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Bite Marks Director Mark Bessenger's Bite Marks is a delightful gay homage to the creature feature movies the filmmaker watched in his youth.

Stephen Geoffreys Gay

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A blog focused on washed up celebrities desperately trying to stay in the public eye long after their time in the limelight has passed.

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Dennis Dermody June 25, Cult. Quite frankly.

Who is stephen geoffreys? biography, gossip, facts?

It seemed like an odd career move. Stephen Geoffreysthe spiky-haired young actor who was so memorable in films like Heaven Help Us and Fright Night began performing in X-rated Gay porn films in the late s under the name Sam Ritter.

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But to move from major movies to gay adult videos is a new one on me. Not that Geoffreys was a stranger to nudity. He played the chronic masturbator Williams. There is a scene in which he and all the Catholic schoolboys including such Hollywood newcomers as Kevin DillonAndrew McCarthy and Patrick Dempsey are lined up bare-ass in front of the school swimming pool. As he lay dying on the floor, he morphs back into a mortal.

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Complete with a side view of his naked corpse. And in the excruciatingly stupid direct-to-video Hunk HotelGeoffreys plays the demented head of personnel at a summer camp and has a nude scene with a rubber ducky in a swimming pool, overacting with such manic intensity that one is almost compelled to kick in the television set.

True, Geoffreys may have worn out his cinematic welcome.

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Pollard on Special K. There was something sweet but annoying about him. But other actors have managed to parlay an oddball screen persona into a lifetime career.

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Why, then, would one aspire to porno? Perhaps he felt it was his calling- like Mother Teresa with the lepers or Dr. Kevorkian with the terminally ill.

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Maybe Geoffreys was born to get his bubble butt plowed on camera. Aside from Geoffreyswho actually has a tough little body, most of the men are far from cute.

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Discovering that he has no change in his wallet, he tips the lad the only way he knows how: with his mouth and his willing derriere. Ritter moans and groans in out-synch mock-ecstsy beneath his well-endowed, plug-ugly partner.

Stephen geoffreys

Before long, human drains are unclogged and the position has been filled. When another customer shows up, they pass the time giving each other lube jobs. In Sports Erection s Videoa big, out-of-shape lug watching a baseball game on TV fantasizes that Ritter is suddenly standing before him, nude except for a jockstrap and that familiar bandanna.

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Virtual Stud Butch Video is a pornographic version of Strange Dayswith Ritter in a tour-de-force performance appearing in two sequences. In Cock Pit Big Bone ProductionsRitter checks into a sex club and lies enticingly on a very squeaky cot, servicing anyone who comes into his cubicle.

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Oddly enough, he looks straight into the camera- breaking that illusionary fourth wall. In Halfway House Hunks Butch VideoRitter is given star billing as a cocky juvenile delinquent who sucks off the staff and his fellow inmates at a youth facility.

Stephen geoffreys

There is a future out there. Just rip off your clothes, raise those legs towards heaven and reach for the stars. He understood his metier, which is the most any of us can ask for!

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