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Suspender belts and girdles are needed to partner with any stockings, if you are wearing your stockings for work or everyday use you may be better just going for a 4 strap suspender belt, 2 at the back and 2 at the front so it doesn't show quite as much through your clothes. If on the other hand you are wearing them to show off your elegant sexy stockings, more straps say 6 have the maximum effect. Popularity Newest Name Price low to high Price high to low.

Short Strap Garter Belt

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Suspender Belts with multiple straps if you fancy something a bit different.

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Shop our glamorous collection of suspenders for women also sometimes referred to as a garter belt by our US customerswe have a tempting array of colours and styles to choose from.

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For timeless glamour opt for a sumptuous silk satin suspender belt or a burlesque suspender belt favoured by sirens such a s Dita Von Teese to inspire your inner showgirl. Provocative pvc suspender belts, a waspie or risque red suspender belt will create the ultimate in erotic allure, whilst suspender briefs are a practical yet flirty option and make life easier for those little trips to the ladies. If you are new to wearing stockings and suspenders and finding it hard to decide which style to purchase or are wondering how to wear a suspender belt then Bedtime Flirt is here to help, for everyday wear we would recommend a wide suspender belt that sits on your waist rather than hips as this will provide more support to hold your stockings in place and will give you a smoother line under your outfit, you can save the gorgeous delicate lace des for boudoir dressing.

We also have a stunning selection of stockings, suspenders and boudoir accessories in luxury boxes that will make a sexy gift for your lover. From boardroom to bedroom stockings and suspenders worn with killer heels make for a seriously seductive look no man can resist. Shop our glamorous collection of suspenders for women also sometimes referred to as a garter belt by our US customerswe have a tempting array It may seem daunting at first, but knowing how to Short strap garter belt a lingerie classic like a black suspender belt and stockings can boost your confidence and make any day special.

There is a huge variety in the world of suspenders; from a stunning bridal white suspender belt to foxy red satin suspender belts for a hot night with your lover, there is something to perfectly match your desires. For day-to-day lingerie, a high waist wide suspender belt is your best option, as it will better hold up your stockings, keeping them firmly in place and create a smooth line under clothing.

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Narrow suspender belts can be less strong at holding up your hosiery, but their modern, sexy vibe means that they are a great piece of boudoir lingerie. Whichever style you choose, suspender belts look seriously seductive holding up your stockings and see you through the working day before enticing your luscious lover. The first step is to rocking your suspender belt and stockings is to decide whether the suspender belt is going under or over your knickers.

The most important thing when wearing stockings and suspenders, as with any hosiery and underwear, is that they feel comfortable and secure.

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It is super sexy to meet your date wearing suspenders, but it might just kill the mood when your stockings are creased as your suspender belt has become loose and fallen down. A suspender belt has two main jobs: to look sexy as hell, and to hold up your stockings. Now all you have to do is make sure that you fit the suspender belt correctly so that it holds up your stockings all day or night long and keeps you feeling your glamorous, sexy vibe. Attaching the stockings to your suspender belt can be a little tricky at first, but practice makes perfect!

6 strap satin garter belt

After deciding how you want to style out your suspender belt, now is the time to clip in the stockings and complete your sexy look. Different suspender belts have varying s of clips; whereas some of us are looking for a sleeker option, others need the security of several clips! For shorter boudoir wear, fewer suspenders are just fine and look extra sexy. The suspender strap is attached to the bottom of your belt, and clips onto the top 1cm of your stockings so that it fits securely around the upper thigh. You can attach your stockings either standing up or sitting down, but the easiest way to clip in your stockings is to clip them in at the front first before putting your foot on a chair to more easily reach the back clips.

Ideally, your suspender belt should have a snug but comfortable fit around your waist for everyday wear as this will prevent it sliding down causing your stockings to wrinkle and metal clasps will add that extra security, sometimes you may find it easier to lengthen the straps to attach the stockings first then tighten the adjusters to your desired fit.

Garter belt for nylon stockings adjustable 6 strap metal clips retro style ndl01

Adjustability is key to holding up your hosiery and most styles feature adjustable straps and back hooks. Hold-ups have a rim of silicone elastic, which is too thick for the suspender belt clips.

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If you want to feel your fantasy in a suspender belt, make sure to have regular stockings so that you can make the most of the experience and do it again! When you have your stockings securely attached, take time to adjust the suspender straps so that the stockings are taught and un-creased, but without putting too much tension on them! The most important step of putting on your lingerie garments is to take a minute before you leave the house to check that everything is comfortable and secure, and to admire your sexy glam in the mirror!

Where your belt should sit on your body depends slightly on which style of suspender belt you choose.

How to wear a garter belt in 5 easy steps.

If you opt for the more retro, wider suspender belt, then it should sit snugly around your waist — the smallest part of the torso — and comfortably cover your abdomen. If you prefer the more modern, narrow suspender belt, then they should sit closer to your hips or lower abdomen and cover only a small area of your torso. Whichever style you go for, your suspender belt should complement your feminine curves and accentuate your body, so make sure that it fits snugly, but comfortably.

Not sure about which style would suit your needs best? The suspenders themselves hang below the bottom of the belt and attach to the very top of the stockings.

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