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Swallowed tongue bar, Wonderful baby Swallowed tongue bar friend to humiliation

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Swallowed Tongue Bar

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Well, although nobody in the local bodmod community had come across it before - i have managed to swallow my tongue bar! It was a 16mm bar with standard size ball's. I had had abt 4 or 5 pint's,but was certainly not drunk, and was eating my way through 3 bag's of crisp's, when my mouth suddenly felt strange. For 10 second's or so, i couldn't figure out what was wrong, then i realised my top ball had gone,i quickly felt below the tongue for the other ball, but that too had gone. I assume one ball had unscrewed, even though i regualy tightened them.

Age: 32
Orientation: Guy
Eyes: Large gray-green eyes
My Zodiac sign: I'm Leo
Music: I like to listen reggae

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Explore the various s of our site and you will learn a lot of interesting things about piercing. Often, a person swallows only the blunt ball portion of a tongue ring, with the post remaining in place. Very rarely do any problems occur with the passing of the blunt element of a tongue ….

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The balls must have come loose because it fell out when I was eating and I ended up swallowing it. I've got exams all next week so I don't wanna have to waste revision time in the Unless it's causing an obstruction, don't worry.

You'll have to wait for nature to take it's course.

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