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Uncle Fucks Niece Stories

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I had left work early and headed for my aunts house where my wife and I shared a small bedroom together. We had left our Midwestern home and moved nearer to my aunt in Oregon for purely career reasons. When the transfer came it was sudden and shocking and we were completely unprepared. When I arrived home and walked up to the door I found it locked, which I considered peculiar. So I simply used the house key my aunt had provided me with soon after we arrived. When I neared the bedroom door I paused leaning forward to peek through the crack, as the door was standing ajar.

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Mandy was excited. She'd turned fifteen and now her parents were going to let her make some money babysitting. Her first babysitting job was for her uncle and aunt, Bob and Julie. She already knew the kids, of course, because they were her cousins. She'd even babysat for them before, but not for money. She arrived at their house promptly, with her homework and a book she wanted to read. She was met by her Uncle, who, as usual, gave her a big bear hug.

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She liked his hugs. There was something about being enveloped in strong arms, and having her young body pressed against his hard muscles that made her all happy inside. Why just look at those nice plump boobies you've grown! Right then her aunt came into the room. Don't tease your favorite niece," she said with mock severity. He wiggled his face sideways, eyes closed, lips making a motor running type noise as she shrieked and laughed, struggling to free her arms from his grip.

She's got enough boys trying to get into her panties without you giving her a hard time. Mandy grinned at him. He really was her favorite uncle. He seemed so real and fun, and he treated her like she was all grown up instead of like a. She got her instructions from Aunt Julie and then the couple left. Her two cousins were quite young, and only had an hour left before bedtime. Uncle fucks niece stories for an hour she played games with them and read them stories.

Then they went to bed and she was able to do her homework. Mandy woke up to the sound of a key in the lock. She'd fallen asleep on the couch while she was reading.

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She looked at her watch. It was two in the morning. Her mother had told her to just sleep over, since it was at her Uncle's house and they all knew that the event would last until quite late. There was a guest bedroom that Mandy could have used, but she like sitting on the soft couch by the fire. She got up to meet them at the front door. The door swung open and there was Uncle Bob, tall and strong, with a very limp Aunt Julie hanging from his side in his arms.

Her eyes were open, but weren't very focused, and she was singing some song, but you couldn't understand the words. Uncle Bob started undressing her.

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She'll be a lot more comfortable without all this stuff on. Under that she had on a pale purple bra that was gorgeous. It had a pattern in it, but was otherwise see-through.

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Her big round areolas were clearly visible through the fabric. Uncle Bob rolled her to one side and reached behind her. The bra went slack. Mandy watched in awe as her aunt's body came into view. Aunt Julie had big firm breasts with prominent nipples on them.

As Uncle Bob bared them from the bra he leaned down and gave each distended nipple a quick suckle. Now aunt Julie had on only panties. Mandy had seen such panties before, but only in exotic magazines. They were pale purple, and obviously matched the bra. You could see right through them. They covered her pubic hair, but little else, and the waistband was little more than strings that went up high on her hips and then to the back. Mandy thought she'd never seen anything so feminine and sexy.

Uncle Bob pointed at them and said, "You get that side and I'll get this side. Uncle Bob said, "It's okay.

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I have a plan. Watch this. He pushed down and then ran the finger in a circle.

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Aunt Julie went, "Ohhhhh fuck," and her hips came up off the bed. Mandy hadn't moved. She was just astonished at what she'd just seen. Get ready. Again she groaned and her ass came up off the bed. This time Mandy was ready and she pulled. In an instant Bob had pulled the panties the rest of the way off and her aunt was lying completely naked in front of her. And she was That was the best word for it.

Her hips were moving and her hands were opening and clenching. Uncle Bob stood up.

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Now I'm in trouble. I had a little too much to drink too. When she gets horny like this, and I don't make her cum, she's a bear in the morning. I mean penis.

I can't get it hard when I've had this much to drink. His eyes slid down to Mandy's chest. That would be wrong! Mandy felt a thrill of danger sweep through her body. How could I help you? That's not what I meant to say.

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I mean you're a girl, right? And if a girl I'm sure it would get hard.

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But I couldn't ask you to do that Mandy. You're my niece! This was all very interesting. She'd never gotten to see a real grown up beautiful woman naked before. Nobody ever showed any skin of any kind in her house. She might get to see and do all kinds of interesting things if she "helped" her Uncle.


Plus he'd said she turned him on, never mind his denial. I think I should try. Don't you? His alcohol muddled mind wasn't thinking like it should have. Okay," he said. Then he started stripping down. Mandy watched as her uncle got naked in front of her.

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She knew her parents would not approve of this. But she was going to get to see a real live penis, not in a picture, or on a video snuck from some parent's stash, but right here in front of her. She held her breath as he slid his undershorts down past his hips.

There it was. His dick. She was just a little disappointed.