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Rouge the bat x reader, Erotik baby seek guy for Rouge the bat x reader

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Rouge The Bat X Reader

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Why did rouge have all this stuff? As rouge sat still too weak to move tails adjusted a few settings on his pad before pushing rouge back slightly so her now gg size breasts lined up with his shaft. Marigold complied readily placing a lingering lick that flicked rouge's joy buzzer just perfectly. And then he jumps out of bed, surprising rouge. Help Settings. Commission: Green Hill Gangbang rouge commanded.

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It was Valentine's day in Mobius high. The day where everyone gives Valentines to the one they love.

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Sadly, you were one of those people who didn't have a Valentine on that day. You had a crush on Tails the fox, but you were a bit upset that he probably liked Cream. She had feelings for him but was too shy to admit it. Your eyes caught sight of him and you stared without his knowing. He was talking to Sonic and Knuckles. Look Tails, if you like her, just admit it. Sonic assured Tails which made you think he was talking about Cream.

I know but. I don't know if she'll like me back. The kitsune responded nervously. He then turned his head to find you staring at him. You blush and quickly look away while walking off to your next class which was dance. The three mobians looked at each other and were confused as to why you were staring at them.

I think someone's got a crush on you Knuckles! Sonic said teasingly to Knuckles while smirking. Knuckles blushed but hid it.

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Well, I think I should get to my next class now guys. I'll see ya later! Tails said waving his hand bye. Bye Tails, see ya later!

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They both said walking off to their next class. You arrived at at dance class and sat down next to Rouge. Rouge was your best friend since kindergarten. You cared for her so much. You were crying because your bullys ripped up your favorite teddy bear. Suddenly though, they heard an angry yell startling them. The small bat yelled.

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Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do about it? One of the kids asked cockily. She was pissed. The bat ran at them and twist kicked them making them scream in pain. She's dangerous! Run away! One of the bullys yelled and they all ran away. You looked up and saw the bat that had defended you from your evil bullys. Are you okay? She asked politely. Y-yeah I'm fine. You replied relieved. Thank you for saving me. You thanked her. No problem. You two became very close friends and thanks to her, your bullys never came near you again. Hi darling.

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Has anyone asked you out yet? Rouge asked you curious. No actually, not yet.

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How about you? You asked her curious as well. You know Shadow, right? She asked you. Well, he asked me out, so now we're dating. That's nice, I'm happy for you. You replied trying not to show your sadness by putting on a fake smile. Are you alright, hun? She asked you caring. Um yeah I'm fine. You said trying to sound serious. You don't seem so sure.

~ rouge the bat ~

She asked. Ok fine! You confessed very fast. Let me tell you something honey. Cream likes Tails but he doesn't have feelings for her. She said making your hopes rise up greatly. You asked her excited. I just don't know who he has a crush on. You were about to speak, when a scratchy male voice cut you off. Hey baby. How about we meet up after school and play in the bed. The male voice asked seductively.

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Fuck off Scourge. I'll never date you. You snapped back. Oh really? He taunted and kissed you but you pushed him away blushing. Get away from me perv!!! You practically yelled at him. How dare he?!

Tails x reader: my kitsune valentine

I thought. He then kissed her and I was beyond furious. Calm yourself Tails. I whispered to myself not letting my anger show. The bell rung and that was the al to get to our last class. You got up with Rouge unaware that Tails was staring at you. Tails whispered still staring at you. Earth to Tails.

Sonic asked waving his hand in front of Tails' face. Oh, uh sorry, I dosed off.

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He answered. Knuckles assuring him. I really want to, but I can't!