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Queens blade alice, I am Queens blade alice friend who like phish

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Queens Blade Alice

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Deers Color] released simultaneously with the two species [original color! From the Queen's Gate, [who open the gates boost Alice version] Treasure Hunter also bet on the world is appeared. In the face and costume, there is a [mode negative M] [S mode attack ] and, respectively, can be replaced. This time, simultaneous release of the figures of two versions of the original color version and color deer.

Dee Dee
Years old: 20
Eyes colour: Large gray-green
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Leo
Favourite drink: Ale
I prefer to listen: Techno
My hobbies: Doing puzzles

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Alice is a treasure hunter who works under contracts across the world, opposite her friendly rival Dorothy. She found the treasure and when she opened it, a battle across space-time started.

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Alice wears a black short dress, with a belt for a skirt and silver circles down the front that vent steam during attacks, her dress also has brown holsters that are attached like wings on her back. She has two small dolls that hold her twin tails in place, and a black bat barrette attached to her bangs.

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She has an orange and black striped whip that she hangs behind her like a tail. On her upper arms she has black armbands with small wings and black gloves with orange square des near the tip that resemble fingernails. On her legs she has tight thigh-high stockings and ankle-high boots with broken heart des towards the top.

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On her right leg she has an orange interlaced band and on her left thigh she has a small orange belt connected with a garter to the stocking. The garter is occasionally left off. Alice also has a tight choker necklace with a chain loop in the back.

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When Alice goes into her Boost Form, her ornaments holding her hair in place fall off, and her tail and her proportions grow rapidly along with the wings on her arms and her bat-themed barrette. The holsters on her back also fall off as well.


Very bright, Alice is highly knowledgeable about ancient civilizations, so much so that she has a PhD in the study. She appears to be very adventurous, taking after her mother with this trait, as she likes to explore different areas.

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She sports a pair of highly customized Mauser C96 auto-pistols Broomhandle Mausers and a whip as weapons. Her tail is actually a whip, that can be attached to her lower back. Can obliterate anything they touch. A cool-headed Homunculus under Alice's command, she is tasked with collecting and analyzing information. Noted for her innate ability to do so, she has been given the position of commander.

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She wears a black and gold old-fashioned outfit. An optimistic Homunculus under Alice's command, March Hare is a combat specialist, and is also very knowledgeable of operating machinery. She assists Alice directly in the field. She wears a black unitard with matching thigh-highs and a red and gold corset-jacket with matching shoes and sleeves.

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I rode a huge airship through the skies to the ancient ruins, and slowly putting on the table a cup with the highest grade leaf tea, I began to prepare for exploration. They provide me with mysterious powers beyond human knowledge, just a comfort worthy of a genius like me to use.

My excellent subordinates already went ahead into the ruins, all the traps and puzzles should have been cleared by now.

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Carrying a parachute on my back, I jumped off. If you activate this gate, it is said that you can transcend our current world, and rule over every dimension.

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A fighting tournament to decide the strongest martial artist, or even a battle with an otherworldly samurai, that's something quite fitting for me. Passing through the portal created from the Queen's Gate, an unexpected adversary was waiting for me there. Sure enough, can Alice defeat even herself and continue this treasure hunting around the different worlds?

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Revoltech queen`s blade extra series no alice boost ver. (deers color) (pvc figure)

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