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Spring breakers hot tub scene, I look up Spring breakers hot tub scene that like fetisch

Nothing that Korine touches ever turns out well. For the characters, for the box office, and, most importantly around here, for the viewer.

Spring Breakers Hot Tub Scene

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Given all of the advanced buzz surrounding Harmony Korine's latest project, the sex- and drug-fueled vacation romp "Spring Breakers ," it should come as little surprise that the film's actresses — many former Disney darlings — performed acts that would make a certain Mouse blush and hide his face behind gloved hands. But how did the leading ladies themselves feel about these daring deeds? The scene Hudgens referred to is one in which she and co-stars James Franco and Ashley Benson engage in a wet and wild threesome in a backyard pool. And Hudgens was quick to add that Korine did everything possible to ensure the awkward experience was as comfortable as possible — both during and after filming.

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In. Spring Breakers Hide Spoilers. Now with the money they head down to Florida to drink and experience life but soon they run into a gangster James Franco and their future hits a bumpy road. I thought it was a rather confusing mess with unlikeable and annoying characters, a horrid story and an ending that's so bad that I really wanted to scream at the top of my lungs.

It certainly doesn't add anything to the story but I will admit it was a "new" way to tell this type of story.

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With that said, just because it's new doesn't mean it's good and in fact it's just downright annoying. Even worse is the so-called story, which I've heard from some was supposed to be a satire while others appear to be taking it very serious. To me it wasn't clear what the director was trying to do with the material but if we were supposed to like these characters that certainly doesn't happen.

I'd say they're all rather hate worthy but at the same time if we were supposed to hate them then the film really lets all of them off easy.

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The ending was just a downright joke and whatever "meaning" we're supposed to take from it is even worse. Performance wise they're fine but their characters are just so bad who cares about anything else? Again, I understand some are finding deep, haunting meanings to this film but to me it's just a complete joke from start to finish.

Was this review helpful? It ostensibly features a quartet of young and nubile spring breakers who spend the entire movie wearing their bikinis for no other reason than to titillate the viewer who decide to go on an odyssey of crime, drugs, and violence, just for kicks.

The problems with such a scenario are manifest, namely the entire lack of any sympathetic or likable characters. The girls and the girls alone are responsible for getting themselves into this mess and you don't really care how or if they manage to extricate themselves from it. The acting is poor, particularly from James Franco's black gangster caricature not a patch on Gary Oldman's similar character in TRUE ROMANCE and the film as a whole is preoccupied with sex, nudity, and bad taste situations, instead of delivering anything approaching a real plot.

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It's a dog of a film, there are no two ways about it. SnoopyStyle 31 July Harmony Korine is a great artist. One of my favorite films is Kids. Its most appealing aspect is its ultra-realism. Its docudrama feel was enhanced by its unknown cast. That's certainly not the case here in Spring Breakers. Obviously this is all about a couple of Disney princesses trying to show that they're all grown up. James Franco does an admirable job as an outlandish rapper.

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But at no time does any reality seep into this movie. Harmony made this candy color coated confection and it's just as emotionally satisfying as a tub of ice cream. It's a whole lot of empty calories, and you'll sugar crash right after.

You could basically only love it or hate it, even if for me it is something in-between. One of the best aspects of the film is certainly the visual side. The cinematography is very well done and the use of colors, settings and backgrounds feels like a delirious dream from start to finish. The music helps the matter as well. And same goes for all the voice-over comments by the protagonists in this film. It's not a problem at all that you rarely know which of the girls just made the last comment.

Speaking about the girls, I must say that only one of them was a stand-out in terms of their performance. And that would be Vanessa Hudgens.

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Of course, it was surprising to see her with blonde hair, but that was just one aspect that fit really nicely here. She captured the spirit and tone of the film very appropriately with her portrayal of a girl that gets sucked deeper and deeper into the abyss of crime, complete freedom and unconditioned affection in terms of love and life.

Ashley Benson is known to many from her portrayal of Hanna on "Pretty Little Liars" and I must say she is a pretty mediocre actress that has yet to show a performance that convinces me. Selena Gomez has, in theory, the best material to work with, even if she has not as much screen time as the other chicks, but the only thing that really stands out about her in this film is that she is the only non-blonde in there. Rachel Korine is entirely forgettable and also seems too old for the part. Her husband should really have cast somebody else for that part. So yeah, all in all, only one of the girls managed to convince me here.

