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Slenderman x offenderman, Swede Slenderman x offenderman search male to sex

Oneshots with everyone's favorite Slender brothers! Slender watches as the rain falls down around his forest outside, shivering slightly from the cool air seeping through the ancient walls of his mansion.

Slenderman X Offenderman

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The TV blares obnoxiously in the background, quiet enough to think but not quite loud enough to block out. I stare blankly at the screen, more lost in my thoughts than actually watching- simply using the noise to block out the silence of the living room.

What is my age: 20
Ethnicity: I'm nigerian
Available to: I like guy
What is my sex: My gender is girl
I know: English
I prefer to drink: Gin

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Could you do Yandere! Offenderman with a girlfriend who LOVES to paint, but is still learning and often has a hard time believing in herself? I loooved your take on him.

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The little cottage in the woods? And since you liked the cottage, why not a paint! Some times he knows what is going to happen before you do. And when wake up will cuddle with you. This is not going to work. And probably put one in each room of your house, maybe in your car. For hours. And maybe give you some not-poisoned candy. Originally posted by edsgazebos.

Originally posted by jackstaubergif. He likes your anatomy. Do you think you are ugly? To skinny? He will make his job show you how perfect you are. If you are not, he try to help you become. Not really. You both already have so little time together because of his work, your work and studies.

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He can even hug you to sleep but he will let you go before he sleep. Originally posted by pequenaslembrancas.

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He will cook a really fancy dinner for you to eat in candlelight. Or maybe you choose something on Netflix so you can watch it together, drinking wine and eating some. He is not gentle with his worlds. He will say what he thinks and that is it, Slenderman x offenderman filter.

But he will never raise his hand to you and is always concerned about your health. He can hold your hands but for a small space of time. You personality already showed it and then he fell in love. But he might like a prank where someone gets seriously hurt. His sweet kisses are mostly pecks. You, probably. He likes to remember the day he told you he was a killer. But he will buy health food and get you medicine if you need. He will teach you some health dishes you can do and take care of you.

And white match this thought, considering that he wants to see the rest of the world painted in red. You had a hard time making this boy call you other thing besides you name. He is just used to call people by their name.

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He loves to watch movies with you. He likes to thing when sad, about what is making him sad and he not good in vocalizing nor hearing advice. So, really, he prefers to stay alone. If you want to cuddle, he will do his best to stay as long as you need.

Then if you guys will have a big party or nothing at all depends on what you want.

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Originally posted by baby-vintage. So, when you got that for him, before he could do anything besides screaming about how Jeffrey was an asshole, he got a little troubled. Like the time when the two of you decided to watch a horror movie together and, getting a little scared, you started to hug each other. With your legs interlaced, he started to pay attention to this part of your body, and how good it felt to have so much of you to hug.

Like, I think he is something close to cm tall. Not even for a second. And you better belive me, Liu will get really angry with him and apologize like a hundred times or more. Hell, he would kill that one if it makes you feel better. If what they said bothered you, he will make sure to try and make you feel better, saying what him himself see as a good thing about being tall.

And as just like that Slenderman x offenderman he confessed. He likes to put his hands and show that he loves you with acts like this.

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He expects you to know that you height is a part of you and that you should love yourself the way you are. How could you doubt your amazingness? But after this, he will easily ask you out. Be about your height, be about anything else, whoever said it will go to sleep. He had a hard time looking at something else after this. So he will do his very best to make jokes about whatever Slenderman x offenderman find funny, so the two of you can laugh. And you want to make him lose his shit? You just have to wear your red panties and one of his shirts, go to his desk, where he stay working even if is late in the night and sit there.

He will fast notice you and your exposed legs. Principally when you cuddle him from behind when you two sleep together. This is so amazing, how tall are you? Do you know how tall you are? He was the first one to get suprised in a good way at your height.

Jack — could you do yandere!offenderman with a girlfriend

Likes to feel you hugging him against your chest and playing with his hair. Originally posted by kawaiiyandere4ever. He can even make that subject that you hate look cool. And he probably will. But Liu is smart and patient, he will help you without you having to ask twice. And Liu can really make you understand something in half a hour.

And if you pass, he will say how proud he is and congratulate you. I knew you would do this. If you pass, he will congratulate you and offer to make you dinner. And maybe considering doing a doll studying inspired on you. Everything is going to be fine, in a way or in another. Everything that he knows is from his years of life and his own experience. And maybe a little of chemistry, because of the poisons that he puts in the candy.