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The repopulation reddit, The repopulation reddit chica found guy for lapdance

I recently just ed the game and am very eager to get going with it. When I was younger I played star wars galaxies but never fully appreciated the game for what it was, I just thought it was cool because it was 'Star Wars'. Now that I'm older and SWG is gone I was searching for something that was similar to it so I could really see what it had to offer.

The Repopulation Reddit

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Firstly, thank you for doing the AMA! It's awesome to hear from developers! It appears this is coming out for PC. Was that technological familiarity? What are your favorite PC games, and why? Were there any others?

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As the title says, saw 'The Repopulation' on early access on steam. Game looks pretty cool, reminds me alot of SWG and apparently alot of people compare it to that in a good way.

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Yeah it reminds me alot of SWG, sort of like a spiritual successor. I guess.

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I have enjoyed what little I have played of it so far. I have only scratched the surface so far and I am looking forward to playing more.

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The economy is entirely dependent on the population being very high. Every item is going to take dozens of sub-items and components to create, which means crafters are going to have to specialize in what they create. There aren't going to be guys making vehicles from scratch, for instance. There will be guys who make the motherboards for the vehicles and then a guy who makes the fuckin So you really need a robust population for this game to reach its full potential.

We are the developers for the repopulation, a sandbox mmorpg like swg and daoc. ama

That being said, I don't think there's any harm in springing for early access to give it a try, just to get a feel for the game and see if you're gonna like it. It's in alpha, so don't expect brilliant or involving gameplay just yet, nor is there a lot of people to interact with, though you do bump in people here and there, and there are almost always people leveling up Entertainment skills in taverns buffs everyone around.

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There are a lot of skills that increase slowly as you use them. Soft cap is at 6-fregging thousands, ! That's a lot of growth to look forward to.

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Combat is standard, still kind of awkward. They say it's not quite where they want it to be yet.

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Melee is still at a disadvantage. The engine appears to be able to handle fluid combat however, but not yet. I'm not sure about the mission system, it's randomly generated, and mail-based.

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You can filter what kind of missions you receive combat, military, gathering, crafting, epic, all, etc. I abandoned a lot of missions because I just couldn't find who I was supposed to give those leather hides to, for example.

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In the end I turned it off so I could concentrate on pure exploration, but I am missing out on potentially lucrative random rewards. Crafting right now is just too bloody complicated for me, so I didn't do lots of that.

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I can play for a few hours straight just wandering on my cycle, mining here, killing there, butchering this, getting raped by that, reporting bugs Overall I do not regret getting into the game, but I can afford the cost. If you're looking for a full-fledged game and are low on money, I would avoid for now. Uh how is the playerbase for the game?

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This will probably be the deciding factor on if I buy it or not tomorrow. People looking for a new MMO. Found the internet! The Repopulation - Should I get it? Posted by Explorer. Has anyone here played it?

The dev's of the mmorpg sandbox kickstarter "the repopulation" are doing an ama on /r/pcmasterrace.

Hows the community, combat etc? Sort by: top suggested.

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That's my take on it for now. Massively multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG is a genre of role-playing video games in which a very large of players interact with one another within a virtual game world. We discuss them and games like them here!

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