

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