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The latest Sims 4 Game Patch has given The Sims 4 a complete overhaul in Create-a-Sim, giving players the option to customize their gender, select advanced options for pregnancy, and utilize any of the available female and male assets for either gender. The advanced gender customization box can be found in the upper left corner of the screen when entering Create-a-Sim. Once selected, there will be four new game options for you to customize: Physical Frame, Clothing Preference, Pregnancy, and Toilet Use.

Sims 4 Lesbian Marriage Baby

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It's an optional module, so you can use MCCC without it, but it's definitely a worthy addition. Wait - doesn't MC Command Center already have pregnancy settings? I hear you ask. Yes, it does. But, MCCC's pregnancy module and MC Woohoo do completely different things, and as it turns out, these modules cover far more than just pregnancy and woohoo.

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Megan Elliot speaks to queer youth about their nostalgic love of The Sims, and its importance as a space for queer storytelling and safe identity exploration.

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Before coming out a year ago aged 25, I appeared very straight to the outside world. I had been in a long-term relationship with a man and had exclusively dated boys at school.

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But behind closed doors, my teenage self was playing out my queerness on The Sims, long before I would admit it to myself. The Sims was my escape from reality, a place where I could forget about my anxieties and immerse myself in a fantasy world.

I started out playing SimCity with my dad as a kid, developing thriving towns and managing natural disasters. By the time I was a teen, I had graduated to The Sims 2, which is where I first started experimenting with same-sex couples.

The options for becoming a parent

In the Create-a-Sim stage of the game, I never made lesbian couples. When the women got together, I often got bored with the men and moved them out into a separate household so I could focus on the women. Chatting to my therapist about why I never made a lesbian couple from the outset, I concluded that this reflected my ly held ideas that same-sex relationships were taboo and shameful. A study on The Sims concluded that people who play the game project parts of their personality or life onto their Sim characters.

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Digital spaces like The Sims are much lower risk than physical spaces when it comes to exploring sexuality. I spoke to several people about their experience playing The Sims and how it helped them to better understand themselves and their identities. When I was a teenager, it helped me imagine what my life could be like. I would screenshot my Sims kissing and keep them secretly.

Same sex pregnancy mod

The Sims was a way for me to create narratives where I could tell stories about people like me and other people who I found interesting. That was my first sapphic experience. I was probably about 15 when I first started playing.

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I was outed by someone from a different school when I was around 17, but I denied everything and shoved myself back into the closet for a long time. I still play The Sims every so often and I make myself a happy lesbian family every time! It took months. Once they were there, I had the wife leave him for a female neighbour.

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The husband fought with the neighbour for stealing his wife. I felt like I had done something shameful and ended up re-setting my save and erasing the affair.

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I used The Sims to explore relationships and the thrill of sexuality in general. Now, I enjoy playing The Sims 4 with the different gender customisations and relationship options. I used to create straight couples and then drown the unsuspecting men in the pool so the women could get together!

How can lesbian couples have a baby if one of them wants to be pregnant?

I had this idea that same-sex relationships were naughty but exciting. It quickly became all I did with the game. I love that the game gave tiny queer me the space to create stories and explore. Now playing The Sims 4, it feels like the game has grown with me. Instead of just making same-sex couples, I play with the custom gender settings.

Auto pause pregnancy

I even downloaded some custom content top surgery scars to put on my trans masc Sims. The Sims has been very important to me and has brought me a lot of joy and space not to think. As Mattie says, The Sims still has some way to go, particularly in terms of gender options; whilst the game has options for gender non-conformitysuch as by making all clothing, physiques and voices accessible to all Sims, each Sim is still deated male or female.

It was only inafter the rebranding for The Sims 4, that the creators included a pre-made same-sex couple for the first time, Dela Ostrow and Mia Hayes. Furthermore, a recent campaign has demanded better representation of darker skin tones on the gamesuggesting a colour wheel for skin tone selection instead of the current limited swatches.

The Sims creators have responded that they recognise they need to do better and will provide a game update on this later this year. The Sims has given countless people, including myself, the space to play out queer identities and desires before they are comfortable or safe to do so in real-life.

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Sims 4 gameplay. The Sims has been praised for its increased diversification of avatars, although users have critiqued the lack of skin-tone options.

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How can lesbian couples have a baby if they don’t want to be pregnant?

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