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While over a decade passed without any of The Incredibles aging, the family has never been more popular with fans. Bob, Helen, and the Parr children: Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, may magically meet us from but their stories and battles are as relevant today as our own.

The Incredibles Elastigirl Stuck

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Before the mission starts, you will be introduced to the open world of the game. Here you can find numerous secrets, side missions and enjoy the freedom of movement around the city. Head to the main quest, marked with the Incredibles symbol on the map.

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She is the overall deuteragonist of The Incredibles franchise. She is the deuteragonist of The Incrediblesand the main protagonist of Incredibles 2. She operated under the secret identity of Helen Highwater. Elastigirl encounters Mr. Incredible when they help each other apprehend a robber. They marry that night with Helen taking Bob's last name, being Parr her maiden name was Truax. After a series of lawsuits filed against superheroes and a major uprising of the people, the supers are forced into retirement and hiding.

Elastigirl permanently assumes her secret identity and bears three children, named Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.

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She becomes a homemaker who does her best to unify her family and help them adjust to a normal life. She only uses her superpowers in private for convenience. Bob, however, does not adjust well to civilian life. Helen eventually discovers his clandestine crime-fighting with Frozone Lucius Bestusing the cover story that they're going bowling. This in a marital conflict between Helen and Bob. Bob is fired from his job at Insuricare after he loses his temper with his boss and injures him by throwing him through several walls.

Soon after his termination, he's lured by Mirage to Syndrome 's private island, Nomanisan Islandunder the ruse of an asment, in which Mr. Incredible must disable a formidable weapon called the Omnidroid Bob begins taking on more asments on the island, telling Helen all the while that he is attending Insuricare conferences out of town. After resuming hero work, Bob's temperament at home changes dramatically for the better. He gets back in shape and spends more quality time with Helen and their children.

Helen finds a strand of platinum-blonde hair on Bob's clothes, and she becomes suspicious when she hears Bob talking on the phone to his contact, Mirage, and begins to believe that Bob might be having an affair. Incredible is lured once more to the island by Syndrome, who secretly intends to kill him.

Meanwhile back at home, Helen notices the new patch on Bob's old super suit and contacts Edna, who insists The incredibles elastigirl stuck seeing Helen immediately. She shows Helen all of the super suits, and Helen is furious at Edna for helping Bob secret hero work behind her back. Edna, who was unaware that he was hiding anything from Helen, informs Helen of the homing device she included in each super suit.

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Helen uses it to locate Bob and is briefly overcome with emotion, convinced that Bob is cheating on her. Edna snaps her out of it, smacking her furiously with a newspaper and encouraging her to go to him and win him back. An accomplished pilot, Helen borrows a jet from Snug, her pilot from the Golden Days, to journey to the island and find her husband. During the flight, she finds Violet and Dash stowed away.

Syndrome sends missiles in response to her request to land on the island and the plane is destroyed, with the transmission of Helen's pleas to call off the missiles playing in the containment unit where Bob is being held. Helen uses her body as a parachute, and with the help of her new, indestructible super suit, saves herself and her children from the wreckage. They land safely in the water, and Helen morphs her body into a boat, which is propelled by Dash's super-speed and carries Violet to land. Mirage confirms the destruction of the jet, leaving Bob to believe his family has been killed.

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Helen and the children seek shelter in a cave, where Helen tells Dash and Violet that she is afraid their father is in trouble and instructs them to stay hidden while she goes to look for him. She warns both Violet and Dash that the enemies that shot their plane down are merciless killers, and urges them to use their powers to protect themselves at all costs. Violet apologizes for not being able to protect the plane but Helen replies, saying that it was asking too much of her.

Helen also tries to bolster Violet's confidence by telling her that she has more power than she realizes, and not to worry or think because she will do the right thing when the time comes. Helen leaves the cave to save Bob. She uses her quick thinking skills and elasticity to make her way to the containment unit where her husband is being held captive.


On the way, she looks at herself in a hallway mirror and notes that she has put on weight since she retired from superhero work. She runs into Syndrome's security guards, but defeats several of them at once while her body is caught between two sets of sliding automatic doors by kicking one, using her abdomen unintentionally to knock out two others and punching two more to knock them out and obtain the keycard to the doors to free herself.

