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She had one of the more interesting stories out of the members Luffy recruited into the crew, and was directly opposed to the crew for some time. She's also one of the only members who actually invited herself into the group. She started off as mysterious and secretive, but she's opened up to her new family and shown different sides of herself over time.

Robin Before And After Timeskip

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What did the Straw Hat pirates get up to during One Piece 's 2-year time skip? Landing at the Sabaody Archipelago, Monkey D.

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Adventurer Archaeologistex- Dragonand Ms. ExpositionNico Robin is one of the darker and more enigmatic members of the Straw Hats. Despite some initial mistrust, she gradually settled into the crew.

All spoilers regarding the super rookies era are unmarked. examples relating to the new world era can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary.

Since those early uncertain days, she's become something of the crew's Team Momand occasionally plays the role of Cool Big Sis for Nami. She is twenty-eight years old thirty post- Time Skip. Unfortunately, her past eventually caught up to her and it was revealed that she's been on the run from the World Government for twenty years, after her home island of Ohara was razedand a large bounty was placed on her head.

However, after the rest of the crew proved that they were willing to essentially declare war on the World Government in order to get her back, she realized that she had finally found her place in life, and that she was not a burden to her new friends. Her dream is to learn the history of the Void Century, a passage of time blacked out by the World Government, which is said to be written in a lost language inscribed onto huge stone cubes called Poneglyphs.

Simply learning the language of the Poneglyphs is a capital crime, and is the reason that everyone on her island, including her mother, were killed by the Marines. She is now one of only a handful of people in the world who can read them, allowing her to not only discover the true history of the world, but also to potentially revive a lost superweapon.

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She has a bounty of , berries. Her second bounty of 80, berries was given for her involvement in the Enies Lobby incident; most recently, it was raised to , for her involvement in taking down Doflamingo in Dressrosa. She currently holds one record for her bounties, being the person with the most known bounty picture updates with 3. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. All spoilers regarding the Super Rookies era are unmarked. Examples relating to the New World era can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary. Character Index. One Piece Main Character Index. Teach "Blackbeard" [ Blackbeard Pirates ].

I didn't think I could wish for that No one ever allowed me to wish it If it's really okay to make a little wish Absolute Cleavage : Depends on the outfit, but it shows up quite a bit.

Her first post- Time Skip outfit is the most infamous example. Achilles' Heel : Despite the versatility of her Devil Fruit, it has limits as to where she can sprout limbs: she can't create limbs on surfaces made of Seastonesurfaces that don't have enough room, or surfaces that can't be grabbed which renders her powerless against Logia-eaters as she does not possess Haki. She uses this ability to flee from the Oniwabanshu in Wano. Adventurer Archaeologist : She's a sea-faring pirate, former assassin, and the Straw Hat's resident well for information on all things historical.

Notably though, she technically subverts this trope because she actually employs the methods and ideology of real archaeologists rather than the "Indiana Jones" methods; destroying ancient artifacts and sites is a major Berserk Button of hers and she spends hours quietly studying books about history. Affirmative Action Girl : Arguably, she is this, considering she ed the crew right after the second girl Vivi left. However, she's far better handled, better developed, and more sympathetic than standard examples. It went From Bad to Worse after she was given a bounty, as people constantly either threw her away in fear of being considered criminals, or acted nice to her only to turn on her by selling her location to the Marines.

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Almighty Janitor : Robin detests fighting, preferring to leave the dirty business to the Straw Hats that enjoy it and saving her Devil Fruit power for support purposes. If she is pushed however, her foes will quickly discover she is not to be trifled with, as her Hana attacks are practically unavoidable and are aimed at ending a fight as quickly and brutally as possible. The Aloner : After Ohara's destruction, she spent most of her time being on the run with no friends of her own, until she met the Straw Hats.

Aloof Dark-Haired Girl : Robin's the third tallest member of the crew 6'2"has long flowing dark locks, is widely considered to be the most attractive member of the crew, and has an austere and sophisticated personality. Always Save the Girl : Cares more about the Straw Hat pirates than the entire rest of the world, given that they are the only ones since Ohara to care about her.

Her pale skin post- Time Skip which she always had in the manga threw a few people off.

It's noteworthy that her skin became lighter but not outright light while staying in the snowy Tequila Wolf. Antagonist Abilities : Introduced as morally ambiguous, Robin's powers make her an efficient Long-Range Fighter who can easily cripple her opponents with virtually no opportunity for resistance, with little action needed from her end.

Now that she's a protagonist, her abilities are kept in check by either not giving her too many fights or somehow handicapping her when she has the opportunity. Unlike the rest of the crew, Robin tends to avoid fighting or using her ability at all unless she's forced to, which gives her several advantages, mainly that of ambiguity, as because she doesn't fight, no one can properly gauge her strengths or weaknesses. It's also implied that she mostly developed killing techniques during her time abroad and in Baroque Works, and there's an unwritten rule among the Straw Hats not to kill their opponents.

The Antichrist : The Marines believe that she's one, anyway. This all turns out to be a fabrication by the higher echelons of the World Government to cover up her ability to read Poneglyphs — and thus blow the whistle on the hidden history of the world — and ensure she has no allies to turn to.

Anti-Hero : Robin is the only Straw Hat who is initially introduced as a full-on villain, only to eventually become a Straw Hat. Although Robin allies with the Straw Hats afterwards, her true loyalties continue to be ambiguous until she became a full-fledged member of the Straw Hat Pirates for good after being saved in Enies Lobby. She still remains one of the most ruthless fighters of the crew, with arguably some of the cruelest methods of defeating enemies.

