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Skyrim chef outfit, Wonderful girl found men for Skyrim chef outfit

And except for super healthy eaters, food is often like entertainment. Who wants to go to a party with no refreshments?

Skyrim Chef Outfit

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Gianna will fire off questions that require your expert input. In general, the middle option seems to be usually in agreement with Gianna, as she swoons after every reply. When asked for a final ingredient, suggest the poisoned root that Astrid gave you earlier. Maro reveals that you killed a body double, and that an assassin has betrayed you. Because you've been double-crossed by both parties, the Sanctuary by Falkreath will no longer be a map marker that you can Fast Travel to.

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This describes the mundane non-magical clothing items in Skyrim. Generic Magic Apparel details most magical clothing with the rest found at Specialty Gear ; the category Skyrim-Clothing provides lists of all the individual pieces of clothing in the game. Clothing items do not provide any armor; wearing them doesn't improve the armor rating. See Quest: Waking Nightmare. Includes all non-armor versions of boots.

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These go on your feet and cannot be worn with armored boots. All of the following rings except the Bone Hawk Ring can be crafted at forges ; the linked s provide details on the materials necessary to craft the items.


You may wear only one ring at a time. The ring will be visible on your character's right pointer finger as long as you are not wearing certain types of gauntlets. All of the following amulets can be crafted at forges ; the linked s provide details on the materials necessary to craft the items.

You may wear only one amulet or necklace at a time. The necklace will be visible if you are wearing certain types of clothing or armor. Forging these requires materials dropped by Bone Hawks DG as well as leather strips. When worn, circlets including all enchanted circlets occupy a special "circlet" body part slot. Most helmets and other headgear occupy both the "circlet" and "hair" body part slots; meaning that, in general, circlets cannot be worn with any other headgear.

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Similarly, most hooded robes occupy both the "circlet" and "hair" body part slots in addition to the "body" part slot. However, there are a handful of bugged items that occupy only the "hair" and not the "circlet" body part slot, allowing them to be worn simultaneously with any circlet:.

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The Aetherial Crown DGWedding Wreathand all Dragon Priest Masks occupy only the "circlet" body part slot, and can therefore also be worn simultaneously with any of the aforementioned bugged items. Note that wearing two pieces of armored headgear, even if both are the same weight, negates the armor bonuses from the Well Fitted and Custom Fit perks. Various bugs that allow multiple head items to be equipped are fixed by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

Unlike rings and amuletscirclets cannot be made by the player at forges.

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Jump to:search. This Skyrim -related article is a stub. You can help by expanding it. : Skyrim-Items Skyrim-Clothing. Belted Tunic 00 01BE1A. Sold at Radiant Raiment in Solitude.

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Blacksmith's Apron 00 05B69F. Blacksmith's Apron 00 06FF Chef's Tunic 00 01BC Found in Radiant Raiment and in the Bards College. Child's Clothes DB xx 03c These are worn by Aeta. Clothes 00 A6. Worn by HildeMuiri and Mikael. Clothes 00 E. Worn by Ysolda and Sven. Clothes 00 Clothes 00 C0. Sold at the Radiant Raiment. Clothes 00 06C1D8.

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Clothes 00 06C1D9. Clothes 00 06C1DA. Clothes 00 0F Clothes 00 05B6A1. Referred to in the Creation Kit as Barkeeper clothes. Worn by SabjornDagurHadringand Eydis. Clothes 00 06FF Clothes 00 C. Referred to in the Creation Kit as Merchant clothes. Fine Clothes 00 0CEE Fine Clothes DB xx df.

Sims 4 chef cc: outfits, hats & more (all free)

Fine Clothes 00 Fine Clothes 00 0F Fur-Trimmed Cloak 00 C. Hammerfell Garb 00 07BC Sold at Radiant Raiment. Worn by any of the Alik'r Warriors found around Skyrim.

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Miner's Clothes 00 06FF Can be looted from random chests. Miner's Clothes 00 Mourner's Clothes 00 A7. Sold at Solitude's Radiant Raiment.

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Noble Clothes 00 05DB7B. Refined Tunic 00 0E84C6. Worn by Siddgeir of Falkreath. Cannot be obtained without console commands or modding. Party Clothes 00 0E40DF.

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See Quest: Diplomatic Immunity. Sold at Radiant Raiment during Fit for a Jarl.

Chef's hat item id

Ragged Trousers 00 08F19A. Worn by SindingJiubGhamorzDulugand others. This type of Ragged Trousers is a bloody version added by the Dawnguard add-on. Redguard Clothes 00 0E0DD0.

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Roughspun Tunic 00 03C9FE. You receive this as your first set of clothes in Helgen during the first quest Unbound. You may receive another set when jailed in some holds. Varies; some holds give Ragged Robes instead. Tavern Clothes 00 0DF. Can be found on a dead body behind the bar in Liar's Retreat. Wedding Dress 00 Black Robes 00 Black Robes DB xx da. These are worn by the Dremora merchant. Blue Robes 00 0AB. Only the first variant D3dea can be obtained.

They can be found and bought in Radiant Raiment. College Robes 00 10D6A5. Emperor's Robes 00 Found in the bedroom of the Katariah.

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