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Reddit see through leggings, I Reddit see through leggings chica that like tradition sex

I would never do that.

Reddit See Through Leggings

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If they don't, they're morons. That shit is made for ass-gazing. Well I prefer the ones that don't show through.

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Can anyone recommend any leggings or yoga pants or similar that aren't semi transparent on the butt?! I have ones from adidas and Nike but i feel like every pair I buy you can see my underwear through them! Anyone managed to find any that don't show through? My Nike and Under Armour leggings are my favourites. Serious suggestion: you might want to try a size up. That might often cause the see-throughness. All the time! This has always been my go-to for legging purchasing - sizing up. However, I recently bought some adidas which are ridiculously bigger than I need and you can still see through them.

Am considering burning them in protest! Will look into Under Armour though thanks for your help! Zella Nordstrom Brand.

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They're super thick. You can order online and they ship free if you live in the US. Oh they have some really cool stuff I've just had a look on the website! I've already found some I want from there haha I live in the UK though so I'll have to check shipping charges first : thanks! I worked for Nordstrom for four years. When I first started, the Zella line used the same textiles as lululemon, a testament to the quality. Not sure if that's still the case, but my live in leggings are now very old and still very perfect.

For working out, under armour compression pants all the way. Forty bucks and years worth of value!

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They're pricier, but worth it. You'll buy one pair and it'll last at least as long as 4 of the cheaper pairs from Target, and be thicker and generally better the entire time.

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Very surprisingly the target brand has clad opaque leggings. They are super cheap a perform amazingly.

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I hate running with underwear and those are perfect they only come in two colors though. C9 by Target! They have two kinds I think it's Premium and Advanced Performanceone of which is more opaque than the other, but I don't remember which! I would try on both styles and see which you prefer. I am so impressed with all of my C9 stuff. I have sports bras that are 8 years old that are still in decent condition, I can't run in them anymore because they've lost their ability to hold me down, but they are great for lifting days. I have one pair of leggings that has ripped, but it was my fault because they had a side panel sewed in and I pulled on the pants right at the seem while I was running, which just busted them open.

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They had been through the wash several dozen times. Their premium line is a lot nicer and heavier than the Advanced line and usually has pockets. I have several pairs that I wear for roller derby, lifting, cardio, and I grab them up when they're on clearance I really like Target's C9 PowerCore running capris. It's worth noting that their regular brand leggings are actually pretty shitty see through and don't last longbut their C9 ones are really good. Oh girl, this is my topic.

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Old Navy makes really nice thick yoga pants that are opaque. I also like that they have a nice control top. Also, Victoria's Secret is really overpriced--but I've never had a problem with their leggings or yoga pants being sheer. Brilliant thanks I'll have a look into both! And nobody ever said no to a good control top! My friend recommended Fabletics to me but my order hasn't come yet so I can't say for sure. I always get so jealous of the other ladies I see in the gym fearlessly wearing leggings while I'm obsessively pulling my shirt down over the see-through butt! I used to be the same way, until I realized they've already seen me laying on the ground in a puddle of my own sweat.

Seeing the slight outline of my underwear should be one of the least offensive things i've done at that gym. I do the same constantly fidgeting with my top - I'm quite tall as well so I have to buy extra super long tops it looks like I'm wearing a mini dress so that my underwear isn't on show!

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Is Fabletics expensive? Found the internet! Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Continue this thread. They also have a seamless line that is my fave. More posts from the xxfitness community. However, all genders are welcome to contribute, all we ask is that you abide by the rules.

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