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On this you will find a very long list of mods that I will no longer support. It contains a large set of Japanese themed weapons, as well as a custom voiced companion. A mod containing a collection of unique and varied one and two handed melee weapons.

Skyrim Dungeon Explorer

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Available in the Crown Store for starting October 8, The gold pieces, such as the clasps on the bodice, the ornamentation on the boots and the claws on the gloves are not dyeable. The Dark Seducer costume is received by in-game mail when a character reaches You originally needed to be Level 50 to equip it. ly sold in the Crown Store for 1, It returned to the store from August 15 to August 19,and later from July 6 to July 12,

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This provides general information on what to expect when exploring dungeons. Here, "dungeon" is being used as a general term to refer to the underground sections of all the various places in the game: e. Some of the information is also relevant to above-ground areas, at the entrance to a dungeon or in various locations containing enemies that are entirely above-ground.

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As part of Skyrim's Radiant system, most dungeons have the potential to host a range of randomly-ased quests. Some quests will be ased to any type of dungeon; other quests are only ased to dungeons containing a specific type of enemy e. These randomly-ased quests take advantage of certain predefined points within each dungeon.

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In particular:. One implication of this system is that if multiple quests are ased to the same dungeon, all of the quest-related items are put in the same place: multiple captives will be locked in same cell, or multiple quest items will be found in the same chest. Many dungeons in Skyrim have a defined minimum level; some also have a maximum level.

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These levels do not determine whether or not your character can enter the dungeon. Rather, they determine the difficulty of the enemies located in the dungeon and the quality of the loot that will be found. However, if your level is lower than the dungeon's minimum level, the enemies and loot are instead generated using that minimum level — resulting in enemies that are more difficult to kill, but also higher-quality loot.

Most dungeons are "clearable", meaning that once the boss is defeated, the dungeon is tagged as "Cleared".

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A somewhat quiet tone will play once this occurs. A cleared dungeon may still have unkilled enemies and uncollected loot.

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This status is shown on the in-game map, allowing you to identify which dungeons you have or have not visited. If a dungeon has been cleared, it will take longer for its contents to respawn. Its status remains as "Cleared" even if the occupants have all respawned.

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There are a total of places in the game that can be cleared, although two of them Angarvunde and Mistwatch are atypical, as detailed in the next paragraph. Once you have cleared any 50 of the remaining locations, the Delver achievement is unlocked.

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However, a ificant of dungeons cannot be cleared at all; the wiki for each of these dungeons states "Clearable: No" on the 's infobox. Angarvunde and Mistwatch are the only locations in the game that are marked as cleared when a related quest is completed, instead of when the location's boss enemy is killed. The specific requirements necessary to clear these locations are detailed on their place s.

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One consequence of being marked as cleared by a quest is that these two locations do not increment the Dungeons Cleared statistic or count towards the Delver achievement. In several other cases detailed in the Achievements sectiona "Cleared" tag appears when a nearby location has been cleared. Skyrim's dungeons are all categorized according to their occupants, and fall into one of these :.

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The specific occupants that you encounter in any dungeon are for the most part randomly generated and level-dependent. Most dungeon seem to have a preferred minimum level which applies to most of the dungeons in a category. See levels for information on the level used to generate the occupants.

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Most enemies are named based on their level. For example, a low-level Necromancer is named "Novice Necromancer", whereas the top-level Necromancers are named "Arch Necromancer".

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The amount of gold you will find is level-dependent, as is the quality of the items that you will find. Item -related articles such as ArmorWeaponsGeneric Magic Appareland Generic Magic Weapons provide details on the level at which various items can be found.

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Some of the loot found in chests is deated as "special loot", these items are generated using a modified level. Special loot gives a chance at higher-quality items, up to what would normally be possible only for a character twice your level minus one [ verification needed ].

Armor, weapons, and spell tomes can be generated as special loot.

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Locations where special loot can be found include:. Achievements related to dungeons include:. Categoria : Skyrim-Places. Ferramentas pessoais Criar uma conta Entrar.