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Sex stories to tell your girlfriend, Bbbw Sex stories to tell your girlfriend hunt for friend especially for relationship

Story of 28 yo guy Vijay from Bangalore who meets a sexy girl at an interview. They become friends, he offers her his place to stay. Find out what happens!

Sex Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend

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Hi friends, am ritesh here from delhi.

Years old: 34
What is my ethnicity: Welsh
Available for: I love emotional guy
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Sagittarius
What I like to drink: Ale
What is my hobbies: Travelling

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Arpita came over to hang out with me one night and she bought a pizza and whisky which she knew I love whisky and I were sitting on the terrace; she was wearing a pair of shorts, slippers and a white transparent t-shirt.

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She was feeling bored at home and wanted to do anything. So Amrita and me were lying down and watching the stars clouds. Then she laid her head on my shoulders and got comply and I put my arm around her laying my hand on her leg. She seemed reluctant at first, put soon enough she gave in turning her head and we started kissing each other.

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Then my hand went slowly in-between her legs, slowly teasing her pussy to make her feel awesome through her jeans. As I was rubbing her wet twat through her jeans she was getting into it more and more more… she started sounding like hmmmm annhhhh.

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Then I took my other hand and began to pull up her t-shirt exposing her plain black bra as I love black she was wearing. Her nipples were already hard, I slowly kissed on her nipples and bit on it, I could see them poking through the white lacy fabric of her bra.

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We sat up, I finished taking off her shirt and undid her bra tossing both on the floor beside us. And then I forcefully put her down to get little wild and I got between her legs, took my thick shake cock slowly sliding it into her wet twat pussy which is so wet, feeling her wet juices surrounding my cock as I was penetrating her. After about five minutes she lay in between my legs grabbing my cock back to life and then deep throating it all the way down her willing mouth.

After getting it erect again, she climbed on top of me again slide it in her wetty pussy. Riding my cock with her wet cunt sliding up and down my erect dick for about ten minutes using the top of her vagina to extract the cum out of my hard tool. She kept riding it and we both came out at the sane time, all got wet. Then she got up and we both got dressed, it was late midnight so she told me she had to go home and asked me if I wanted to go with her, I said yes and we both went to her place.

I told I needed a shower and went to the bathroom, got in the shower enjoying the cool water.

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She then pulled the curtain clothes which is revealing me all wet and it seem to get her hot and bother again, she reached around and started rubbing my cock until it was hard again. I turned around, put my arms around her neck and we began to make out in the shower, kissing her wet lips feeling her rub her pussy against my knee, it was too much to bear.

Before I knew it we were on her bed, she had her legs wrapped around my waist sucking on her neck and was fucking that hot pussy of her and moaning like anything. All over again my cock into her insatisfiable cunt.

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The faster I fucked her the more she wanted it, I forced my way out of the grip of her legs and told her I wanted it doggy style, she got on all fours. I got behind her slide my hard cock back into her quivering wet cunt. She let out a loud moan as I entered her excited hole of hers, my ball smacking against her ass was making it hard to maintain my erection, I pull it out and lay on the bed.

She would not hear of that.

How to start a sweet and sexy story at bedtime?

She climbed back on top and inserted my tool back into her. After a couple of minutes I finished inside her, the satisfaction of fulfillment on her face is unmeasurable and said enough as she fall on the bed worn out. She lay on my arm and we both fell asleep naked, and very tired two or three hours later I woke up.

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It was feeling good but I had no energy, I got up and got in-between her, fucking that pussy as hard as I could, beating my balls against her outside of her wet cunt. Leaving both of us beat red as I reached my point I pulled it out and came all over her wet, red cunt of her as I lay down and closed my eyes enjoying all four times I fucked her that night. That was the night which Arpita still remembers and we had so much fun….

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