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Which hole do you stick it in, I'm Which hole do you stick it in lady who like humor

Find your vaginal opening in 3 easy steps The easiest way to find your vaginal opening is by feeling with your fingers and looking with a mirror.

Which Hole Do You Stick It In

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You can explore with your finger to make sure youve found the right hole before trying to insert the tampon. So im pretty sure he is doing in the right hole. Mechanical Steering West Marine. Which hole do i stick it in diagram. You would know if its ur butt hole because thats a lot tighter. Try and select it you will be able to note the difference.

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If the girl lies on her back, the top is the vagina, the bottom is the anus. Log in.

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See Answer. Best Answer. Q: Which hole do you stick it in top or bottom hole?

Is it possible to put a tampon in the wrong hole?

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What vagina hole do you stick it in? View. Does the penis go in the same hole as a tampon?

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