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Ren and stimpy altruists, Thai chica picking Ren and stimpy altruists for sex

Ren Hoek, renowned lover of humanity, and his pal Stimpy decide that they must do everything in their power to help a couple of misfortunates.

Ren And Stimpy Altruists

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In the early s, a cable network known as TNN now Paramount Network was rebranding itself into Spike TVand as part of that rebranding wished to break into the late-night adult animation game that Adult Swim had just proved lucrative. While they already had some shows in production, they wanted another cartoon that could serve as a flagship series for their animation block.

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This article may contain content unsuitable for readers under the age of eighteen. This article may contain content that is disturbing, including themes of rape, murder, abuse, drugging, crime, disaster, tragedy, etc.

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He said in regards to it: "Obscenely long and woefully unfunny. This article is NSFW! This article is NSFL!

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Plot Ren and Stimpy help a homeless woman and her headless son get their new home. Why It Sucks The one scene where Ren is sawing a log on Stimpy's buttocks in order to simulate buttsex. Ren mistreats Stimpy throughout the majority of this episode for no reason at all.

Ren & stimpy “adult party cartoon” episode 5 altruists

The watch duck looks like a rip-off of Daffy Duck. A duck rapes Stimpy while Stimpy pretends to be a female duck.

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And Stimpy, for some reason, gives birth to three duck and cat hybrids. The three duck and cat hybrids known as the three things are also ugly. The headless son is very disturbing to look at, even if you pause the episode for a few minutes. Ren and Stimpy rob people in order to help the homeless woman. Why couldn't they just work?

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Doesn't Ren have a job? The homeless woman is ugly at times.

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Ren and Stimpy run over a turtle that resembles Franklin and kill it. Also earlier, Stimpy kills the watch duck as well. The ending features a cop who not only has an Irish accent for some reason, but is also black, which could come off as racist and stereotypical to some people who are black people from Ireland. But here are some more pointers that prove this episode is even more racist.

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Ren and Stimpy also steal a painting that is a parody of Elvis who is not only slumped on the toilet, but he is also Mexican, which comes off as offensive and racist towards Mexican people. Stimpy also imitates an Italian immigrant while working on the roof which could come off as racist to anyone who is Italian.

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These three racist jokes really show that John Kricfalusi is actually a racist person for inserting these jokes. Ren and Stimpy would go to greater lengths to help the homeless woman. They steal a truck filled with endangered trees that were the last of their species from a wildlife preserve just to make the house.

Out of all the jokes from "Altruists", the joke with the announcer listing out the obvious drags on the longest in almost three minutes.

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Even worse, it's one of those filler jokes that would try to get people to laugh, but fail because the joke just went on for far too long. Redeeming Qualities Good concept, which is helping the poor is very helpful, but poorly executed.

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There are some slapstick moments at the beginning where Ren slaps Stimpy, which feels like an old show. Pipe finally return on this episode. The de for the Black Irish cop is decent, though needed some more work. The voice acting is okay. Trivia This is the only episode of the Adult Party Cartoon that wasn't a scrapped story plot for Nickelodeon. This is the longest episode of the entire Ren and Stimpy series, clocking in at almost 40 minutes.

John Kricfalusi creator of the show considers this to be the best Ren and Stimpy episode he worked on.

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