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The new wrestling star is the first out-gay man ed to the sport — "but you're not going to watch me because I'm gay. You're going to watch me because I'm good".

Wwe Gay Moments

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Pro wrestling icon Pat Pattersonthe industry's first openly gay star and a long-time lieutenant of promoter Vince McMahon, has died, officials said Wednesday. Pro wrestler John Cena said he'll never forget Patterson's friendly demeanor and zest for life. He will live on in my life always. Love you Patrick.

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This is the May 9,edition of Monday Night Raw. Clap …! For your world-famous, two-time champs, and feeeeel the powerrrrrr. It feels like a mixture of Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary. The Vaudevillians come complete with handlebar mustaches and 11th-grade-theater-class attire. The matches are predetermined and finalized by suit-wearers backstage — not the larger-than-life men and women in the ring.

Kingston continues a hop-skip-clap combination. Woods has his renowned trombone. New … Day rocks!

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This was it. This was the moment many black wrestling fans — and many blacks in general — have been waiting a long time for. New Day was about to explain how centuries of racism still have lingering effects in a nation that claims to be postracial. Specifically, New Day was about to run down the very institution that has them on television — an institution whose owner once blurted the N-word on live TV. This was really about to happen. These sweaty fans — a bunch of them in powder-blue New Day shirts — are waiting for the traveling circus known as World Wrestling Entertainment and its July special event, Battleground.

In a room the size of a broom closet, somewhere in the back halls of the arena, all three members of New Day are assembled. Over the past year, Wwe gay moments team went from one of the most stereotypical and racist acts in the most successful pro wrestling company in the world to its most prized commodity. They did all this while being unapologetically black.

Qwi ’s best lgbtq pro wrestlers, 1 through 20

The three of them are best friends. They travel, lodge, and watch Worldstarhiphop and Hoodclips together. Each member of New Day holds a degree from an accredited institution. As his Twitter handle impliesWoods has been working on a doctorate in educational psychology since ing the WWE, and his goal has been to be the first sports entertainer with a doctorate. A recent class-action lawsuit against for-profit institution Walden University forced Woods to transfer, though.

Like the rest of the roster, New Day is on the road 52 weeks a year, performing in more than shows in just the United States alone.

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While that much time on the job could lead to an insulation from the real world, these three are aware of issues in the black community. After the July deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police officers, Woods tweeted out a video of poet Javon Johnson explaining the plight of little black boys in America.

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Woods, Kingston and Big E are just three of 13 black superstars on the WWE main roster, three of whom are black women. Kingston and Big E had been on a losing streak for weeks, and Woods, fresh from the equivalent of WWE purgatory, was there to set the wrestling world straight: They were about to take over. Months earlier, Big E tweeted out a quickly deleted photo of the WWE creation Nation of Dominationa s stable of faux black nationalists who used to stand at the edge of the ring and raise their fists in unison in the form of the Black Panthers. And then, out of nowhere, the trio who at this point had been together for just a few weeks, disappeared for four months.

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McMahon was cooking up an idea. The promos were … bad.

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Backed by an all-black choir straight out of The Fighting Temptationsthe three men, each in his own vignette, sang, danced and preached about a new day coming to the WWE. Was there a call-and-response with the choir? Was there a James Brown cape routine? You betcha. Not surprisingly, fans revolted. Crowds across the country booed New Day, who were supposed to be the good guys.

In wrestling, fans prefer the antihero to the grinning good guy, the grinch to Santa Claus. For about half a year, New Day got purposely booed. While cheering on his partners from outside of the ring, Woods started a clap to help engage fans, to the beat of pat … patpat, pat … patpat. Those in the crowd were supposed to clap along, but instead took the beat and added New … Day sucks, New … Day Wwe gay moments to the cadence.

Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah, 35, was born in Kumasi, Ghana. From the age of 1, he was raised in Boston. The son of intellectuals — his father is a professor at Boston College and his mother was president of the Ghana Association of Greater Boston — Kingston graduated from Boston College with a degree in communications. He took an office job at an advertising company and quickly learned the corporate world was not for him.

