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It parodies the computer-animated Pixar film Toy Story.

Skyrim Toy Story

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Forky, from Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4is ready to fork-out the fun View Details Quantity. You will be notified via when it is ready to ship.

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A new mod for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim changes the name of all of the frost trolls to "Tim Allen" in honor of the beloved actor and comedian. While many Skyrim mods aim to improve performancethis mod simply renames frost trolls to recognize the actor, best known for his roles in Home ImprovementThe Santa Clauseand Toy Story.

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Skyrim is one of the most popular games in the modding community, with talented creators finding new and innovative ways to tweak the core game to allow for new experiences. While mods can provide additional quests, or introduce new features, many mods simply change a small feature in the interest of memes.

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Famous funny Skyrim mods include a mod that replaces the game's dragons with Thomas the Tank Engine, and even a mod that adds a laugh track to Skyrim. While the mod won't change the appearance of frost trolls or make them any easier to defeatthe mod does rename each and every frost troll in the game, meaning any encounters will be much more hilarious than before.

As for why SwissKnee decided to create the mod, the user explains that they made a Tim Allen joke while streaming on Twitchand has referred to the trolls as "Tim Allen" ever since.

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The modder notes that while they don't have much experience with modding, they'd like to update the mod to include Allen's " trademark grunt " in the future. The Tim Allen Skyrim mod is especially funny because it only affects frost trolls, enemies which are widely considered to be some of the toughest to beat in the whole game.

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Skyrim 's frost trolls are one of the game's most resilient foes thanks to their regenerating health, and they're also stronger than regular trolls which are more commonly found. While typically intimidating to come across, the Tim Allen mod makes the frost trolls a lot less menacing and a lot more hilarious, despite only providing a change in name. The Skyrim mod may only provide a simple change, but like many Skyrim mods, it gives another reason to jump back into a playthrough as fans wait for news on the series' future. The game has been released on multiple platforms in the years since its original launch, and being left out of the latest console line-up would be surprising.

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As fans wait for confirmation, Skyrim can hit 60fps on consoles thanks to mods. Source: Nexus Mods via GameRant. Lara is also an ambassador for mental health gaming charity, Safe in Our World. When she's not playing games or writing about themshe's usually tweeting about her very large dog. By Lara Jackson Published Aug 11, Share Share Tweet 0.

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