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It was a summer day in June of when then 8-year-old Sara Evans was faced with a decision. Should she go get the mail from the mailbox, or should she listen to how her parents warned her not to?

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The day started out like any other, with the country star — who was 8 at the time — playing pretend with her dolls. But everything changed when she got hit by a car while crossing the highway bordering her family's farm to get the mail, ignoring her parents' rules. I was terrified.

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Both of my legs were in casts. They all thought I was dead. Evans, now 49, had a severe concussion and had been unconscious for almost two days before she finally woke up in pain.

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They would numb my leg and use a hand drill to get the pin into my knee. I remember the nurses holding me down. Every time Dr. Breedlove brought the drill close, I cried out, 'Wait! Breedlove finally just told the nurses to hold me down so he could get it over with.

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Luckily, Evans writes, she passed out as soon as the drill hit her leg. When she woke up, her left leg was in traction, with pulleys, weights, and cable hanging at her feet. I felt like I was being buried alive.

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It was the start of her anxiety, PTSD and claustrophobia — but much less was widely known about mental health at the time. Then the next day, my mom said, 'Your dad moved out. The only time Evans says she really "succumbed to extreme anxiety" was in Decemberamid marital strife with ex-husband Craig Schelske.

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While on her way back to her tour bus in Pennsylvania from a press trip in New York, she had a debilitating panic attack. I think it's PTSD from my car accident.

Sara evans recounts the horrifying accident that almost took her life

I have this feeling of 'who am I? While on break from her tour during the holidays, Evans — who shares son Avery, 21, and daughters Olivia, 17, and Audrey, 15, with her ex — saw a doctor at home in Nashville about how she had been feeling.

It helped calm the anxiety and panic, but I knew this was a deeper issue. I was totally consumed with fear. And for no reason.

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I remember dreading the hour when Avery would get off the bus from kindergarten, because I would have to pretend that everything was fine, and it most certainly was not. The girls were both babies, so they had no idea. But I was so afraid he would catch on and start being afraid himself. I always tell my kids, 'The toll that anxiety takes on your body and on your mind, I think, is so much worse than if you have to take [medication] to calm down.

Sarah evans story – a mothers gift to her sons

InEvans' mental health took another hit when a near-crash aboard a private plane whose gyroscope failed, forcing the aircraft into a terrifying nosedive and emergency landing, triggered her PTSD "and a kind of depression" that lasted for weeks. I knew that I was going to go to heaven.

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But then, when we didn't die and we miraculously got out of that situation and were able to make a landing, it hit me hard because I tried to be so brave in the moment and not even think about my. Now, Evans says she's gotten a better handle on what can trigger a spiral, like PMS or having to leave her three kids behind for work. People Exclusive.

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Brianne Tracy. FB Tweet More.

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Sara evans. Sara Evans will never forget June 29, You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications.

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Sara Evans. Four years later, Evans was further traumatized when her parents divorced.

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Evans says that her anti-anxiety medication "saved" her life. View All. Close in. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image.