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Wife wears revealing clothes to work, Elitesingles Wife wears revealing clothes to work seek boy to chat

Women, is it OK for your man to try to control what you wear? My wife sometimes wears very revealing clothing when we go out. I like it.

Wife Wears Revealing Clothes To Work

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Whenever my wife and I got out she wears the most revealing clothes she can find. If we go out to bars she gets so much attention from other men.

What is my age: 23
Nationality: Kazakh
Tone of my eyes: Huge gray
Figure type: My figure type is quite fat
My favourite drink: Whisky
Hobbies: Cooking
Smoker: No

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I am posting this here to ask if there's anything wrong with me, if any at all - I love my wife to bits, and she is my all. But lately I've been loving it when she wears anything tight, or short, or a revealing top that shows part of her boobs.

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Is this normal? I love walking around with her, if she wears those skinny pants that show her booty, and specially if men look at her, it gives me arousal. Last summer we took a vacation to the Maldives, I love it there because I also am a big fan of snorkeling, however here is where it all started, at this time she wore a bikini that was deed weirdly I would say, it had a very small chest peaces where it only covers her nipples and part of her boob was showing, and also thing bikini came as a g-string thong, when she wore this infront of the people in there, it suddenly hit me that I love this, when she wears almost nothing in public.

Anyway I wasn't like that before, and I'm posting this to ask if this is normal or if it is something that I should be worried about or even change, will it even lead more odd things in the future?

I like when my wife wears revealing clothes

Questions: 1. How long have you been married? Define 'before'. Do you mean ever in your life or just in this relationship? And do I take it she's lost shed-lo of weight recently or suddenly changed her clothing style?

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PS: I adore the Maldives. Which island did you stay on? It is normal to be proud of your wife and it does your ego good.

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It is not the same, but I had a really glamourous mistress who wore the most revealing clothes at all times and never wore a bra because I asked her to, who turned every head in whatever pub,restaurant wherever and I loved it, but my mates were puzzled although enjoyed the view.

I am no oil painting as they say looks wise, so I know men were thinking how does that speccy four eyed bloke pull her, but I did and loved it. I hope this helps.

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I also am interested to hear the answer to Soulmates questions. But working on assumptions only I'd say it sounds like you have a metaphorical top of the range flashy car and you are enjoying getting it out of the garage and on the driveway so others can see how great the car you own is.

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I'll bet you're also enjoying feeling envied. My warning would be that while you can enjoy being proud of her now, don't let it become something you think about every time you are out together; because what could happen is that you start to get used to the feeling and some day she may not feel so confident as she realises she is older and her body has or is changing and cover up.

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Back in the garage You don't want that to negatively impact your relationship, she's your everything and not just a temp to be upgraded for a newer model. Enjoy this as a temporary period in your life, and look forward to different enjoyable periods that you plan for in your future.

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Me, I was particularly interested to hear his answer to my final one. Create new thread.

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Mooch living with me. Married and confused. What should I choose.

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Passion or Opportunity? How to deal with a jealous friend?

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I can't deal with this anymore. Am I being childish? Feeling ok after death and want to move on.

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