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Professor crush on student, Professor crush on student woman hunt for friend especially for chat

This is the kind of thing Reddit seems to be perfect for: a discussion I would really like to have with colleagues but never would for obvious reasons. That attraction is fraught with a certain amount of shame and anxiety at least for me, a straight guy, early 40s. I should say up front that there is no question in my mind about acting on any attraction to students.

Professor Crush On Student

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Hollywood wants us to believe that affairs between students and college professors happen more often than we would like to think. And although there are multiple films which explore these scenarios between professors and students, does it actually happen in real life? Why are people attracted to their college professor?

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Economist b. If you're being serious, you'll know that he cannot act on this if he's attracted to you too. You risk embarrassment, he risks his career and livelihood for the rest of his life. Because if he screws you and it comes out, he will be fired and never get another university job. So take heart in the fact that he probably wants you back, but not enough to throw away his life.

Enjoy the flirtation and leave it there. And if you ever see him in a bar when you're no longer his student, and you still feel that way, Professor crush on student him a drink and see what happens. Economist I walk by a female undergrad whom I think has a crush on me, and concentrate on breathing deeply in.

I smell the nectar from her pink-lipped holy part. Then, I konow she is dreaming of having sex with me. Economist 4c What about profs who flirt with students? When I was 18 my tutor wore incredibly short skirts and used to show us all of her legs, which were very impressive. Sat jus t inches from those legs, as they crossed and uncrossed, it was very hard to concentrate on the material at hand.

Wooed by presents and homemade snacks

This was not seduction, but a pure power play. One if us eventually retaliated by wearing socks which said "I love you". Economist 9bf2. Economist f. Sometimes they play with their hair, but really I think its more likely they are trying to manipulate me. Economist f7f3.

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Inevitably there will be one or two girls in any class I teach who develop obvious crushes on me. They will always come to my office hours and just kind of sit there staring at me without having any real questions. Sometimes they start talking about random stuff about their families or hobbies.

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It's painful. Economist 05be. They added me on Facebook.

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This was a few years ago before Facebook got huge, I thought no harm would come from accepting. I accepted all friend requests back then. They would send me a message saying they enjoyed my class, and would like to get to know me more Sometimes you notice, when stuff like this happens. But then you don't look down on the student. Why would you? It's too bad that acting on it is out of the question, but you are certainly not going to blame her for her good taste.

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I can't hold eye contact simply because I'm crushing on him. He can probably tell because I look down when he looks at me most times and I smile. I probably blush and have a sparkle in my eye. I feel ridiculous. I'm sure after writing this post that he knows Economist 75fa. I'm an MBA student part time, I'm in my late thirties and I have a crush on one of my professors about a decade older than me. How can I find out if he likes me? We engage in loooong eye contacts during class but I did not want to make a move before completing the course. Can I ask him out once I have received my grade?

How can I tell if he has a crush on me?

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I guess it is because in Academia, only education matters and we do not hold PhD's I cannot believe that you are giving the "it's not you, it's me" speech He's very cute. So I'm going for a consultation and will look for "s". If he is not interested, I'll leave the man alone. In business, it is so different Maybe that is the way to go Thank you for the link Today I have learnt something new in English.

I have a crush on my professor! what should i do?

Economist a0d1. You also need to think of the prof. If you do want to pursue this relationship, I would recommend on waiting after you have finished his class. He could get into all sorts of trouble for having a relationship with a student and this could jeopardize his career, which I am sure you do not want. Academia is very different from business in this sense. I do not think not having a Ph. D is going to hurt your chances.

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It is just kind of rare for a prof and former or current student to get together romantically although there have been exceptions. FenanceBro, Thank you for the link A thought for you: Strong people lift others up, weak people put others down. Thank you for the good wishes. I actually wanted to ignore my crush but last week he sort of "made a move" In any case, without his encouragement from last week, I would have never thought of actually going through with it. But if he is in, why not? I thought this must have been an honest mistake. But then he was really mad during next class, so I thought maybe he expected me to react somehow And next class he was all happy again and keeping long eye contact and once even turned completely red Maybe I am reading too much into Professor crush on student here Economist f Not taking risks is risky I do not want to grow old with too many regrets over missed opportunities.

I think I will get a better picture about this whole issue this week when I meet him first time in his office I realize it is highly unlikely that this will go anywhere, but then people get hit by lightning every day.

A superficial crush on a sweet and smart teen

I think a professor - grad student romance must be far more likely, no? Can professors tell when students are crushing on them? I don't know about D but I am a girl. A very confused girl.

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And I posted the above comment. Ha ha! Honestly I have no idea if they are crushing on me or not. Either they don't have a shot. As a grad student i had multiple students proposition me.

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I never did anything about it. FenanceBro Rep: 9. Love sucks, and I feel for you. It hurts like hell. I wish you all the best.

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Valid thought. I wish you the best in all your endeavors. As for his job, I would never jeopardize it.

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Between him and I, I have more to lose. Safer to just assume that students don't have a crush on you.