She takes the unconscious guards to a locker and hides them.

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Mirage, disillusioned by Syndrome's narcissism and callousness, frees Mr. Incredible and tells her his family survived the crash. Flooded with relief and gratitude, he draws Mirage into an embrace right as Helen enters the room. Helen, livid, delivers an extended punch from the doorway, knocking Mirage to the ground, believing Bob has been unfaithful to her.

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Bob grasps her extended arm and pulls her in as quickly as he can. Helen resists, but of course, is no match for his strength, and he kisses her passionately, asking her how she could think he would ever betray "the perfect woman. Meanwhile, Violet and Dash are attacked by Syndrome's security force, but manage to evade them using their powers.

The children and Bob and Helen run into each other along The incredibles elastigirl stuck way and continue to fight the security forces until Syndrome arrives and recaptures the family. Syndrome, recognizing Helen as Elastigirl, is surprised to see that Bob married her and had a family with her. Back in the containment unit, Syndrome reveals that he intends to use his latest Omnidroid model to attack the city of Metroville, and then orchestrate a rescue, in which he appears to defeat the immense weapon, which is in reality under his control.

The Parrs escape again and manage to journey back to Metroville with the help of Mirage, where they, along with Frozone, destroy the Omnidroid v. Back at their house, they are again confronted by Syndrome, who tries to kidnap Jack-Jack.

Syndrome uses his rocket boots to reach his plane, and Jack-Jack reveals his shape-shifting powers in mid-air to overcome Syndrome. Helen orders Bob to throw her into the air and she catches Jack-Jack, using her body as a parachute once again to return them safely to the ground. Bob throws his car at Syndrome's plane, and Syndrome is killed when his cape is sucked into the turbine of his private jet, also resulting in the explosion of his plane.

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Three months later, Helen is seen with the rest of the family cheering on Dash at his school's sports day where he finished second. With the threat of The Underminer looming in the city afterward, Helen is seen wearing her mask as she s the family in the fight against the villain. Elastigirl helps her family attempt to defeat the Underminer, though he escapes. They manage to save the Municiberg town hall, however, they are arrested by the police and require Rick Dicker to bail them out.

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Dicker escorts them to a motel that they will live in until they find a new home. He tells Helen and Bob that the Super Relocation Program has been shut down and they can only stay at the motel for two weeks. At dinner, she argues against fighting crime against, telling her family that the law dictates they cannot do so. That night, Frozone shows up at the motel and escorts them to DevTech. There, they meet Winston Deavor and his sister Evelyn. The Deavors tell them that they are going to come up with a campaign to make Supers legal again and they want Elastigirl to be the public face of it since she causes the least collateral damage.

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Helen is reluctant to accept but Bob urges her to do so as their choice is to accept the offer and try to make themselves legal again or remain illegal and become homeless. Helen and her family move into a luxurious mansion provided by Winston.

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She is given a grey super-suit modeled after her original Elastigirl suit and deed by Alexander Galbaki, but bemoans how 'dark' it looks. In the garage, she is shown a new Elasticycle and marvels it, noting it is electric-powered. She says goodbye to Bob and rides off to find crime to fight. Evelyn tells her via the bike's radio that there is a high chance of trouble at the Metrolev train line opening.

On her way there, she encounters some boisterous fans in a car, to who she is gracious toward. Elastigirl arrives at the train station and watches the Metrolev train take off for the first time.

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However, it stops and starts traveling the wrong way. Elastigirl gives chase, asking Evelyn if there's any way the train can be stopped, to no avail.

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During the chase, Dash calls her, asking where his shoes are since he lost them, to which she tells him to look under his bed. She continues to give chase to the runaway train, but must ditch her bike as the train reaches a tunnel, leading to the bike exploding when it hits the wall above the tunnel entrance. After it exits the tunnel, she manages to split the train in two and pulls the front half of it in her parachute form just before it falls off the end of the track.

Just as Elastigirl thought she was finished, the other half of the train shunts into the front half and leaves the front half teetering over the edge. Elastigirl goes inside the train to check on the passengers and driver, but sees that the driver was hypnotized by the Screenslaver.