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And then there is James Franco of course, the Oscar-nominated actor " Hours"who is the real standout here. He certainly is not a great singer, but his humming here works so well with his character because he is truly unique in his own right. And he does not even need to be a good guy for it. He is as much of a villain as the bad guys in the end, but yet somewhat likable, even if he shows sociopathic tendencies occasionally. And he is the one leading the girls into real crimes, so he may be even the biggest antagonist in the film, even if they perceive him as their Messiah.

Finally, this movie had a couple really memorable sequences. Most of these are closely connected to the use of the colors pink and yellow that I mentioned in the title already. And be it only the colors of the ice the girls were eating. However, the most memorable sequence is the mix-up of a Spring breakers hot tub scene Spears song combined with us seeing the gang robbing more stores. Violence and harmony no pun intended! It's not a realistic film or one that has a particularly convincing plot, but it does not need to do so as the filmmaker's objective was clearly something other than that.

And Korine made it work nicely. I recommend watching "Spring Breakers". Check it out if you don't mind all the nudity, drug abuse sequences and violence of course. I don't and that's why I enjoyed it as a whole, even if most of the performances were underwhelming.

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Thumbs up. Tawdry emptiness and the stylish and sexual delivery cannot cover for it bob the moo 20 November There was a situation at work recently which appeared so bad and irregular that I had to look at it about three times because I assume that I really must have understood the situation because it really couldn't be the way I thought it was. I had a very similar feeling watching this film because so much of it felt so empty and focused on heavily stylized sex that I pd I must be missing something — missing some element of commentary, satire or something.

By the end of the film I still wanted to believe this but even at a stretch I couldn't find enough comment or material in the middle of all the nudity, heavy sexualisation of college girls and wallowing in excess of money, guns, cars and other fetishistic content. As far as plot goes I have given you pretty much as much as the film will and this is a shame because there was scope for this film to say something by maybe toning back the excess and putting substance in there.

Unfortunately for the viewer it never does this and instead forges an exploitation or titillation path while simultaneously dressing it up in Hollywood clothes and having narration and tinkling piano score seem to give it some sort of beautiful depth. Maybe for some this will work but for me it did not. Instead the film wallows in excess and it uses its cast as part of this — which for them I guess was the point their agents thought might be good to make, but this is Spring breakers hot tub scene to do with the film.

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So we have drug use, nudity, violence, posturing and endless young flesh but nothing more. Perhaps the teenage me devoid of internet would have appreciated such a film for the thrill of this, but the older me really found this to be empty and exploitative.

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The delivery of the film as a visual experience is good — the music is effective, the shots natural and there is a lot of style; the irony is that this just makes it feel all the more hollow. Again the teenager in me liked seeing these somethings but it offered nothing beyond this. Credit to Gomez, Hudgens, Benson and Korine because they go for it, but "it" is nowhere and all they are doing here is playing against type for the most part — as much as I though the film exploited their youth, I also felt they were exploiting me.

Spring Breakers might have something in there for people willing to forgive it a lot and search for it, but for me it was hollow and tawdry.

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Nudity, sexuality, violence, drugs and guns are stylishly delivered by a sexy young cast from Hollywood who seem to enjoy showing they are more than just pretty child actresses done good. The things this film offers can probably be found in a more focused form in Girls Gone Wild or some other porn title while those looking for more than this will not find it here.

Prismark10 15 April Spring Breakers starts off its title sequence with scenes of a typically American rowdy party picture with women baring tits n ass. In fact you see many young ladies in bikini and several bearing all throughout the picture.

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Underneath this shallow opening is a quirky, moody coming of age fantasy as the film follows four college girls Candy Vanessa Hudgens Faith Selena Gomez Brit Ashley Benson and Cotty Rachel Korine on their first spring break in Florida after robbing a restaurant to fund their trip. Once they arrive in Florida the girls partake on a hedonistic time of partying, booze, drugs and sex. However when they are arrested they come to the attention of wild guy gangster Alien James Franco. Alien is an unlikeable sleazeball and Faith wants to go back home.

The others remain even being turned on by being his neon clad gangster babes as he duels with rival gangs. Director Harmony Korine said he was inspired by the film version of Miami Vice and he does present many moodily, neon lit scenes accompanied with a gangster soundtrack and Britney Spears. The film does lull in the middle, the main female characters seem to be lightly sketched in, even deluded.