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Pull ups diapers tumblr, I seeking woman that Pull ups diapers tumblr tradition sex

Is it "easier" to get full incontinence during the night or day first?

Pull Ups Diapers Tumblr

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My mom will be over to babysit you in a few minutes. Make sure you have a diaper ready for her to put on you and do as she says, little sweetie. She told me shes not about to clean your sheets because you leaked through your little training pants again. She said if you really want those pink pull ups youll have to wear them during the day instead, when she takes you to the park to play.

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This little girl is really struggling to keep her diapers clean lately! Out of no where, I suddenly had to go really bad. I must have held it for about a minute when I felt a massive load fall into the seat of my pull ups.

I let out a little gasp, trying to subtly pat my stinky butt when the second wave came on! I had to stop walking as the rest of it noisily pushed its way out of me. Having to wait for permission to change is cool and all. But ummm….

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No little girl, you will wait to be changed today. We need to practice patience, anyway. So this is me and my story.

Feelin’ blue 💙💙💙

Id rather own it than be ashamed of it I suppose. I was born premature. And developed pretty slowly, milestones took much longer for me than they did for other. So tried as she might my mom had difficulty potty training me at an appropriate age.

This did improve to a degree but I never successfully stopped wetting the bed completely. While it got a bit better nights a week vs nights a week I did not stop and over time it only got worse. Within about a year I was waking up to wet sheets every morning so my mom took me to the doctor, they said because my dad was in the navy on deployment i probably just had childhood seperation anxiety, that it was not uncommon and that I should grow out of it.

At first my mom was just washing my sheets and cleaning me up every morning, this came with scolding and I began to feel very shameful.

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Eventually my mom told my aunt about it whos daughter was a bedwetter she wet the bed till she was 19 and my aunt told my mom to put me in some overnight pull ups. My mom insisted that i didnt need it but by the age of 9 after cleaning up pee soaked bed sheets every morning for over a year my mom started putting me in pull ups at bedtime.

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About a year later i started having accidents at school it went from once or twice a week initially to 3 to 4 times a day within the span of a year or so. At first my mom was just bringing me clothes, then they started sending me home from school and eventually they told my mom i needed to be seen by a doctor before i could come back. My doctor said my bladder was small and probably not growing as quickly as the rest of me and that I would grow out of it.

The school tried putting me in special needs classes because i missed so much class time due to my bladder and to avoid this and prevent me from missing more school i was required to start wearing pull ups to school, i had to go to the nurse to change at lunch and if i didnt they came and got me from class to ask me if i had had a accident today. My mom would make me feel bad telling me i should try harder to make it to the bathroom, that there was no excuse for an 11 year old to wear pull ups, her and my doctor tried restricting my fluid intake, timed voiding, nothing to drink 2 Pull ups diapers tumblr before bed but nothing worked.

Then a couple years later the daytime incidents decreased immensley though i was still wetting the bed every night.

The bedwetter

By 13, after 2 years of wearing pull ups all day I was out of pull ups during the day completely but still wore them everynight for bed time as the bedwetting continued. At 14 I was raped by a friend. After that It was like a switch flipped, i was soaking my pull ups everynight to the point of leaking, i was having multiple accidents during the day at home at school wherever.

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Eventually my aunt came and brought me a pull up to school one day when i called and she told me that they wouldnt be coming up here anymore. I came home that day to find 4 new packs of pull ups on my bed and was told to put one on before school tomorrow and everyday after that until I was able to make it to the bathroom. But i didnt. I had an accident at school called my mom and she refused to bring me clothes.

I sat in the nurses office in pee soaked blue jeans for the rest of the day, the principal and teachers and tons of students saw me and then after school was over i walked a mile home down the main road so pretty much everyone in town saw me. I never went to school without a pull up after that.

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Eventually the accidents became much more severe and much more frequent and pull ups no longer worked for me. When I got with my fiance he encouraged me to see a urologist which I had never done and turns out all those years there was actually something wrong with me!

Jes brown bed wetting—pullups—diapers

I was diagnosed with Mixed incontinence which is a combination of stress incontinence as well as urge incontinence overactive bladder. Mixxed incontinence can present differently in different people but for me it causes bedwetting, frequent urges to pee, involuntary loss of urine, inability to control urine, bladder spasms and frequent urine leakage.

So I have been padded for most of the last 16 years. I did have periods where I was able to some degree to control my bladder or minimize accidents however over the last 2 years what bladder control I did have has completely diminished. I have had urodynamic tests manual muscle pelvic floor muscle tests as well as manometry teating done that show that my pelvic floor muscles do not respond like they should.


I have a wishlist with some items that would greatly help me out so i can co tinue to maintain and manage as best as I can and as comfortably as possible. Here is a link to my wishlist.

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With my disorder I display various neurological symptoms sometimes at different times and sometines all at once. Over the last week I have had 9 seizures, lost my speech, experienced full paralysis waist down and was unable to use my hands for 5 days.


I am feeling very appreciative for today as so far it has physically been a very good day. With supervision and minimal assistance I was able to dress myself this morning, change my overnight brief and eat breakfast with help!!

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I have already managed to wear myself out and am now cuddling my doggos but it was so nice to have a morning of independence today!! Check out my Lil Squirts briefs a follower sent me off my wishlist!!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Super cute, I adore them. While I am not a part of the ABDL community I love that genuinely incontinent and special needs people have more options for protection now!! White gets a bit boring. If anyone else wants to help me with some of wishlist items it would be great!! Some of my higher priority items I am in need of are Northshore Supremes as they are my go to daytime brief, they now offer them in color varieties!! I also could use some more plastic pants, especially snap on ones as my PCA Personal Care Assistant struggles with my pull on ones and we think snap on ones may make it easier for her.

Cloth Briefs and printed diapers are always appreciated as its nice to not be stuck in white all the time but as far as needs go it would definately be day time briefs and snap ons. Here is a link to my wishlistagain it is all just incontinence supplies and protection which I rely on and am always in need of and am low on at the moment.


Become a patron of Partyinmypullups today: Read 60 posts by Partyinmypullups and get access to exclusive content and. Maaaaybe So thats how I came to wear diapers and why. I found one of my old posts!