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Tyga25, continues to tread hot water.

Tyga Transgender Cassandra

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A day after her Twitter made disparaging comments about her baby daddy Tyga, Blac Chyna claims that she was hacked.

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Rapper Tyga has caused a media frenzy this past week flaunting his new arm candy girlfriend, model Demi Rose Mawby.

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This comes just weeks after Tyga's breakup with girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Jenner and Tyga have had their relationship on blast from the start, being that Kylie was just 17 when she became involved with the year-old rapper. The two were said to be in a very serious relationship, even talking about marriage. The breakup was pretty sudden and sources close to Tyga said that the rapper was devastated.

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He has fathered a son with video vixen and former stripper Black Chyna. He has also been involved in many cheating rumors during his and Jenner's relationship.

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Tyga, short for "Thank You God Always," definitely has a type - most of the women he was accused of cheating on Jenner with resembled her ificantly. It's kind of an ironic name for someone whose most famous lyrics are, "Rack City bitch, Rack Rack City bitch, tens, tens, tens, twenties on ya titties, bitch. But now, with his baby mama Black Chyna engaged and expecting with Kylie's half-brother Robert Kardashian, it seems that Tyga has been pushed out of the Kardashian family.

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The rapper, although said to be torn up over the breakup, didn't seem to take long to swim along to the next fish in the sea. Let's take a look at all of the curvy and vivacious women who have been linked to the infamous "Faded" rapper. Let's kick off the list of media storms Tyga has caused with one Molly O'Malia, 14, who Tyga was accused of pursing sexually. Tyga was accused of cheating on Kylie Jenner with this young, aspiring singer. Tyga claimed that he had been led to believe that the girl was 17 not that that makes it much better and that he was only contacting her because he was interested in ing her to his new music label.

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The rapper got in touch with Molly about her music career over text message. Molly later told a court of witnesses that he then made sexual advances towards her and repeatedly asked her to FaceTime with him. She said, "I did not do it [and] because of my discomfort with why he wanted to communicate with me, I quickly stopped responding to him. This transgender adult star claimed that she had a steamy string of hookups with the rapper last year while he was dating Kylie Jenner.

Blac chyna says transphobic tweets towards tyga a result of hacking

Mia took screenshots of their conversations and later shared them to her social media trying to add some evidence her claims. In one of her Instagram captions Mia says, "Seven months I stayed depressed protecting you while losing everything. The model was not going to let this go without a fight. She continued her rant on Instagram, "All this time all I asked while you and your team tried to extort me into silence with threats and bribery was to tell the world that I did nothing wrong.

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Very simple, I didn't release anything and I NEVER threatened to release a sex-tape but you decided to let the world make me a villain and you the victim and you weren't. Truth is I didn't accept offers of money for silence or career opportunities I did it because you made reference of suicide and I cared to much about you to have that weight on my hands.

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Damn, sounds like these two have definitely been through something together, or at the very least know each other. It seems like Tyga really threw Miss Mia Isabella under the bus, but don't mess with her! Tyga was accused recently of picking up an Instagram fan to party with and keep the rapper company while in Brisbane for a gig.

The rapper saw the fan on his social media site and asked the year-old out with him following his show. Birdas has quite the following of her own on social media with 15, followers. The young woman stated her phone was confiscated before she was allowed to enter the party.

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She also said there was no talk of Kylie or the rest of the Kardashian family. Does Tyga have a secret thing for transgender women?

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Another transgender model from San Fernando Valley, CA, known as Cassandra, came forward with allegations that she and Tyga had been romantically involved. Cassandra also claimed that she knew of Tyga paying other transgender women to hook up with him. Tyga had his lawyer release a statement regarding the allegations. The rapper did not admit to being linked to Cassandra. This year-old Brazilian model was linked to Tyga when he was accused, yet again, of cheating on Kylie Jenner last year.

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This video vixen first met the rapper on the set of one of his music videos and again while he was filming his reality showKingin' It With Tygaon MTV2. The model had quite a bit to say when it came to Tyga and his cheating habits. Cardoso said that the rapper was very careful and waits until Kylie is out of town before he dabbles with other women.

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The situation started with a few innocent texts, followed by Tyga asking the model to send photos. Soon after, the pair allegedly began hooking up. It was even rumored that Tyga introduced Annalu to a few of his friends. The model confirmed the hookup herself.


Model, journalist, blogger and aspiring actress Val Mercado was the women who was rumored to have Tyga transgender cassandra Tyga's rebound during his short breakup with Kylie Jenner earlier in the year. Rumors began circling around that the rapper had been hanging around Val. Val strikes a shocking resemblance to Kylie.

DuJour Magazine, claimed that when they showed up for an interview with Tyga one morning, Val was waiting outside for her ride, clearly looking like she had spent a night rolling around in the sheets. The two share a son, King Cairo. The former stripper and video vixen is often famed for appearing in a of rap videos flaunting her curvy body. Blac Chyna stirred up some buzz when Drake dropped her name in his hit, "Miss Me". Chyna even stunt doubled for Nicki Minaj in a Kanye West music video. It didn't take long for things to heat up between the two and by March ofrumors began to swirl that Blac Chyna was pregnant with Tyga's baby.

Their son King Cairo was born in October of Tyga and Blac moved into a big 'ol mansion in Calabasas and announced their engagement in December. The pair played house for a bit, but ultimately things did not work out, and the two split in Tyga was scrutinized for being rumored to have begun dating year-old Kylie Jenner so soon after or possibly before his breakup with Blac Chyna. The two were also receiving so much criticism because Kylie was still 17 at the time, while Tyga was The couple tried to claim that they were "just friends" until Kylie turned 18 in August Once she reached adulthood, the two put their relationship on full blast.

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Tyga even has a tattoo of Kylie's name on his inner right arm. Kylie has caused quite the media frenzy herself over the past couple of years with her lip injections, scandalous outfits, provocative photos and plastic surgery rumors. Kylie and Tyga's relationship was full of breakups, makeups, and rumors of infidelity. Tyga made a few appearances on the family's reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashiansand even became party buddies with Scott Disick, much to the dismay of Disick's ex, Kourtney Kardashian.

Once Tyga's baby mama Blac Chyna became engaged and knocked up by Kylie's half-brother Rob Kardashian, things became a little too close for comfort for the couple.

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Sources close to the family theorize that "momager" Kris Jenner most likely encouraged her youngest Kylie to ditch the rapper and move on from the messy situation. With all of the drama, scandals, and mistrust that the couple has dealt with in the less than two years of their relationship, Kylie is probably better off cutting her losses here. Tyga quickly moved on from his breakup with Kylie and was spotted shortly after with Demi Rose Mawsby.

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Going by Demi Rose, the once shy girl grew up in a middle class family in England. She was once named the hottest girl on the planet by UK's Zoo Magazine in Tyga is Demi Rose's first boyfriend in three years.

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The couple were spotted in the Cannes together last weekend where they were swarmed by fans. The people can't wait to catch a glimpse of Tyga's new girl, who again, bears a striking resemblance to Kylie Jenner. Amanda Katherine a free spirit, devoted writer, pop culture specialist, certified music junkie, and style guru.

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She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Dope And Broke dopeandbroke. With affordable alternatives to the latest fashion trends and cheap celebrity looks for less, you don't have to go broke to look dope. By Amanda Katherine Published May 26, Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Most Popular. Amanda Katherine 62 Articles Published Amanda Katherine a free spirit, devoted writer, pop culture specialist, certified music junkie, and style guru. Way To Prison?