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Simply affix the stickers on the bottom of regular party cups and play normally. Once a player sinks a ball, the opposing player drinks the contents and then flips over the cup to reveal the consequence.

Strip Beer Pong Rules

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Shooting ping-pong balls into cups full of beer is the very foundation of higher education. Others turn this pastime into a fully-fledged career and participate in world beer pong championships.

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I know, we were shocked too. Beer Pong has traveled through the centuries and understandably has acquired multiple rules during this time, so we've decided to put together a comprehensive list of all the beer pong rules you will ever need to know to play this wonderful game.

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Death cup - when a player is drinking their pint, if you manage to aim a pong ball into their cup your team immediately wins the game. The Troll - If you fail to hit a single cup during your game of beer pong, you must sit beneath the table and make troll noises for the rest of the night.

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Hehot - If your rival throws an air ball and you catch it before it lands on the floor, you are then allowed to try and hit the person who threw it in the head. If you succeed, they have to drink one of their cups.

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Miracle - If your ball manages the do the impossible, and land in between three cups so it is balancing on top of the beer pong cups, your opponent must then drink all three beers. For more additional beer pong rules, check out these beer pong rule variants! Sounds fun right?

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Be sure to always drink responsibly and if you have any queries, feel free to call us today on Call Us Today Related posts The Official Beer Pong Rules If you have no idea how to play beer pong, then here's our comprehensive guide to beer pong rules ju We all know that beer pong is fun, but did you know it could be made even more fun with these beer p Posh Pong is the perfect way to combine your favourite drinking game with some sophistication! Get f User Menu Home Log in.

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The Ultimate Fifa Drinking game. .