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She just want the money, I'm She just want the money boy that like hustlers

Also everybody have their ways of making money; some people work hard for it while some others look for a quicker route to make money. Some of these ladies associated in this act are very beautiful and they are fierce gold diggers.

She Just Want The Money

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PDF Playlist. Ratt is an American rock band that had ificant commercial success in the s.

My age: 29
Where am I from: I'm peruvian
My sexual identity: I prefer gentleman
Tone of my iris: Soft gray eyes
I like to drink: Rum
What I prefer to listen: Heavy metal
I like: Marital arts

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This is a Robbin Crosby guitar solo song, per interview in Guitar Player magazine. All the way ratt 1 of the best 80"s metal bands next to the crue. Robbin was more ZZ-Top blues influence. My sophomore year in high school the year this album came out I carved every word of this song on my reading class desk it took me most of the year and a cool teacher who never said anything till the next year about it and he said it to his class as an example of determination so thanks to Mr nord.

Ratt is a lemon drop or a sex on the beach compared to Judas Priest being the proverbial bourbon whiskey of hard rock.

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I saw them in concert, but they were like Van Halen and Judas Priest wannabees. Dam dont I know it! Better Food, Better Homes, waay better Pussy!

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Juat the way it is good people. XRP J. T life isn't about money though, if that's how you operate you're not evolved enough If not theyd still be big. You want to hear an underrated band, look up crimson glory. Ratt was definitely one of the biggest 80's bands. But they didn't sustain mass popularity throughout. They peaked inthen slowly got less popular each year after that. Bythey weren't selling tickets, and their arena tour dates were being moved to smaller venues.

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It was a big disappointment for the band, as they were as big as anyone at one point. Whats also odd, is that Ratt never really toured Canada or Europe. Outside of America, they were only really popular in Japan. It's strange, they were truly Americas band. I blame bad management for not promoting the band enough overseas, hardly any TV interviews, and not properly filming their concerts. Rattmaster86 This album is one of the top 10 metal albums from 84 along with powerslave, ride the lightning, defenders of the faith, stay hungry, the last in line, rising force, dont break the oath, the warning.

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I love this, BUT, there is other users on youtube who claim recording a Vinyl record of this same album to digital is supposed to be much higher quality than this of you digital format quality, What he doesn't understand is that the only way to get the Vinyl Quality, is to play it on a record player and hear it from there, not recording it to anything else, or the quality instantly changes, no matter how high the digital recording is, because it isn't Vinyl anymore.

I just wanted to throw that in here because I know other people are looking for this album and they will also run into what I am saying, so that they can help this guy and to understand that he needs to take his version off of youtube out of the way, because of the fact that his recording is clipping and overdriven recorded But if it going to work thats alright, if it makes him happy, then so be it. Pure truth.

Ratt - she wants money lyrics

I recently wanted new speakers for my Desktop They had a video to let you listen how awesome they are Baby come and make love-david lee roth loves St. I want blood and I'm thirsty! I take her home, it's late at night She's lookin' good, hot tonight And I wanna know, how far she goes She gives the clue, I make my move I got the rhythm in the groove.

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Fonic Mix LP Version! John Edgar.

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Juvenal Martinez. Michael St. White Ranger Tiger Power. Athanasios Klitsidis.

She wants money lyrics

Johnny Marlin. Paul Gureghian. Tim Block. Kevin Murphy. Jimmy Tee Rex. Robb Ripper.

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Deplorable Patriot. Tim Johnson.

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Mike D. Jake James. Chris Drummond. Andrew batista. Zikki Toulouras. Todd Gambit.

She just want the money (feat. don trip, petty & wilx)

Red Lantern's Rage. Joe Waked. New Ingvaeona. Sarcasm and stuff. Zayd Taylor.

Ten s she just wants money

Jonathan Burton. Terry Adams. Bella Rattan.

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The Green Cesspool. Ace Five. Bhaskar Yadav. We have compiled Lyrics of popular and old songs for you. You can find 1, lyrics on our site. If you have any Lyrics that you want to be added, you can .