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Why is emma watson so hot, South baby found Why is emma watson so hot to relationship

Even though she has a more conservative sense of style, she definitely makes it work for her, and occasionally treats us to a more daring look. Below are 20 photos of Emma Watson looking nearly as perfect as can be. That dress looks insanely comfortable and pairing it with that leather belt makes it look super stylish.

Why Is Emma Watson So Hot

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But to better answer your question, I think she's pretty, but not beautiful. Lol why is that? I don't like long toes or long nails. I'd send you what I mean in private if you want No I'm good.

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This is that history. Remember that one random girl, who is sorted into Hufflepuff at the beginning of the movie? She had Hermione for the crown of cutest first year, and we only got a three-second glimpse of her.

The essential history of emma watson’s path to hotness

I mean, their hair was identical. The first movie was a success and it was time to get some serious hair experts in studio. The result? No more moppy bangs.

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On a separate note, was anyone else bothered when she showed up in Diagon Alley by herself at the beginning, or was it just me? A theme developed: her hair.

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Kind of like a good wine. It got better with age.

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Two years between movies and Hermione grew up a bit. But it was shorter. Hermione was going through what all young, pubescent kids go through. She was confused.

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She was in between being a little girl and accepting that her body was changing. Her hair was a great example — short, but still a tad moppy. At least she bought a real curling iron for the movie.

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This was also the movie of the higher class school uniforms, rather than the towel drapes of the first two movies. She developed an attitude — a moxy — that filled the big screen. She turned time. She was in command. I looked it up. For the first time, she was a sought after girlfriend.

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Her history was beginning to be written because all of the teenaged guys in the theater sank in their seats, quickly looking left and then right, embarrassed. They were attracted to Hermione Granger, and it felt a little awkward to feel that, at least for a couple minutes. Hermione Granger is hot. Emma Watson is a universally-recognized name and she finally rises to the surface as a known face in Hollywood.

She looks good eating ice cream.

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She even looks good when her hair goes crazy, after potions blow up in her face. Ron is making out with someone else, which is fine for us because we have a better chance with her. Also, she starts showing up to the movie premieres looking really dynamite. This is it. Funny, I said that in the last stage, too.

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Hermione even ages quite a bit at the end of the second movie, but she still looks young and vibrant. How can that be!? This must be fiction!

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Daniel Radcliffe admitted, post-production, that Emma Watson really went for it in that scene. I loved it.

Hermione granger and the history of ‘adaptational attractiveness’

Unfortunately, it was a rather short scene. These four pictures show her in a variety of moods — work day, gone camping, wedding attendee or dinner party, and winter warmth. Emma Watson is beautiful, sexy, dreamy, or whatever word you want to attach to it. This was her evolution. We watched her grow up. She seems to be as beautiful of a person on the inside as she is on the outside. MTV awarded her the Trailblazer Award for outstanding rising star. Emma Watson applies.

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Emma watson responds to being called ‘too pretty’ for the role of hermione granger

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