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Yeah, the early years of Stargate SG-1 had a very different feel.

Stargate Sg1 Nudity

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But the right holders had different plans: they prefered the idea of producing a tv series.


The idea itself and the realization breathed new life into the genre, which was almost the same e. The critics, who also hadn't liked the Emmerich movie, didn't like the pilot, but the audience seemed to like it pretty much.

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That's why 4 seasons were produced until the series got cancelled, nonetheless a 5th season was produced. Then the network changed from Showtime to SciFi-Channel and due to the high ratings and the increasing fanbase, the series Stargate SG-1 finally made it to 10 seasons.

One of them was "Stargate Atlantis" and it was as successful as the original and made it to 5 seasons.

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The other one was a cartoon series, furthermore two follow-up movies of "Stargate SG-1" were released and finalized some plots from season 10 because originally, an 11th season was planned but it was never realized.

That's why another solution had to be found. In the fall ofthe franchise continued with the third non-cartoon series "Stargate Universe" in the US. Furthermore some well-known characters from the original series "Stargate SG-1" have some cameos. They often had different ideas and visions about the content of the scenes, the score or humour in the series. It didn't happen seldomly that one of them deed sth. During the production of the pilot, both of them had also some disagreements with the director Mario Azzopardi because they weren't satisfied with the footage he had shot.

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As a result of that, Mario Azzopardi only directed 4 more episodes of season 1 and that's it. For good measure, Showtime also enforced their demands about the content of the pilot. But Showtime wanted a higher rating for its premiere to draw interest of the younger adults as well.

Especially Brad Wright had sth. He wanted a more family-friendly concept, which could be watched together with the complete family. The pilot was supposed to be more subtle, less loud and more serious without any shallow humor.

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He also was in advance of his time when it came to the special effects and how they should be financed. The final sequence in particular was expected completely different. He thought it was way too stretched and too feeble in the key moments, like the fight with the glider. A version, which doesn't look like a pilot all the time, was planned. Instead it was supposed to look like a stand-alone product by today's standards.

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The editings are pretty strong: technically, the old version has been completely renewed, not just slightly adjusted. Some scenes have been summarized for a better pace, others have been completely removed e.

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Wright had problems with the harem scene from the beginning because he considered it inappropiate plus the set looked a lot like the temple on Chulak, where the SG-Team was going to be attacked and beaten by Apophis.

For further scenes, different or alternate angles have been used and some footage was added. As a matter of fact, some entirely new unshown footage was put in as well. The score has been changed in some key scenes, e. Other scenes look better due to a lack or a very slight usage of score. The dialogs have been edited, too.

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A lot of lines which, according to Wright, just displayed the onscreen happenings "Here O'Neill. Your lighter!

As a result of that, the necessary new calculation of the gate coordinates by Carter is not being explained with the extension of the universe which would be pretty senseful at a time about 50, years ago. Instead it is being explained with planetary changed within the star systems. Teal'c's dialog is completely new now, in former times he sounded reluctantly funny even though he spoke completely normal in the following series.

This mistake has been cut out in the Final Cut. Furthermore Teal'c's doubts about his Goa'uld master and his leap of faith are more obvious. Last but not least: the special effects in the final sequence are more sophisticated. The violence has also been decreased in the action sequences and some few have been replaced by more family-friendly shots marked with red writing in the following comparison.

The most obvious difference is the fact that Stargate sg1 nudity nudity shots by Sha're actress Vaitiare Bandera have been replaced by shots without explicit nudity. Footage like that doesn't belong in a pilot of a sci-fi series anyway.

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The result is pretty good. The movie seems to be straighter now and the score fits much better, especially the before-mentioned final sequence has a much better pace now, thanks to removal and editing of scenes that are just way too lang. Improved alternate shots and footage to link two shots top it off. Sometimes it's just a zoomed image, a slightly different angle of the same shot or another take of the same scene as a result of that the acting is slightly different. More often shots of other participants have been used in the same order of the scenes or some related shots have been replaced by another one, which still contains the same plot in the same period of time.

