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Sexy men with dreads, Swede girl search Sexy men with dreads to courtship

Dreadlocks are one of the most popular and best hairstyles for black men. Modern and cool, dre can be worn short or long, with a taper fade or undercut on the sides and back, and styled loose and flowing or tight and up top.

Sexy Men With Dreads

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We absolutely love black men with dre.

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Browse professional dre man sexy stock photos available royalty-free.

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sluts madam Ailani

If you have Bob Marley dre and are white then you look like a travelling circus and will only attract tree huggers. If it is a black girl then it makes more sense but it comes down to personal choice.

naked babe Estelle

I am white and think black women with really short bleached hair makes them look great and confident strong women. However some black guy will think it looks awful.

white teen Alejandra

Horses for courses, one man's beauty is another man's dog. But they have to know how to do it, and maintain them.

Famous black men with dre we love!

Babywings Xper 3. I have dre and mine are clean and everything I always wash them and they are curly at the root part and they are shiny Beautiful15 Xper 4. I actually have dre and I'm 15 and guys seemed to be okay with it even though I never had a boyfriend but they seem to like my hair. They love touching my hair and saying how cool and beautiful it is. But I think it depends on the appearance and how the dre look like. I loove guys with dre as long as they are well maintained.

Some girls can look sexy with dre but not many. Girls shouldn't have the big dre, I think the skinny dre are cute.

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Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Snorkledorf Xper 5. It's all case by case.

ebony babes Aya

Every hairstyle has people it looks good on, and everybody has hairstyles that look better on them than others. I've seen girls that look great in dre and others where it was like, "Hm.

naked females Kaylee

Princess-Nia-Love Xper 4. We need more of you young guys out here that like nautral women or girls I want dre! I have had guys tell me to go for it and the think I would look great with them! Xper 7. I think the dre looks sexy on one girl and one girl only, the girl from the movie bring it on.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

Eliza Dushku. InquisitiveMale Guru. To be honest I'm not a fan. I like long flowing hair not corky little nubs of tangled hair. MY opinion, not yours. Reeses-pieces 1.

7 reasons why women are dying for men with dreadlocks

I couldn't do it but I think they look good on other people. I'm not attracted to dre in any way. I just don't find them nice looking. I don't think everyone can pull them off. So the only way I'd find them attractive is if it fit the person. It's ok if a person can pull it off. I think its not attractive at aaaaaall, because it may smell TheDosEquisMan Xper 4.

Ladies are you attracted to men with dre?

I like my woman like my beard. Firmwear Xper 5. Related myTakes. Show All. Celebrating the life of one who have passed.

Do you think girls that have dre are sexy?

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