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Tied Up Naked Stories

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Gromet's Plaza Bound Stories. Karen twisted her neck, but still couldn't see the knots that bound her wrists tightly behind the chair. Connie had done a thorough job and there was no hope for escape. Karen's wrists were bound palm to palm, cinched, and anchored to the front rung of the chair she sat on.

Her ankles were tied to the back legs of the chair and a rope around her waist held her tight against the chair back. No, she would be here until Connie decided otherwise. Karen sighed and wondered aloud "How did I get in this position?

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Tied to a chair in my best friend's party room wearing only my bra and panties, with Connie in her bedroom watching TV. Karen and Mike moved to Houston from Phoenix 2 years ago when Mike got a promotion to branch manager. Mike's career was taking off and Karen had no trouble getting a job selling Real Estate. She worked hard and soon became the top salesperson for her company. Of course it didn't hurt that she was blonde, 5' 4", pounds, and had the body of an aerobics instructor. They bought a home in a new subdivision that featured large lots with secluded privacy, and after they moved in, their new neighbors became their best friends.

Connie and Steve live next door and their backyard has lots of privacy and a swimming pool.

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Steve is a pharmacist at Providence Hospital Center and that's where he met Connie. Connie graduated from Nursing School 3 years ago and fell in love with Steve within 1 month of starting her first job at the hospital. Connie was a natural redhead, 5' 7", pounds. The two couples became inseparable. Mike and Steve played golf together, Karen and Connie jogged together, they went out on the town together, and spent many sunny afternoons at Steve and Connie's pool. Karen and Connie always wore skimpy bikinis and delighted in the obvious effect that it had on their two guys.

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There was a lot of sexual teasing, but up to now it only served as foreplay for each couple's own sexual activities. The two couples shared a passion for sports and that is where Karen's current predicament began.

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Even though they now lived in Houston, Karen and Mike still had an allegiance to their old team. The matchup produced a serious disagreement between the two couples as to who would win. Phoenix had the better season record and Mike and Karen were sure that this was the year Charles Barkley would win the championship. Steve and Connie felt that the Rockets were coming together at just the right time and would repeat as Champions. They decided that as friends and rivals, they would watch each game together and go to dinner afterwards courtesy of the losing team's backers.

They met at Karen and Mike's to watch the first game. The verbal jousting continued and the emotions got higher and higher until Connie couldn't stand it any longer. Mike said "Steve, how about this. If the Suns win the series, then you have to treat me to a round of golf at that new course down at Corpus Christi.

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That includes breakfast, golf, and dinner on the way back. We'll do it on a Saturday and make a day of it. It's a deal. I've got an idea. On the day that the boys go golfing, you'll be my slave if you lose or if I lose I'll be your slave. Be your maid, servant, wait on you all day?

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Slaves don't ask questions, they just do whatever their masters tell them to do. What's the matter, cold feet? Are you chicken? It's a bet. For a while it looked as if Mike and Karen would win, but in the end of course the Houston Rockets prevailed in the seventh game and Steve and Connie were the winners. The Saturday after the series ended, Mike arrived at Steve's place at 9 am in the morning. They planned breakfast ata 3 hour drive, a round, of golf, dinner, and a 3 hour drive back home.

They told their wives that they planned to be back around 10 or 11 PM. Get out of here She wore her Phoenix Sun's t-shirt, red jogging shorts, white socks, and tennis shoes.

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She was sure that Connie would keep her hopping for the full 10 hours. What do you want me to do first? Let's have a glass of wine and discuss your This is just 2 friends having a glass or two of wine together. When do I start paying off on the bet? I wanted you to have a glass of wine and you're doing that. We're friends Karen and I hope that after today we'll be even closer friends. I'm not going to make you suffer today. I intend that we both will have fun, even though at first you may not believe it.

You did lose the bet and you did agree to be my unconditional slave until 9 tonight.

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Remember that and remember that I'm your best friend. Don't question my commands.

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Let's get started. Stand up. Now do as I told you!

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Even though they had seen each other naked many times, this was different, and both of them knew it. Karen felt embarrassed to be standing there in bra and panties while her best friend was fully dressed. Now do as I say or you'll be welching on our bet. As she felt the ropes Karen's Tied up naked stories drifted back to when she was 10 or 11 years old and she played Cops and Robbers with the other. She was almost always the Damsel in Distress, but she didn't mind.

It made her the center of attention and the other kids had to take care of her since she was tied up. And then there was the sorority initiation where she was spanked in front of 50 other girls. She was 19 then and she remembered the embarrassment and the excitement. She was embarrassed when her panties had been pulled down to administer the spanking and surprised at how wet her pussy got. She used those memories a lot when she masturbated during her years at college. The extra length of rope from her wrists had been pulled through her legs and as Connie pulled on it Karen sucked in her breath and followed.

In her party room Connie had a simple kitchen style wooden chair facing a storage closet at a 45 degree angle.

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She sat Karen in the chair and took another length of rope from the briefcase and used it around Karen's waist and the chair back. Then she knelt to the left of Karen and took out a short piece of rope. She tied it around Karen's left ankle and gently pulled it back and secured it to the back chair leg. She moved to the right side and tied the right ankle the same way.

Finally, Connie knelt in front of Karen and reached underneath the chair and grabbed the loose end dangling from Karen's wrists. This put Connie's face next to Karen's pussy and she couldn't mistake the smell of Karen's feminine wetness. She tugged the wrist rope taut and secured it to the front rung.