Parents say

That's why a "normal" comparison, where all the details of any difference is being mentioned, no matter what, is impossible and would be kind of senseless. We gave it a shot but we quit after 15 min. If the footage, which was available at that point, was being grossed up to the entire running time the text file of the comparison would be four times bigger as it anyway and it would contain screenshots depending on how many screenshots would have been used.

Nobody would like to read sth. That's why we decided to summarize it, built up in the following way: first the content of the scene related to the differences that were made.

Common sense says

The most important things, which are NOT related to some old missing scenes or some new scenes and which are things like alternate angles of the same scene, alternate order of the scenes with the same running time, are mentioned briefly and, if necessary, the impact of this is being described.

Then a listing of the scene apart from all the alternate footage adiitionally ONLY in one of the versions plus the lenght of the difference, as usual. Some examples for alternate footage with the same plot or increased special effects are being given here and there. Alternate footage, which really changes the content e.

There's no time index of the whereabouts in the movie - it wouldn't make any sense because in a lot of cases it's pretty hard to define for the other version. As a result of that the info would be pretty unprecise, so we decided to go without it. Who made it till here is going to make it till the end.

Running time Original Version: credits excluded Running time Final Cut: credits excluded. All that happens with a partial shot of the earth as background until the camera turns slowly to the surface. It gets faster through the blanket of clouds and ends with a high-angle shot of the soldiers playing cards at the table.

Technically, the Final Cut is slightly summarized, some more or less redudant footage has been removed. Furthermore, there are lots of alternate shots which show the same or a Stargate sg1 nudity scene, but from a different angle and sometimes from another point of view. Some shots only contain alternate angles of the scene, a shot begins a couple of frames earlier here and there or it is a couple of frames longer.

The most conspicuous scene is the one with the soldier on the phone. In the Final Cut, he pulls Stargate sg1 nudity gun much earlier than he does in the Original Version and points it at the gate. Original Version: 3 min 27 sec Final Cut: 2 min 18 sec Original Version Right at the beginning, a soldier goes to the other card-playing guards at the Stargate Center and s them.

Then a change of the angle from medium long shot to a close-up of the table, afterwards the camera circles. The Final Cut starts later when one of the soldiers plays his second last card. Suddenly the ramp starts moving, due to the vibration caused by the gate, and the soldier backs off. A soldier mentions that clearly had never happened before. One of the soldier yells at him to let off her.

As a result of that, shots from the left are now from the right, soldiers walking from left to right are walking from right to left now etc. Besides that, the footage is almost identical.

The Original Version contains some more minor shots. Original Version: 45 sec Final Cut: 38 sec It's quite remarkable that the two Goa'uld soldiers, who get killed under fire, can take many hits in the Original Version. In the Final Cut instead, they get down as soon as they get hit. As a result of that, all close-ups of the direct hits which almost cause no damage Stargate sg1 nudity been removed in the Final Cut. Additional shots of the Original Version Additional shots of the Final Cut The scenes themselves are identical, except the fact that alternate footage and different angles have been used.

And again some more minor shots in the Original Version. Original Version: 1 min 6 sec Final Cut: 58 sec Original Version Additional shot of the soldiers passing the security door which closes automatically. In the Final Cut instead, further credits of the cast, producer etc. Nevertheless there are some different angles or order of scenes, but the plot itself is still the same.

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Samuels confirms and adds he was the General's personal adjutant. Generally, the Final Cut shows more shots of different people but the actual content is almost the same. The footage, which has been removed in the Final Cut, is just trivial. He thinks about becoming a writer, then he asks Jack if he had ever thought about releasing a novel about his adventures. Jack replies he had, but he had to shoot everyone who had read it. Due to the reaction of the other attendents, he adds that was just a joke and all his asments were classified. But the Final Cut has been shortened here.

Not only that some parts of the plot are missing, but also some shots are shorter due to some footage removal.

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And that's not it. While one version contains a shot of O'Neill, the other version contains a shot of Hammond or Kawalsky. To sum it up one can say that the Final Cut is the better version here.

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Original Version: 5 min 7 sec Final Cut: 3 min 55 sec Original Version A technican also puts the detonator into the bombs and activates it. O'Neill tries to stop him first, but Hammond explains the coutdown had already been started.