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WooHoo is an action that Partnered, Engaged or Married Sims can do, corresponding to making out or having sex. The action takes five minutes. To do the action, you tap on the Sim that is Partner, Engaged or Married and click on 'WooHoo' option on the top right side.

What Does Woohoo Mean In Sims Freeplay

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Woohoo is what sims do in The Sims series instead of having sex.

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WooHoo is the ultimate expression of romantic love between two Sims - and the ratings-friendly Sims version of sexual intercourse first introduced in The Sims 2.

The sims freeplay

Whether you're a hopeless Sim romantic, a would-be Sim lothario, or a coolly detached achievement or trophy hunter where WooHoo appears often! If you're considering pregnancy and having babiesthat requires its own set of steps to consider! Looking for more The Sims 4 help? Our The Sims 4 cheats to help fast track you to various aspects of the game.

Woohoo benefits in the sims 4 explained

So while WooHoo is definitely suggestive of adult themes, nothing graphic goes on. A suitably saccharine jingle plays; love hearts and rose petals floating in the air hint at what's happening; and more worldly-wise players might be able to draw certain conclusions from the fireworks and fountains that go off towards the end of the interaction At its most basic gameplay level, WooHooing is usually pretty good for your Sims' overall moods.

WooHooing maxes out the Social and Fun motives - although it does decrease Energy and Hygiene to a lesser extent. And while two Sims will need to be quite fond of each other in order to WooHoo in the first place, a successful WooHoo will further strengthen the relationship between the participants, increasing their Romantic relationship value ificantly. There are, however, some age requirements, as only Sims who are Young Adults or older can WooHoo, although they're free to seek partners outside of their own age group as long as What does woohoo mean in sims freeplay involved is a consenting grown-up.

Alternatively, it will be available automatically if the couple in question are Dating, Engaged, or Married. WooHoo can be initiated by, and will generally be accepted by, Sims in any positive emotional state. Sims who are feeling Happy or Playful, for example, are likely to be receptive if the conversation takes a sudden turn towards seduction, especially if they have an established Romantic relationship with the Sim doing the asking.

But Flirty or Very Flirty is the ideal emotional state for WooHoo: the requirements for successful Romantic interactions are lowered, and Sims in this mood might even get Whims to WooHoo that will grant Satisfaction Points upon success. Moodlets granting the Flirty emotional state are primarily triggered by performing Romantic social interactions, though sometimes personality traits and environmental factors come into play too see Other factors, below.

Your Sims don't need to be in any kind of formalised relationship in order to WooHoo. This doesn't necessarily mean that the interaction will be accepted, though: see Rejection, below. However, propositioning a romantic interest who's in a good mood and with whom your Sim shares a high Romantic relationship value, even with no attached status, will usually succeed just as often.

Sims with the Charisma skill enjoy increased success in all social interactions, up to and including WooHoo. The higher their Charisma skill level, the more likely that other Sims will accept their proposition to WooHoo, even if their mood or relationship is lower than the normal base levels for success. Sims with the Romantic emotional trait, which can be applied in Create-A-Sim, get a weaker version of this benefit, as well as autonomously gaining Flirty moodlets at random intervals.

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Finally, ambience can be a factor. Items with the Flirty emotional aura enabled - including crafted items, career reward items, and collectibles - will cause every Sim in the room where the object is placed to gain a powerful Flirty moodlet.

With the City Living expansion pack installed, lots with the Romantic Aura or Romantic Fireplace lot traits increase the chances of Sims getting Flirty moodlets. In both cases, these moodlets improve the odds of romantic interactions being successful. Both are initiated in the same way as regular WooHoo and become available under the same general circumstances; and a successful interaction will play out using the same locations and animations.

However, they have slightly different conditions and outcomes attached:. Mess Around: A toned-down version of WooHoo, only available when both partners are in the Teen age group.

How to woohoo in the sims 4

Though identical to WooHoo in most respects, worried Sim parents may be reassured to know that Teens remain fully clothed while Messing Around. Getting carried away with a new partner before the relationship is on firm footing can result in a knock-back, but even an established couple who are passionately in love can have their off days. On the plus side, the moodlet penalty is no bigger than it would be for any rejected Romantic interaction, no matter how minor: Sims get just as Embarrassed if their crush won't exchange phone s with them.

Rejected Sims can attempt to apologise for their forward behaviour, but this often just in more embarrassment and relationship loss, so it's usually better to end the conversation and let the two of them cool off for a while until the moodlets expire. There are a couple of things you can do to promote a more favourable response to your Sim's proposition the next time around.

Even though it doesn't directly influence Romantic interactions, the Friendly relationship value can be a factor: unless a Sim's feeling Very Flirty or has a very strong Romantic relationship value with their love interest, they might get a little bit hurt if their potential WooHoo partner only seems to have one thing on their mind.

Doing some Friendly interactions to bring this value up can help a lot this is especially true if no formal romantic relationship exists between the two Sims in question. And while official couples are more likely to accept offers of WooHoo even if some of their individual needs are low, if one or both Sims' overall emotional state is negative e.

