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Sasuke x sakura fanfiction, I'd like picking Sasuke x sakura fanfiction who like tribbing

This is the captain of this blog, fyeahsasusaku, speaking, and the things listed on this are her favorite SasuSaku fanfictions!

Sasuke X Sakura Fanfiction

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It was almost midnight when Sakura came home from a medical mission that she and the other medical ninjas conducted. Yawning while stretching her arms a bit, she walked across their living room and found a note on the center table. Rest well! A smile appeared on her lips at the sweetness of her daughter until she noticed something.

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She rushed to their bedroom and true enough, her raven-haired husband was sleeping there. It was amusing for her to see him as if he was a baby, with his steady breaths and gentle snores that were like music to her ears. Sighing happily, she paced through the room with gentle movements and found herself gazing steadily at his face. Another yawn escaped her lips, alling it was time for her to rest as well.

She then planted a soft kiss on his cheek before lying down and facing her side of the bed.

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It was moments before she fell into a deep slumber when she felt an arm make its way around her waist. Sasuke soon nuzzled his face into her hair, making a smile form on her lips.

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She missed having him beside her a lot, and with the way he pulled her closer, it seemed like her husband felt the same way too. It was late at night when he appeared at their doorstep.

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I wonder how many enemies he has to encounter along the way. In an instant, she healed those wounds with her chakra and offered to give him a massage which he gladly accepted. Sasuke knew that it was better for him not to banter with his wife now for she was in an accessible position to crush his bones with her superhuman strength. He found it funny how a few simple words could have the power to take away all the tension and pain in his system.

He just wished he could actually show more of the love that Sakura also deserves. In the past months or so, he had been going home at least twice or thrice a month, slowly becoming more often than usual.

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Sasuke arrived home at past midnight. If only their enemies were mere mortals, he knew there would be no need to be away from his family, but knowing that there could be remnants of the Fourth Shinobi World War was something else.

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And it was only him who is capable of looking after any traces of possible repetition of such event. After a quick shower, he gently positioned himself on his side of the bed, careful not to wake up his wife who was surely tired due to her long shifts in the hospital as well. However, Sakura stirred with his slightest movement. And then they both drifted to a deep slumber. The light passing through the window became too much to bear when Sakura gained consciousness the next morning. And then she remembered something. Sasuke-kun was here last night!

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Or was it just a good dream? Opening her eyes again, she gloomed at the realization that there was no one beside her on the bed. She then perked up from the bed and started pulling the duvet to fold it when she noticed something on the space beside her. Three simple yet captivating words were written on the white sheet with the handwriting of no other than the only male Uchiha.

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When he proceeded there, he found her preparing their dinner. And with the ingredients scattered on the countertop, he knew it was his favorite meal that she was preparing. He smiled. How could he not appreciate coming home if this woman would always welcome him with love with the bonus of a home-cooked meal?

Sakura suddenly felt a familiar grip from behind around her waist that caused a tint of pink to appear on her cheeks. She smiled as he planted a gentle kiss on the exposed skin there. Nothing beats the feeling of having him home and having short but meaningful encounters with him like this. He sighed with the fact. As usual, my rinnegan sometimes gets overused.

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But it always made her heart swell that her husband still chose to make hard decisions for the safety of the entire Shinobi world. A long silence filled them both until Sakura turned her head back to face him. She was able to witness when Sasuke was just starting. Always remember that. He was in utter shock hearing those from his wife at such a random time. A small smile soon formed on his lips as he reflected on the truth that this is home โ€” She is his home. Let me know your comments!

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Love, Sarada A smile appeared on her lips at the sweetness of her daughter until she noticed something. Sakura huffed. I love you.

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