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I posted this in another thread, but that thread was devoted to discussing Dimaria as a character, so I thought I should start a proper one to discuss this. I mean for something to be called a friendship, I think it has to be a two-way thing.

Randi Fairy Tail

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Top Strongest Spriggan 12 Members — Hey guys!. This group consists of strong individuals and was an elite unit serving as Zeref personal guard.

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The Alvarez Empire is a colossal military superpower located on Alakitasia, the neighboring continent to Ishgal. Rising tensions with the nation following the destruction of the Magic Council's deterrent weapons have sparked worries of war, and for currently unknown reasons, the Empire seems hell-bent on capturing Lumen Histoire, Fairy Tail's ultimate treasure.

A attempt at an invasion of Ishgal ended in failure due to the weapons of the Magic Council, but with the Council being killed and Face destroyed, war seems all but inevitable by the time of Fairy Tail reforms itself in X The elite bodyguards and personal enforcers of Emperor Spriggan, the Spriggan 12 is also known as the Shields of Spriggan. Each of them is said to be so formidable, their magic power is well beyond Ishgal's Ten Wizard Saints. The leader and mightiest member of the Spriggan 12, and the secret son of Zeref and Mavis, though only he is aware of his own heritage.

Gifted with tremendous magic power at birth, August can instantly copy any form of Caster-type magic he sees and add it to his ever-growing repertoire of spells, making him one of the most powerful wizards to walk the earth. The strongest female wizard of the Spriggan 12, Irene is a High Enchanter who can infuse magic into anything and manipulate it however she wants, making her one of the few among the 12 who could be considered August's equal in terms of magical power. In her heyday, she was the queen of Dragnof and inventor of Dragon Slayer Magic, whose good intentions not only doomed dragonkind to near extinction, but resulted in her own transformation into Randi fairy tail dragon.

She is also Erza Scarlet's mother, but her deeply troubled history with her daughter has left Irene no more love to give her. The self-professed son of Zeref who desperately longs to gain his father's approval by killing Natsu, the only family member Zeref ever loved. In truth, he is an Etherious created as a prototype for E. With his ability to amplify the three cardinal desires of pleasure, food, and slumber that all human beings share, Larcade stands alongside August and Irene as one of the most formidable of the Spriggan The Emperor's chief of staff, who doesn't tolerate his allies' insubordination.

Invel uses the purest form of ice and snow magic, capable of freezing anything and everything around him in an instant, including his enemies' minds. A young woman whose magic, Command T, allows her to alter the size, shape, and mass of any person or object. However, she couldn't care less Randi fairy tail her duties and prefers to avoid meaningless conflicts whenever she can. For fifteen years, Brandish has sought to avenge the death of her mother, Grammi, who was apparently killed by Layla Heartfilia.

After learning the truth, however, she forms an unlikely friendship with Layla's daughter, Lucy, that challenges Brandish's loyalty to her country.

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A female knight with unparalleled skill on the battlefield, and a sharp tongue to match. DiMaria's magic is God Soul, the ultimate Takeover, allowing her to absorb the divine power of gods to use at her leisure. Her favorite form is Chronos, the God of Time, which allows her to stop time and cut her enemies down faster than they can blink. A flowery man who specializes in creating Historias, exact replicas of Randi fairy tail deceased from others' memories.

Neinhart revels in using this technique, named Historia of the Dead, to arrange twisted reunions between his enemies and their most fearsome foes or dearly departed loved ones. A hooded monster whose entire body is made up of deadly anti-magic particles, making him a harbinger of doom for any wizard foolhardy enough to oppose him.

Bloodman also wields an amalgamation of curses used by all of the fallen Etherious demons of Tartaros. A master sand wizard who is infamous for burying entire cities in sand. Ajeel is one of the more aggressive of the 12 and is said to have attempted invasions of Ishgal against his Emperor's wishes in the past.

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An alchemist from the mechanical Machias race who can pinpoint and exploit his enemies' weaknesses with robotic soldiers using his magic, Weakness. Wall participates in the war through a remote-controlled puppet before deciding to step into the fray himself.

An expert assassin who has allegedly never failed a job. Jacob's magic, Stealth, is specialized assassination magic that allows him to perfectly conceal his entire presence, make the seen unseen, and vice versa. The top-ranked of Ishgal's Ten Wizard Saints, who betrays his homeland and s the Alvarez Empire to get a shot at killing Acnologia.

God Serena is a Dragon Slayer like no other, combining the power of eight different dragon lacrimas in his body to use multiple elements at once.

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The Spriggan 12 don't just serve as the Emperor's bodyguards; they are also the commanders of his army, each leading a division of soldiers and subcommanders. Despite their ificantly lower rank and power compared to their superiors, these wizards are surprisingly capable against Fairy Tail's strongest. A member of the Brandish Squad, and a master of Spatial Magic.

Marin has a tendency to refer to everything going on around him as if it's a part of some sort of test, where he rewards those who "pass" usually womenand wails on those who "fail" usually men.

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One of the top enforcers of the Ajeel Squadron. He isn't particularly bright, favoring brute force over strategy.

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Two members of the Irene Division. Heine is a short-tempered ninja dressed in all-black who can ensnare enemies in ribbon, while Juliet is a cheerful girl dressed in all-white who can douse people in acidic slime. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

Fairy tail

You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Alvarez Empire in General. Above Good and Evil : Alvarez makes no distinction between light and dark magic.

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The elite guard doesn't seem to care that their emperor can kill anything around him. Antagonist Abilities : Many of its members, especially the Spriggan 12, turn out to have won the Superpower Lottery in some shape or form.

