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Wedgie Go — is an exciting Running game.

The Wedgie Game

Online: 2 hours ago


Oh no! Wedgie Go is an endless runner with a funny twist. Every time you jump, those pesky underpants get stuck in your butt and give you a wedgie! Do this as quickly as possible to avoid hitting any obstacles in your way — nobody wants to hit a fence with a wedgie, do they? The controls are simple, just swipe left and right to change lanes, swipe up to jump and swipe down to fix the wedgie. As you collect more coins, you can purchase better quality underwear which you take less swipes to remove from your butt, allowing you to fix the wedgie faster and run longer distances on your running adventure!

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Truth is for losers! Congratulations on wasting a turn.

house women Amayah

You must get a 20 second regular wedgie from the player to the left. You must attach your underwear on the backrest of a chair and sit in the chair for 1 turn. You must allow the players on your left and right to give you a 'squeaky clean wedgie'.

You must put your arms in the leg-holes of your underwear, then lift your arms up.

stunner latina Alaiya

You must have your crotch grabbed by the player to your left. You must trade pants with the player to your left for at least 3 turns. You get to give the player of your choice any kind of wedgie for 30 seconds.

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You must act like a rag doll as other players take off your shirt and pants, then put them back on. You must act like a rag doll as other player move your hands so you give yourself any kind of wedgie. You must stand still as other players all lift you up by different sides of your underwear.

gorgeous gal Emberly

You must put ice cubes down the front of your underwear and leave them there. You must hump a couch corner or a stuffed animal aggressively for 30 seconds. You must take off your shirt for the rest of the game.

house madam Ariya

You must allow the player to your left to hit your crotch. The player on your right must grab the right side of your underwear while the player on your left does the same with the left, and they both must lift you up and hold you there.

passionate sister Aislinn

You must get a 20 second front wedgie from the player to your left. You must give yourself the largest wedgie you can in the back.

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