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Skyrim muscular female, Swiss girl found friend Skyrim muscular female for hardcore

Since nords are supposed to be big and burly, this modification was created to make the females the same way as the males. Install this and make your nordic women look a bit more formidable.

Skyrim Muscular Female

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Discussion in ' Skyrim Mods ' started by RaijinNov 9, Skyrim Forums.

What is my age: I am 22
Ethnicity: Austrian
What is my hair: I've got short abundant blond hair
Sign of the zodiac: Leo
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Female meshes/textures with muscles, dirt and scars

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1. unp female body renewal - a female face and body replacer by dimonhello santa-reize-shiva

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Muscular Female normal map for Skyrim. Start Prev 1 2 3 Next End. Skyrim cameout and what a dissapointment, totally no muscle on women ofcourse So heres my first quick try on remaking male normal maps to fit for female Those normal maps are weird they employ more colors and im unfamiliar with those, and i have no software capable of making them, so i just edited male one to fit the female Heres few screenshots:. The following user s said Thank You: unkn0wnx.

Mods of the month

Wow, well done! So I take it the construction set is available or do you have another work flow? I expected there to not be muscular female characters as always, maybe I'll photoshop a new skin on her.

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I extracted male normal maps, and used Puppet warp tool in Photoshop to stretch the male map to female UV's they are different I didnt post it on skyrimnexus yet because i was still tweaking it i believe its as good as it can look now Heres few more pics. Last edit: 9 years 10 months ago by Tigersan.

Skyrim body mods

And some underwear pics to show the entire body And heres the download link to SkyrimNexus Awesome, thanks for ing this. I may have to mod this out a little further once the n-maps make sense.

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Wow again. I was going to hold off on getting Skyrim for a while, but now Be ready however for some trouble with some video drivers, it seems it might take few days maybe weeks for nvidia and amd to update their drivers Also it seems the game has a major memory leak, after about 30 minutes of playing the FPS drops to about 2fps lmao. So im restarting everytime it happens and waiting patiently for either patch from Skyrim muscular female or new drivers from nvidia Preferably both Nice working banging out a mod so fast!

I have not had any memory leak problems and I've played it for hours, but I'm only running it at x Yeah from what i noticed the higher resolution i play at x and higher settings and more taxing it gets for CPU not GPU the memory leak gets more obvious Made like this for consoles since they have stronger cpu than gpu, and it seems bethesda didnt make PC version optimised they just left it as it is That kinda bums my ass How did they discover it?

Elder scrolls v: skyrim - female muscle mod v

I thought this could be the first game they didnt half-ass, i guess i was wrong. They used child model from fallout3, you cant run into a chicken lmao reaction is as if you hit the cement pole Cmon bethesda like its hard to script the damn chicken to run away form under the legs clucking loudly Little details but the whole game is made out of Skyrim muscular female Their games seem so polished to every detail Wish bethesda was so If the game is de for both computers and consoles, the PCs get shortchanged because current ones are more powerful and up-to-date than the consoles.

The PS3 is 5 years old and the Xbox is 6, putting them at least a couple of generations behind the current state-of-the-art PC. The author used a new shooter that released in the past couple of weeks as an example. I think it was Uncharted 3 it was Call of Duty 3.

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The company had to lock the field of view to only 80 to 90 degrees because that's all a PS3 or Xbox could handle, even though a SotA PC could do to degrees. The frame rate was also locked down because the consoles can't handle as high of a rate as a new PC GPU. Microsoft and Sony have neglected their boxes and that unfortunately screws the PC gamer.

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Update: I finally found the article ZDNet's search function really sucks tinyurl. Last edit: 9 years 10 months ago by CptMatt. Powered by Kunena Forum.

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Ok Decline.