Anti-Villain : Initially ed Baroque Works if for no other reason than to survive long enough to read a Poneglyph, and has no personal interest in power, until becoming an Anti-Hero after ing the crew. Arc Villain : She originally began as the secondary antagonist of the Alabasta Arc. However, even so, she was never flat out nasty to the Straw Hats, which, needless to say, worked out well for her.

Badass Adorable : Despite her stoic demeanor, she is really cute, and more than capable of handling herself in a fight. Badass Bookworm : She uses her powers to break grown men's spines in half and snap their necks which is obviously either an instant kill or bound to cause a lot of painand then once the adventure is over, she kicks back and studies her archaeology and history books.

Badass Cape : Downplayed. Her Animal Kingdom outfit has a cape, but she plays the part of a simple mook. Because You Were Nice to Me : Typically abandons her colleagues to save herself when the Marines close in on her, knowing that they'd betray Robin before and after timeskip given the chance.

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But when the Straw Hat Pirates don't do that upon meeting Admiral Aokiji, she gives herself up to the Marines in Water 7 in order to ensure their safety. Naturally, that doesn't roll with the Straw Hats. They burn the World Government flag just to let her know that they will always be there for her.

“devil child” nico robin is finally going to show her post-timeskip abilities!

Enies Lobby is destroyed not long after. Becoming the Mask : Robin originally plans to use the Straw Hats as a shield until they deem her too dangerous to protect any longer, as she had with all of the groups she ed. However, after being accepted and loved by them as one of their ownshe chooses to give up her life for the sake of her crew by giving herself up to the government that she has been running away from her whole life.

Of course, this doesn't stop the Straw Hats from trying to save her, despite her claiming she wants to die, and upon realizing that they will stick by her no matter what, she shouts that she wants to stay in their crew forever and sail the seas with them.

Beware the Nice Ones : She's generally extremely sophisticated and polite, but if you make her mad, heaven help you. Big Sister Instinct : She seems gain one of these towards Rebecca. Blunt "Yes" : After she explains to Iceberg that the well-being of the Straw Hats is the one thing she values more than her life and the fate of the world.

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Iceberg : And as long as you have that, you don't care what happens to the rest of the world? Robin : I don't. Damsel in Distress : Twice. However, her status as a damsel in distress is justified by the fact that she willingly let herself get captured.

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She felt she had to die, so she surrendered to the World Government. Plus, although she was bound with Seastone by the time she regained the will to live, she still tried her best to escape, and the only reason she failed was because Spandam kept using Funkfreed to keep her in line. She started fighting back the moment she was freed from the Seastone.

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The second time was when Bartholomew Kuma blasted her to Tequila Wolf, where she was forced to work as a slave. But in this case, she was saved by Revolutionaries more or less instantly, while apparently in the process of her own escape attempt and might not have been bound with Seastone anyway, making her status as "distressed" questionable at best. Dangerously Short Skirt : Miniskirt, specifically. Though this was technically only seen in her introductory "cow girl" outfit, she's still been pulling off the effect anyway with short dresses ever since.

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Dark and Troubled Past : Initially abandoned by her parents and left to her abusive aunt and uncle until she learned to be a top archaeologist at age 8, her parents along with all the other people of her land, Ohara were then killed by the World Government for learning too much about the "True History". Although Robin was allowed to escape, she ended up on the lam, spending the rest of her childhood being betrayed by various people until she took cover in the Baroque Works crime syndicate.

Dark Magical Girl : While first appearing as a Dark Action Girlan essential part of her Freudian Excuse for the more morally ambiguous things she did was the fact that she has been alone, hunted and constantly in fear of betrayal for about 20 years before the series began.

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The fact that the Straw Hats expressed unconditional love and friendship towards her made her into a better, less treacherous person. Deadpan Snarker : Emphasis on deadpan, it's hard to tell when she's being serious or yanking somebody else's chain. Her sarcasm is more noticeable as Miss All Sunday. Deep South : The 4Kids dub had her speak in a thick Texas accent, presumably because she wore a cowboy hat in her first appearance. Disappeared Dad : Robin's dad seems to have perished, some time around when she was very little.

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We don't know the exact details or if he's really dead, just that Robin's mother claims he was. Dissonant Serenity : She can talk about death and gruesome possible fates just as easily and calmly as she can talk about the weather.

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The Dog Bites Back : During her imprisonment at Enies Lobby, Spandam took every possible opportunity to physically beat her while she was helpless and laugh in her face while he did it. When Franky catches up to them and unlocks her handcuffs, the very first thing Robin does is use her powers to beat Spandam to a bloody pulp. She gets another moment of this while the Straw Hats are making their escape, using her powers to forcibly bend Spandam backwards until his spine breaks clean in two.

In fact, as far back as her first appearanceshe was often assisting the Straw Hats and Luffy in particular as they took on Crocodile. Crocodile himself was wary of her, which worked out in his favor. Enfant Terrible : The World Government would like folks to believe thisclaiming she sank six ships by the time she was eight. Once Robin ed the crew, Yamaguchi plays her with a slightly higher, softer voice.

Fanservice Pack : After the timeskip, her breasts have gotten larger and rounder. Unlike with Nami where it can be somewhat justified since girls do often have a growth spurt at around 18there's no good excuse for Robin, who was 28 — long since grown up — when introduced.

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