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The motto written in Sanskrit Devanagari script on the top is a prayer for leading humanity from darkness to light.

Twilight Princess Link Hot

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Link begins the game as a goat wrangler working at Ordon Ranchon the edge of Ordon Villagea small settlement just outside Hyrule. Seemingly well-regarded, he seems to have a romantic relationship with Iliathe daughter of Mayor Bo. Link is looked up to by some of the children of Ordon, especially Colinwho wishes to grow up to be just like Link. RuslColin's father, is Link's mentor early in the game. Link's adventure le him to navigate all of Hyrule as well as the Twilight Realm.

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It is an optional item that can be obtained from Zunari after completing part of the Island Trading Sequence. When activated, a magical barrier covers Linkprotecting him from any damage. Link can also activate the armor while sailing to protect himself from attacks during sea battles. Once Link runs out of Rupees, the armor loses its color and becomes very heavy.

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This causes Link to move as if equipped with the Iron Bootshaving the same effect of sinking in water. If Link runs out of Rupees while riding Epona, she will send Link flying off of her.

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The quest for the Magic Armor can be started after completing the Lakebed Templeand is completely optional. After donating 1, Rupees, the bridge will be repaired.

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However, the Goron who fixed it, Gor Liggs' son, becomes fatigued, and therefore cannot move in order to import Hot Spring Water to town. Link must then cross the western field with the Barrel while avoiding enemy attacks.

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If Link is successfully attacked, the Barrel will burst. Once Link reaches the bridge, he must throw the Barrel onto the Goron, who will regain his strength, leaving a Piece of Heart behind.

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After donating Rupees, the emporium will be purchased. Link is then able to go to the Castle Town to find a branch of Malo Mart where the emporium used to be. Inside, he can find various goods at reasonable prices, including the Magic Armor for Rupees instead of the originalZelda Wiki. This wiki contains spoilers!

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Magic Armor. View source. History Talk 9. Magic Armor Model Sprite.

This the legend of zelda: twilight princess photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

The Wind Waker Twilight Princess. Hyrule Warriors. Protecting Link from receiving damage.

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You won't expend Rupees unless you take damage from an enemy or other hazard. You bought it!

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You are smart! You bought it at Malo Mart!

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Wear it and your Rupees will become magical. The armor will protect you, so if you get hit, you lose Rupees, not health. If you run out of Rupees, the armor will go dormant and your movement will become impaired. Universal Conquest Wiki.