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Yuthura ban romance, I'd like looking Yuthura ban romance somebody who like erotica

The Redemption of Yuthura Ban. Download it Filefront here. Thanks to Darth InSidious for the very nice review!

Yuthura Ban Romance

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He addresses you and other prospective students in the hub of the academy:. This is a small identification card marking you as a student within the Sith monastery on Korriban. It will allow you to come and go as you wish. You're taken to your Bedroom to the northwest of the academy's hub, where Uthar remains, kneeling to meditate. Once you've spoken to your instructor Yuthura Banyou're free to return and ask how you gain prestige:. Although he doesn't go into specifics, you can ask around or simply explore the academy and the valley and its tombs beyond to the north to activate and complete quests, before returning to report to him and gain prestige and experience:.

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This forum post is as the name says, you say your favorite romance from the kotor games, and give a somewhat detailed reason why it is your favorite. My personal favorite is handmaiden from kotor2, because honestly it is a subtle romance type thing where both of you know you love eachother and yet you haven't really directly said "I love you" you just know you love eachother and that is enough. Carth and female Revan, even though it's non-canon.

The conversation

Revan's romance with Bastila is very obvious, their Force Bond has a strong romantic subtext, and their romance ties in with the story so well that it can be treated as its integral component. In-universe, they were destined to be together, plain and simple. With Carth it isn't so. It's a story of a damaged man slowly finding a new hope, a new reason, and a new joy in the person of his companion, he begins to trust her long after he stopped trusting anyone And call me a sucker for heartwarming moments but his conversation with final Revan when he finally accepts who she is is one of my favourite from the whole game.

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From what I've gathered, Carth is not a people's favourite, and I myself love HK's impressions of him, but as a fan of Carth I really appreciate the maturity, complexity, and tragicness of this relationship. It makes Bastila's romance plot look like Twilight story in comparison.

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Not that Bastila's romance doesn't have any "in your face" moments, such as Bastila confessing that it was Revan's taint within the vision that pushed her to the Dark Side Oh, and the cut and restored by K1R! Although glitched at the moment. If that's not beautiful, then I don't know what is.

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I also like to toy with the idea of a romance plot with Yuthura Ban as she's my favourite character and adding a layer of romance to her friendship with Revan would be beautiful in my Yuthura ban romance and I do believe it would be symbolic, beautiful, and that it would tie in nicely with the main plot. Definitely happening if I ever write a fanfic. My favorite was always Revan and Bastila, partly because it was the first one I did, partly because it's the most fun to play out. I think I also had the best connection to that one, as, for me, Bastila always goes from supremely annoying to being someone whom I actually kind of like.

But I'm also usually kind of stoic and generally unimpressed by romances in video games and movies Been a while since I did a romance except for the Bastilla one so I guess I'll go with that one. I'll probably have to do a couple run throughs of TSL and K1 to make a firm decision though. Atton and the Jedi Exile.

Yuthura ban

Mostly because the depth of character is staggering on Atton's part and more or less all the romance was in the subtext. It was okay in the writing but they have minimal chemistry and a lot of the dialog choices felt like it was being forced on me. Female exile and Darth Sion. Mostly because it showed that the life of hate and pain wasn't the one Sion wanted, and kind of like Nihilus with Visas he had enough care left to love another person and in a very small way be redeemed by giving up the force for the Exile.

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I wouldn't call it subtle, but they never really confront each other about it, and the closest thing to a resolution is one of the TSLRCM endings - As much as Atton wants otherwise, he knows that in the end the end he wouldn't be good for her, but is content to stay around and try to help her. That's what I took away from that scene anyway.

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It probably helps that Atton is just about my favorite Star Wars character in general, and he's, at least in my opinion, a fairly deep or at least interesting character with an interesting view of things. Oh I just act really benevolent and nice and lightside and so on. Then I shoot her down in an 'I'm just nice like that normally' sorta way I'm so anti canon on this I know, but for me, they are perfectly balanced and realistic.

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Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Knights of the Old Republic General. What was your favorite romance from the kotor games? Recommended Posts. TheDarkChocolateJedi Posted August 23, Share this Yuthura ban romance Link to post Share on other sites. VarsityPuppet 1, Mine is probably Atton and female Exile, if only because of this particular fan animation:. Is that real dialogue from the game? Never heard that before. Posted August 24, F-oh-ex 3. Posted October 23, Posted October 28, Eauxps I. Fourgott Dastardly DarthRevan It's a very small romance plot, but I think it still counts.

Durendal 5. Posted November 1, Posted November 2, Lawkmt3 Posted January 4, Posted January 20, Leilukin Posted January 21, Without mods, I would vote for Female Revan and Juhani. Even though her romance has little content, Juhani deserves more love as the very first canon lesbian character in both Star Wars Legends and BioWare games, which is why I have spent so much time and effort to write a detailed Juhani romance guide.

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Also, since you need to be Light Side and be nice to Juhani to complete her romance, I love how Juhani and Revan's relationship are supportive of Yuthura ban romance other as Jedi who had experienced the Dark Side and are struggling to stay on the Light Side path. One of the only things I really dislike about TSL is Juhani's existence both as a character and a potential love interest for Female Revan being completely ignored. With mods, I would add Female Exile and Visas. I love the parallels between Visas and the Exile both have suffered a planet-wide destruction and their connection to the Force is damaged because of ithow they could understand each other's trauma because of it, and especially in a Light Side playthrough, both eventually come to terms with their trauma.

I also love how passionate Visas is when she confess her love for the Exile after the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave sequence.

For kotor 2:

It's worth noting that apart from the romance scene and the Handmaiden vs. Visas cutscenes, Visas' dialogue doesn't really change that much if any between male and female Exiles, as Visas is just as devoted to a female Exile, so IMHO it's a wasted potential that Visas isn't a romance option for a Female Exile in vanilla TSL. the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing.

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In Up. I accept.