Badass Army : Count how many times you'll see the word 'badass' on this. Big Fancy Castle : The imperial palace in Vistarion is huge and towers over the entire rest of the capital city. Cool Airship : Alvarez has an entire armada of armed-to-the-teeth air-battleships at its disposal. When they start Randi fairy tail up, there's a Mass "Oh, Crap! Culture Chop Suey : Justified in that a continent-spanning nation as massive as Alvarez created out of formerly disparate countries would be incredibly diverse, but in terms of inspirations, Alvarez's government appears to be a take on pre-Magna Carta England a supremely powerful monarch who can and often does leave the actual governing to a Ministry while he's off doing something else.

Their symbol strongly resembles a Fleur de Lis the symbol of French royaltyand Spriggan is regarded by Ishgal as a Napoleon-esque figure Villain with Good Publicity to his people, The Dreaded by everyone else.


The desert region is clearly based on ancient Persia, with Ajeel's attacks called out in Gratuitous Arabicand the capital, Vistarion, has architecture that appears to be based on a mixture of Renaissance-era Italy, Germany, and France. The Dreaded : The Empire's very concept strikes dread into the hearts of everyone in Ishgal: they are guilds strong, light and dark combined, outing Ishgal's ; their elite fighting force, the Spriggan 12, equal if not outmatch the Ten Wizard Saints the strongest of which, to make matters worse, defected to their side ; and Spriggan—the man who united and commands them all—also happens to be Zeref, the most terrifying dark wizard who ever lived.

The Empire : Alvarez has conquered the entire Randi fairy tail of Alakitasia after overthrowing their equivalent of the Magic Council, and they have their eyes set on Ishgal. From Nobody to Nightmare : Emperor Spriggan claims that Alvarez was originally a tiny country when he first set it up.

Spriggan 12

Then he kept absorbing more and more guilds into it until about a hundred years later, when it's become a continent-wide superpower. Godzilla Threshold : An invasion from the Empire is one of the only reasons the Magic Council would have considered deploying Etherion or Face. Unfortunately, the past arcs' antagonists' actions removed those weapons from the Randi fairy tail field. Knight of Cerebus : They are among the few enemies that Fairy Tail has been shown to fear. Pointedly, the token This Is War scene has resident Blood Knight Natsu admit to being afraid, and this time around, the Rousing Speech was more of a pep talk than an attempt to get Fairy Tail pumped up.

Million Mook March : Alvarez's army s at least over a million strong; in fact, the bulk of the invasion force that marches on Ishgal from the west led by Invel and Zeref actually s at a million, to say nothing of the initial airship assault, the armada from the south, and the smaller expedition from the north with all the soldiers needed to mobilize the vehicles and weapons necessary. Military Mage : The army consists of the combined forces of all the guilds on the continent, with the scale ranging from lowly Mooks to the likes of the Spriggan Mooks : Like the Baram Alliance or the Fiore Kingdom, they have a large amount of soldiers at their disposal, though certainly by far the greatest amount.

While the Balam Alliance were no slouches either, the Alvarez Empire has over a million MooksElite Mooks of which some cause trouble to Fairy Tail members, the Quirky Miniboss Squad is as strong as Ishgal's strongest who's also one of them and they're led by Zeref, who's the most powerful mage in history.

Professional status

Spell My Name with an "S" : The initial Kodansha translation of the name was "Albareth" before the proper spelling was revealed, though this didn't stop A-1 Pictures and CloverWorks from using the same spelling for the anime. However, Funimation still calls it "Alvarez". There Is No Kill Like Overkill : Their opening strike against Magnolia is made up of a fleet of fifty full-sized air-battleships flying higher than conventional radar systems can detect, and dropping right down on top of all of them.

Once Fairy Tail retaliates with the Dragon Slayers on with their Exceed and Jupiter, it's quickly revealed that this was a feint; Spriggan actually had three hundred more ships converging from all sides, another army poking a hole in Fried's barrier, an incoming Million Mook Marchand all of the Spriggan 12 mixed in.

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This is actually justified because Zeref knows just how brilliant of a strategist Mavis is, and wanted to throw her off of her game by forcing her to tip her hand early and then turn her playbook on its head. Would Hurt : Their mooks would, anyway. Witnessing this is what causes Team Natsu to have their first hostile encounter with them. Spriggan 12 in General. Asskicking Equals Authority : As the strongest wizards of the Alvarez Empire, a of them also serve as generals in the imperial army.

Badass Crew : Individually, each member is said to be at least as strong as the mightiest of the Ten Wizard Saints, who also happens to be on their side. Bodyguarding a Badass : When the Emperor is Lord Zeref himself, any kind of bodyguard and protector he has automatically becomes this.

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Early-Bird Cameo : All twelve members make an appearance at the start of the Avatar arc, each with their Face Framed in Shadow or their backs facing the screen. Equal-Opportunity Evil : The Spriggan 12 are composed of people from various places and non-humans. Ajeel most likely comes from a desert-like region; DiMaria is a descendant from the people of Mildian, the birthplace of Zeref; God Serena, Brandish, August, and Irene came from Ishgal, the country they seek to destroy; and four of them aren't human at all Wall is a Machias, Bloodman and Larcade are Etherious, and Irene is a human-turned-dragon.

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Fallen Hero : Irene was once a beloved Queen of Dragnof, a kingdom in ancient Ishgal where humans and dragons lived together in harmony. Unfortunately, her invention of Dragon Slayer magic wiped out most of dragonkind and turned her into one herself. It all went downhill from there.