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Below is a handy table of all the locations in the game where Sims can get their WooHoo on correct as of February All locations are Build Mode items, unless otherwise stated in the notes. Two Sims WooHooing on a residential lot even at a house in which they're both guests rather than in their own home isn't the cause for much gossip, and everyone else on the lot goes on about their day apparently unaware.

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However, two Sims WooHooing on a community lot might attract a few curious spectators. This doesn't have any effect on relationships or moodlets, either for the WooHooing couple or the onlookers, though; it's just a funny visual. Things are a bit different if another Sim enters the same room where a couple are in flagrante WooHoo. The intruders' reactions can range from neutral to Embarrassed the latter is especially the case if they're related to one or both of the loversto Very Angry if they also have a Romantic relationship value with either individual.

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Getting caught cheating gives the guilty Sim an Embarrassed moodlet, too. The majority of the time, a successful WooHoo interaction is a nice, positive experience for both Sims involved. However, this is The Sims, so of course there are ways things can go wrong, ranging from the mildly disappointing to the comically deadly.

Usually, if both Sims are in a positive emotional state and have a close relationship, they'll get Happy moodlets that last for a few hours after WooHooing. Factors that increase the risk of unsatisfying WooHoo include either partner having very low needs especially physical needs like Bladder, Energy, and Hunger or being in a negative emotional state e.

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Uncomfortable while WooHooing. Having the same couple WooHoo more than three times in quick succession can be a risk factor in triggering this moodlet, as can having an Elder Sim WooHoo with a Young Adult or Adult. There also seems to be a small element of randomness involved: even under ideal conditions, WooHoo simply can't go to plan every single time.

More correctly called Death by Exhaustion or Death by Overexertion, there's a chance that this fate awaits Elder Sims who exert themselves too strenuously, either through physical exercise or WooHoo. It lasts for 4 hours, during which time they might well keel over dead if they ignore their better judgement and decide to carry on with what they were doing. Strange as it sounds, there is actually one benefit to Death by Overexertion.

Ghosts of Sims who died this way won't engage in any destructive or anti-social behaviours when idling, which is pretty rare compared to other causes of death. For the sake of simplicity, this guide will use 'achievements' as a catch-all term inclusive of all three systems: Origin Achievements, Xbox Achievements, and PlayStation Trophies. All the achievements found in the console versions of the game are also in the Origin version with the exception of the Platinum Trophy on PlayStation 4 ; however, not all Origin achievements are available on consoles.

Note: Currently, Origin only recognises Achievements per save file rather than per player profile, although the latter is the case for console versions and is what most players will recognise as the industry standard. It's rumoured that a planned update will bring the system for PC players into line with their console buddies, but for now the discrepancy exists.

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Step 1: Acquire a Rocket Ship. Alternatively, if a Sim in your game has reached Level 10 in either branch of the Astronaut career Space Ranger or Interstellar Smuggleryou will have unlocked access to slightly nicer and pricier models. Whichever version you use, you'll need at least 5x6 tiles of free space outdoors in order to place it on the lot. Step 2: Build the Rocket Ship.

On the plus side, building a Rocket Ship doesn't technically have any particular skill requirements: your Sim will develop the Rocket Science skill as they build, and in theory a Sim with Level 1 Rocket Science could complete the build successfully.

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However, they'll almost certainly level up in the skill several times while building the Rocket Ship, because it takes quite a while to complete all three stages; even if your Sim dedicates themselves to the endeavour full-time, they'll almost certainly need to stop and refresh their needs several times. Build time can be reduced in three ways: asking other Sims to help by working alongside your active Sim; having builder s with higher levels of the Rocket Science skill; and ensuring the builder s are in a Focused emotional state.

Step 3: Initiate WooHoo. Once the Rocket Ship is finally built, have your Sim on the lot with their partner or romantic interest. Click on the Rocket Ship and select 'WooHoo with If the interaction is successful, your Sims will head off for a rather spectacular romantic encounter, and the Achievement will unlock. The Rocket Science skill which is needed to advance in the career is developed by building the Rocket Ship, while in turn having the skills to reach higher levels in the career will enable you to buy better and more expensive Rocket Ships.

Plus, having multiple Astronauts in the household working on the project effectively reduces cost and build time. It's win-win-win! Alternative Method: If you really can't be bothered with all this trouble and, crucially, if you have the City Living expansion pack installed, there is an exploit you can use to unlock this achievement with much less effort. There are two Rocket Ships at the festival, one of which is already completely built.

Have your Sim and a romantic interest head to the festival together and simply have them select 'WooHoo With Achievement: 'What would it be like? Requirements: WooHoo with a ghost. The best place to get started is with our Sims 4 Ghostsfor details on how to befriend a ghost. Once you've made contact with the afterlife, you can build Friendly and Romantic relationships with the ghostly Sim. Getting to the point where you can WooHoo with them is surprisingly normal given the circumstances: the advice on improving your chances of successful WooHoo given elsewhere in this guide applies equally to ghosts.

Achievement: 'WooHoo!