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Rinse and repeat video game, Host chica picking guy especially for Rinse and repeat video game

Video games are entertaining.

Rinse And Repeat Video Game

Online: 15 days ago


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What is my age: 22
Ethnic: I'm belarusian
Who do I prefer: Man
I like to listen: Jazz
Hobbies: Collecting
Piercing: None
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Robert Yang has whipped out his digital loofah to scrub, exfoliate, and polish Rinse And Repeathis game about scrubbing the hunky stud you're crushing on in the gym showers.

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Rinse And Repeat HD is updated with new graphical fanciness and gamepad support though moving a mouse still seems a more fitting motion for a sponging. And yep, it's still fascinating, still about returning to the digital shower following a real-time daily schedule of gym classes with names like 'Pain Yoga' and 'Combat Pilates', still as thought-provoking as it is funny.

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There you are, a schlubby dude, hanging around the gym showers hoping to bump into your studly crush. And he comes, and he asks us to scrub his back or work his pecs, telling us to scrub harder or be more careful, then rating our ability and He won't be back until the next day.

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The next actual day. It's silly, yes, and funny, but also intimate, thrilling, and, eventually, grim. Our schlubby dude's relationship with this hunky paragon of white gay male culture's ideals doesn't lead quite where he wants.

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Yang talked about that more in his statement too. I do like the effort Yang puts into aping the graphical excesses of blockbusters in his wee gay games, standing in stark contrast to the sorts that usually wang on about "physically-based shaders" or high-tech water.

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But why should that flair be a hallmark of murdergames? And isn't that sort of detail more fitting in games focused on intimacy and small scenes?

Gleaming: robert yang remasters rinse & repeat

The look dovetails nicely with the aesthetic obsession running through Rinse and Repeat too. He remastered that too, along with two of his other surreal and sexy gay games, in his collection, Radiator 2.

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If you're curious about technical and stylistic details of the remastering, check out these two posts. Check out his ace Level With Me serieswhere he interviewed developers while collaborating on projects, a Portal 2 map in the first run then a small game in the second.

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You won't be able to move New World characters between regions after all. Football Manager introduces data hub, new match engine.

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The Quake remaster's bot support is better now. Hitman pulled from sale on GOG. If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission.

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Read our editorial policy. You won't be able to move New World characters between regions after all Amazon say that earlier info was "incorrect".

Rinse and repeat

Graham Smith 1 day ago 6. Football Manager introduces data hub, new match engine Plus staff meetings and more. Graham Smith 1 day ago 3.

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The Quake remaster's bot support is better now They can swim and use lifts more capably, now. Graham Smith 1 day ago 1.

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