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Self insemination with fingers, Erotica chica picking Self insemination with fingers for tickling

Sperm must come into contact with your vagina for pregnancy to be a possibility. Pregnancy is only possible when semen enters your vagina.

Self Insemination With Fingers

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Understand that biologically speaking, the momentum of ejaculation is no accident. In other words, just having fresh sperm around isn't the whole picture: the mobility of sperm, and sperm making their way into the cervix is important.

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Korean deer Koo Hyeonjeong has created a conceptual tool for women, which could allow them to impregnate themselves through the use of a hand-shaped pump.

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Named the Seeding Finger, the device is described by Hyeonjeong as a "secondary reproductive system", and is modelled on a hand with one enlarged digit. The device is deed to work through the use of three main sections: a "pouch" that holds the sperm, a "tube" that the sperm travels through, and a "stem" for inserting the sperm into the vagina.

How you can get pregnant—accidentally or intentionally—without having sex

Once sperm has been inserted into the small pouch, it is then slotted inside the palm section of the hand. The user simply squeezes the hand, causing the sperm to travel through the tube section running up through the middle of the enlarged finger.

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The sperm then comes out through the fingertip, into the vagina — thus allowing the user the chance to "become pregnant by herself". A conceptual device, Hyeonjeong developed the Seeding Finger with the view of starting a discussion about the role of pregnancy and traditional family set-ups in the present day.

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Hyeonjeong, who studied industrial de at the Ewha Womans University in Seouloften turns her attention to health-related projects. ly, she deed a " co-incubating system " for premature babies that provides them with all the necessary nutrients, and a glass that measures cortisol levels in saliva as you drink water — providing data on the body's condition. Dezeen Weekly is a curated newsletter that is sent every Thursday, containing highlights from Dezeen.

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