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As we continue to wait for news on a potential ninth season of ' How I Met Your Mother ,' it seems creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas aren't slowing down when it comes to bringing back past guest stars, especially those tied to the show's mythology. Rachel Bilson is the latest major 'How I Met Your Mother' star to return to the fold for the show's eighth season, whom fans will remember was roommate to the titular mother.

Rachel Bilson Himym

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By Emily Tannenbaum. By Elizabeth Logan. By Paulina Jayne Isaac. Celebs like Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, and Ben Affleck have been casually dishing dirt in a delightful twist of late-stage pandemic honesty.

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The night started with Old Ted telling his kids there are two big days in your life: the day you meet the girl of your dreams and the day you marry her.

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Marshall asked Ted if he was nervous because he was scratching away the label on the beer bottle. The day: Barney was upset because girls in New York were wearing sweaters, and leaving behind sundresses. Ted had to grade some papers. Ted had been scratching away the label on his beer bottle and Barney knew he was nervous.

Continuity: cindy is rachel bilson!

There was a cute girl at the bar. He threatened to sue Barney if he tried to claim his dibs, but Barney called dibs on Marshall as his lawyer.

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Marshall, meanwhile, was preparing for his first at-bat with Lily in their attempt to start a family. Barney told Ted to go ahead and go for the girl at the bar, but he would one day, at their wedding make a speech in which he reminded everyone he had dibs. Ted worried the girl had her defense shield up up because she was reading a book.

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But then a real example of defenses up walked into the bar: Robin in a sweatshirt with messy hair and a bag of fries in her hand. As Ted approached the girl at the bar, Cindy Rachel Bilsonthe girl Ted went out with once last season, walked up to talk to the girl. Ted panicked.

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Marshall recalled leaving work that day to a pregame spectacle-like exit as everyone at work high-fived him on his way out the door. She got up and left — but not before bringing her burger and fries along. As Ted watched the fireworks — Marshall freaked out and stormed out of the bar — Cindy noticed Ted.

She came over to talk to him and asked to talk to him alone. Lily came over and asked Barney if Marshall talks to his dad too much, and Barney said he was a bit jealous that Marshall has a dad to call.

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But the tender moment was short-lived as Barney turned to look at Robin, who walked into the bar in a white sundress. In 14 seconds, a guy came up to talk to her and Robin stood up to declare she still had it.

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Cindy apologized to Ted for being mean to him after they broke up and he joked with her about setting him up with a friend of hers. Lily went to talk to Marshall and his dad called.

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He met them at the wedding where the episode began. He said he was nervous about his speech, saying he wanted it to be perfect.

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As Marshall and Ted, the best man, went inside, it started to rain. What do you think?

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