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Resident evil trent, Filipine chica Resident evil trent for friend for date

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Resident Evil Trent

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A living enigma, his past and true identity are unknown to all save himself. Despite being closely connected to, and even controlling and expertly manipulating, major elements of the Umbrella Corporation and The Agency, in the end, Trent is fighting the good fight, but is determined to do so on his own terms. Victor deeply cared about his parents, considering them loving, ethical and committed to their research, which was to create a Tissue-Repairing Synthesis for their employers.

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Who is trent in resident evil?

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If any of you have questions, concerns, or rude comments post them here and I'll do my best to reply to them. Its been siting around for a month now.

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Neo-newbie total posts: 2 since: Jul I finally found out. Firstly, that was a rocket launcher. Secondly, it was clearly a woman who threw it down. Or course, Trent could always be a cross-dresser, like Alfred Ashford It was a girl.

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About Wesker being saved by Trent ok I may be wrong I'll try and get some more info. Of course, he could always be a HCF guy inside Umbrella He's in one of the endings in RE3. Oh I know. Hes one of my favorite. Also, hes one of the Stars in 'Gaiden' no pun intended.

Who is trent in resident evil?

Neophyte total posts: 24 since: Oct If im not mistaken was the girl that threw down the rocket launcher in RE2 Lara Croft from tomb raider and if so what was she doing there in the first place. Apparantly, it was Ada. Someone tested the voice sound, and matched it to her voice actor Well that is intresting.

Didn't know that. I'd still like to know who through it to Claire though Hey if anyone reading this, has any info on where to find a 'S. I;m trying to buy one.

Plot resident evil – trent: the ultimate hidden face that even wesker must fear

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Who the hell is trent??

S: 1 2 3 4 next». Zander not-such-a-newbie total posts: 39 since: Aug This thread is devoted to 'Trent' which I think some of you should know about. Trents parents were killed by Umbrella when he was young. They stole his parents research which would have been a cure to many deiseses and eventually helped out in the making of the T or G-Virus I can't remmember.

S.d. perry replying on twitter regarding the trent character!

Trent is his fathers middle name. Umbrella didn't know about Trent because his parents kept him safe from them. Trent is now one of the top '4' main men who control umbrella. Thos are the names of the ppl who control umbrella but were not supposed to know they're names. Brad- Told him the cooridinates of the Spencer Mansion so he could save the S.

Leon- Told him about the take over of a cruise liner Resident Evil Gaiden.

Trent : mr. black

Carlos- Warned him he may be 'in over his head' and told him to go to Grill 31 when 'it happened' the zombie attack in Raccoon city David Trapp- Gave him documents about ppl inside of S. David is the Cpatain of the S. Trent also gave him info on 'the book' which has codes for all Umbrellas facilities. Wesker- Pulled him out of the fires of the spencer mansion and upgraded him.

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I think he got out of Trents control. Now almost all of this is from the books of Resident Evil but I have heard many rumors about Trent being in the second Resident Evil Movie. Anyway Trents around 40 years old and doesn't mind sacrificing a few ppl to take down Umbrella. Hope its true I like the Trent chracter and also like to believe that Barrys still alive.

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