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The Usher nude selfie that he posted today on Snapchatshows just a little bit more than he intended it to we think.

Usher Snapchat Dick

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Anyone with working ears and an appreciation for silky smooth jams and killer abs has had a least a fleeting crush on Usher. The math just adds up, guys. Rather than properly leveraging his sex appeal to send out an international thirst trap, Usher took a Myspace-style selfie that blurs out his dick and makes him look like a sad year-old boy. It manages to make you feel inappropriate looking at it, but in the opposite way of a normal dick pic.

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Everyone is freaking out at Justin Bieber's dick pic. Usher really wants you to know that you can use the phone to film yourself showering, which is an important feature. This wouldn't the first time Usher partnered with Samsung, but this is the would be first time his penis has been directly in the marketing.

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Brand-happy nudes aside, Usher's Snapchat howusnap is a bizarre spectacle. The shower scene is sandwiched between the singer watching nearly a dozen movie trailers and a series of snaps in which he pretends a pharmacy will not accept his insurance when he's trying to buy an inhaler as commentary on the American healthcare system.

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According to Samsung, the company has nothing to do with the images. Usher just really wants everyone to know you can use the S7 to take shower nudes. More in SamsungCelebrities. Social Good.

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It was no social media utopia. MySpace was never "harmless. She's gotten it back, but there's still a big lesson here.

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Teachers come after TikTok and Facebook over 'devious licks' Educators insist the "trends" are not alright, and social media is to blame. YouTube demonetizes climate denialism content It'll still be allowed on the platform — you just can't make money from it.

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Square Enix is now letting 'Avengers' fans pay to fix the game's mistakes Selling XP boosts is a broken promise, but it's also addressing an issue that a March update exacerbated. Posting memes will get you banned from Instagram Creators are fed up.

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