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Who does nami like, I am Who does nami like boy that wants experiment

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Who Does Nami Like

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Who does Nami End up With? One Piece is the biggest manga ever created. The manga recently overtook Batman in terms of sales. Its global reach is phenomenal. For over a decade, manga dominated the sales of Oricon.

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Who does nami end up with? the adorable one piece character

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Is luffy only attracted to nami? oda gave us the answer!

Real MCcoy Guest. I havent watched the series much lately, but it seems that they would be a good parring. Are there any hints on the show? Last edited: Dec 17, Randomguy Member. But for now, adventure and piracy and dreams are what concerns them and the rest of the crew most. Broleta Well-Known Member.

One Piece pairings? The Bloody Nine Kingslayer. Broleta said:. Q the grim reaper of thre.

Every king needs a queen 👑

Haha, One piece pairings Go back to konoha library. Canute87 Nuke Imminent. Zaru said:. People who don't suffer from ADD perhaps? Randomguy said:. Of course she does, she trust him as a friend and Captain. If your refering to a romance, then no she does not. Rokudaime Active Member.

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I sure Nami probably love Luffy but in other hand, Luffy love meat more than woman Nami likes Luffy as a close friend. All the strawhats share a close bond to each other since they are nakama. Colonel Awesome Lol. As a good friend, yes. As a lover, probably not. Bender Bite my shiny metal ass! Pairings suck ZZZZ.

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IceColdBeer Member. Personally i think Nami has the hots for Ace. Luffy is more like the funny kid brother. Kage Taka Taiin. This just aint Naruto Piece. If there is ever a pairing in One Piece, I speculate Oda quit, and some dumbass took over and ruined the manga by trying to cover up Oda quitting.

But no, Nami is too rich for Luffy. Kenny Florian Active Member. Nami likes money. Nightfall Well-Known Member. I'm stalling One Piece for now, stopped at the Thriller Bark arc because I wasn't interested anymore. Will probably pick it up later on, but for nothing more for now. The thing is though, I never got the romance vibe from One Piece at all, either the author didn't include it because he doesn't feel like using tired generic plotlines just to get a story out it, or he simply doesn't have the ''feel'' for it.

I'm usually happy for a Who does nami like romance in any story, maybe I'm soft hearted guy deep down. But all I can get from this manga is friendship without romantic vibes at all, except maybe from saji, but that's just silly anyway. And I suppose you could include Zoro That's just my interpretation of it.

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Sort of unusal for me, but hey Oda is original for ya. She recognizes he's someone she can trust her life to.

Does nami like luffy?

I would go so far to say she loves him like family. But romantically? I doubt it highly. Here's an interesting fact, Luffy didn't react to seeing Hancock naked but on the other hand, his nose bleeds when he sees Nami's breast. QwertyoPIZ Making cookies in the basement.

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One piece is one of the mangas that does not ever even affiliate with love pairings. Now of course you could say these two love eachother and blah blah, but that would just make you look like a dung beetle rolling a ball of shit around. Choshino Will Of Fire. Law said:.

Who does luffy end up with or marry in one piece explained

Vandal Savage Magician Supporting Staff. Their relationship is platonic at best. Luffy X Hancock its cannon biatch.

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Come on seriously Luffy saw possibly the hottest character in OP naked and didn't care, Luffy is too innocent and doesn't care for romance. He "loves" all his nakama in that he would die for all of them and they all share a strong bond but there will be no pairing in mah one piece. No chance, maybe after the series they will fall in love but right now there no chance. Ennoea Red Light. If there ever is a pairing, which I hope never happens, it'll be between Sanji and Nami, Luffy ishe's never shown interest in anyone. Tenryuken Banned.

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Yes and she will be his queen. Crocodile Fluent in Stroll. The only romance in One Piece is the romance of adventure.