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While working nine hours a day, he trained at a gym more than 60 minutes away from home, sometimes not making it back to his bed until the wee hours. Ettore Ewen, 30, was born in Tampa, Florida. Multiple major injuries led to him play just one season with the Hawkeyes, where he totaled just 14 tackles before focusing solely on school.

Big E, a self-described introvert, ed with NXT, known then as Florida Championship Wrestling, in while also taking up powerlifting.

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The son of an actual Jamaican immigrant, Big E debuted on television on Dec. Austin Watson, 29, was born in Columbus, Georgia. He grew up wanting to be a professional grappler, and like Big E, Woods wrestled in high school, fashionably so.

In order to fund his pro wrestling education while in college, he worked at a day care center near his campus in South Carolina. At wrestling school in the Wwe gay moments, he came across red, white and blue ring gear, similar to that of Rocky character Apollo Creed. He dubbed himself Consequences Creed no relation to Michael B. Winners and losers are decided before Raw goes live every Monday. Feuds are planned out as early as a year in advance. Champions are penciled in well in advance —well, almost always. Unlike in real professional sports, where, more or less, the best individuals and teams win the prized championship.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Royals and Minnesota Lynx won titles this past year because they were the superior teams, not because the Roger Goodells or Adam Silvers of their respective leagues decided 12 months before for it to be so. Our person may not win today, but we know they might win later. But this becomes problematic for the black fan. That person, of course, was box office superstar The Rock, who first won the title in The fact of no more black champions means decisions have been made outside the ring.

Considering the history of race in professional wrestling is like pork hot dogs.

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You know what it consists of, but you avoid thinking about it too much in order to enjoy the final product. White professional wrestling was introduced to the United States in the late s. Blacks began to integrate the sport about a century later. There were separate world heavyweight championships for Negroes. In those days, blacks were only allowed to fight one another, as mixed-raced bouts could lead to near riots from the predominantly white crowds. But once white promoters recognized the economics of catering to a growing ethnic minority audience, things changed.

Chanel, sequins and goldust: wwe's history with homosexuality

But black bad guys could also lead to fan revolt, so promoters created storylines centered on overt racism from the white performers that was meant to drum up sympathy for their black counterparts. Half a century of progress in the squared circle paved the way for Aug. It was the first recognized world championship win for an African-American.

Simmons won in an era that was, yes, more accepting of African-Americans in the business, but, like in the rest of the country, not willing to view blacks as actual equals. There is of course, more. Popular southern group The Fabulous Freebirds painted their faces with the Confederate flag, while androgynous grappler Goldust painted his face black and donned an afro while feuding with zoot-suit-wearing funkadelic Flash Funk.

Rebellious and juvenile stable D-Generation X applied blackface and skin-darkening cream to impersonate the Nation of Domination.

Wwe gay moment

This moment came complete with a Fat Albert impersonation of former powerlifter Mark Henry. Henry, a former three-time U. National Weightlifting champion, dealt with racism more than any wrestler in recent memory. Greenfield worked closely with Henry during his short tenure with WWE in the mids, elevating Henry and other people of color during his time producing Smackdown. This figure trails only the NBA with regard to who watches major U. Then, decades later, he became an internet meme. Virgil, 54, grew up in Pittsburgh, in a strict household helmed by a Navy father and no-nonsense teacher mother.

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At the time, Virgil was a chiseled athlete. I try to make the best of it, but I live the struggle. I also want to see if people will know his name in 30 years … that is the true test.

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With wrestling characters being an exaggeration of the men and women playing the parts, JTG and Gaspard wanted to create complex characters that connected with the fans … and made them money. They could complain about the obviously racist overtones of a name like Cryme Tyme for two young 20somethings, or, as many black wrestlers have done throughout the history of the sport, swallow their pride and cash those checks.

I loved itGaspard recalled the chairman telling him at the time.