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Ahh, I'll buy a Description of Resident Evil 4 at a high price! Resident Evil 4 is the sixth main game in the Resident Evil franchise, originally released for the Nintendo GameCube in After the release of three ed games on the PlayStation and Code: Veronica on the Dreamcastproducer Shinji Mikami made the controversial decision to bring the mainline series of games exclusively to the GameCube rather than the PlayStation 2 in spite of expectations.

Resident Evil 4 Suplex

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Resident Evil 4 is where the series began for a lot of people. Goodbye to fixed camera angles, hello to a new behind-the-shoulder perspective deed to emphasize gunplay. Goodbye to a teeny tiny inventory that forces you to think about which items you really need, hello to an expandable briefcase that might still be limited, but is practically gargantuan compared to what you had to deal with in the old games.

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Ashley suplex glitch?

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Should a potential Resident Evil 4 REmake take out most of the action? Thread starter Deleted member Start date Feb 17, Forums Discussion Gaming Forum. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

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How leon really learned how to suplex in re4 (inaba_zk)

Should Resident Evil Be a full action horror game like the original Votes: Considerably tone down the action no suplex, bullet sponge zombies like REmake 2, and so on Votes: 98 Straight survival horror where avoiding enemies at all cost is the best course of action Votes: 53 7. Total voters Poll closed Feb 25, Deleted member User requested closure Banned.

Nov 1, We all know that Action RE is a contentious subject. Some people love it, some people hate it.

Resident evil 4

Thing is, RE 4 seems to be able to bridge the gap between action and horror fans and as such is considered one of the best in the series as well as one of the best games of all time. So, the question is, how should Capcom handle a REmake 4? Should it be pretty much the same only with modernized controls and graphics to honor the games legacy as perhaps the best action horror game of all time which influence 15 years of game de and counting?

Should it be an overhaul to remove the over the top action set pieces and actions like suplexes? Should it be a straight survival horror game like REmake 2 where you can't do more than shove an enemy at it can take up to 10 to 13 hehots just to down a single zombie? Gilver Banned.

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Nov 14, 3, Costa Rica. RE4 without the suplex or roundhouse kick is not RE 4. ClickyCal' Member.

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Oct 25, 52, It's not super outdated like the first three games were. At least wait awhile too, and even then, just do a full visual overhaul and tweak controls. Oct 25, 6, Columbia, MD. Gilver said:. Click to expand Fisty Banned.

Oct 25, 13, They wont remake 4, it's already on modern consoles and is held up as an example of a perfect game by many. OhMyZach Member. Oct 27, Why would you take out what makes RE Jawmuncher Crisis Dino Moderator.

Resident evil 4

Oct 25, 23, Ibis Island. Is it really a remake of 4 if there's no suplex? Fat4all Community Retriever Member. Oct 25, 55, here. OP, you're small time! Oct 27, 24, RE4 is dumb as hell and people love it that way no suplex no sale. Kurdel Member. Nov 7, 12, Fisty said:. DrArchon Member. Oct 25, 15, No thanks, Bro! Kerotan Banned.

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Oct 31, 3, Fat4all said:. Dec 28, 2, They could improve the puzzles and make it so you have to explore more to find keys. I'm not sure if it would be an actual improvement, though tbh. Well they could smooth out the back half of the game, maybe dial back the weird nonsensical war zone stuff and have a more involved horror sequence in the island lab with the monsters. Deleted member user requested closure Banned.

Sep 10, 2, Me to the OP for making such silly questions.

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DrArchon said:. Oct 25, 28, I don't think RE4 would gain much from a REmake. A remake of RE4 would just result in a better looking RE4, and I'm pretty sure a fan just finished a version of that not too long ago. As for removing the action, that's a lot of RE4's identity. It's the pivot towards action oriented gameplay. All of the survival horror entries were trapped on old gen until they were remade, which is why they needed them in the first place.

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Also they rerelease it at least twice every gen so there's no real point. Oct 25, 7, Weiss Member. Oct 25, 58, There's literally nothing in RE4 that needs to be updated, let alone warranting a full remake.

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