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Witcher 3 feet as cold as ice, Swiss chica seek men especially for Witcher 3 feet as cold as ice

This quest contains on opportunity to fulfil a There Can Be Only One objective, so if you don't yet have this quest, collect it and progress to the appropriate point before proceeding.

Witcher 3 Feet As Cold As Ice

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You can pick up this side quest from Jacquette, a lady standing just west of the Nilfgaardian Embassy post. She asks you to find her husband to be. After accepting the quest from her, head northwest of Beauclair Palace. Use your Witcher Senses when you get close and you'll find Francois sleeping by a campsite. Talk to him and he'll tell you he's going to fight the monster now, he was just preparing.

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Unlike many orders, this quest can not be taken on the bulletin board.

Boss: grottore

The girl Jacquette will give us him personally after we run around her and discover the southern part of Bokler. Consider the same detailed passage of the job. We can find the girl we need right next to the Nilfgaard Embassy in the southern part of Bokler. After seeing the witcher, she will call Geralt herself and the exclamation mark of the task will appear on the map.

A girl named Jacquette will tell us a story that is standard for the wine region: her betrayed Francois, to prove the power of his love, vowed to overcome the monster who settled near the capital Tussent.

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And not just a monster, but the Grotto, who, as they say, steals and kills children. But the trouble is, from our hero, not hearing the spirit of a few weeks.

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The girl is very worried about her beloved knight, so she asks the witcher to help and find him. Before agreeing to an order, we can ask who the Grotnik is and hear the heartbreaking story about abductions of children.

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Before making the order, you can bargain and Zhaketta without any complaints will give you crowns instead of Having reached the deated place, we immediately notice a small camp, and with it the snoring of our hero. If you got to the right place not from the side of the camp, but from the side of the cave and tried to enter it - Francois will immediately appear and stop you by offering to talk in the camp.

Otherwise, your conversation may be awakened by a creature living in a cave. Whatever way we do not intersect with a mountain knight, then to talk about the upcoming feat. If not, then everything is as usual - Geralt of Rivia, the witcher.

After talking with the knight, it becomes clear that he was not in a hurry to deal with anyone, and just slept in the camp for two weeks and feasted.

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But here, in order not to seem like a coward to Geralt, Francois will decide that the time has come and will gather in a cave right now. Unfortunately, nothing good.

Where to get the job

In the cave we will find the body of the dead Francois, entwined with roots. But we still have the opportunity to kill the creature and complete the order.

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Before entering the grotto, with the help of witchacho's intuition, we can examine old armor and bones lying on the floor. The knight will offer to return to the camp, but it is better to look around. Immediately, huge flowers, which can be seen to the left of the entrance, as well as throughout the cave, rush into the eyes. Having considered them closer with the help of witch's instincts, we decide to explore the entire cave.

All flowers will automatically be reckoned after the first inspection, so we turn on our instincts and go to the far left corner of the cave. To the right of this place is a crib, completely filled with children's shoes. To her right is a rather frightening kind of roots that can not be taken with a sword or s.

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After seeing all the items, it's time to open the bestiary and find out what kind of a grotto is. As it turned out, our monster - Spriggan.

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To call it, you will need to burn flowers with the help of the Igni. You can prepare in advance - drink potionseat food and use oil against relics.

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The enemy will call for plants that explode and spit poison. And he is also vulnerable to fire, so Igni and Quen will help us, as always. Do not forget about the elixir Oriole, which in this fight will come in handy.

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It is advisable to destroy the summoned archispora in the first place, because they will spit venom, bring down Quen and cause quite a lot of damage. We burn flowers and prepare for battle! The main thing is to defeat the grotto faster than your companion Francois will die.

"if you do not want my death" - the passage of the quest

Assistant from him so-so, so better hurry. Having won and received a trophy with Geralt and a knight, one more dialogue will begin with a choice. Having finished with this part of the task do not forget to take the loot from the corpse of the beast.

Back in Bockler we go straight to Jacquetta to find out the consequences of the choice.

Stages of "feet as cold as ice" quest

In the early versions of the game there were bugs that prevented the advancement of the plot of the task. After Geralt and Francois fell into the cave, the sub-item with the bestier and the burning of flowers did not appear, and it was impossible to summon the pine forest. Also, if a player released Francois alone to the cave, and then went to check what happened to him.

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The body of the dead knight was, and the quest was not counted. Both of these bugs were fixed in patch 1.

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