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Princess Isabella Walkthrough

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General Tips From the beginning of the game, you can choose between two modes: Normal or Advanced. Normal Mode is geared towards players seeking a more casual and entertaining experience, while Advanced Mode is geared towards players looking for a more challenging experience. From the Options menu, you may choose screen ratio, sound ratio, and very importantly: you can choose to adjust the game for slower computers if yours is having trouble running it smoothly. Completing the main quest adventure will reward you with an entire bonus adventure.

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Help Princess Isabella lift the evil curse that has been placed on her castle! Solve perplexing puzzles and save her friends! Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for here.

Chapter 1: the castle

Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have fun! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. This walkthrough was created by Margie B. As soon as you pick up an item of value it will automatically go into your inventory box located at the bottom of the screen. Your inventory box can hold many items. Once the inventory goes over six items, you can use the arrows on each end to scroll through your items.

When you see a gold puzzle piece appear over an item it means that you can use an inventory item in that section. Some inventory items may stay in your inventory for most of the game. You may not use some items until the very end. Once you're completely done with an inventory Princess isabella walkthrough, it will disappear.

To use any of these abilities you have to click on the fairy in the top right side of the scene. Some of the abilities will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

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Click on the fairy, choose the ability you want to use and then click on the item in which you would like to use the ability on. An ability will automatically attach itself to your cursor once you select it. You can stop ability by clicking on your mouse when you see the "stop ability" words written next to the fairy.

Rock Ability — The rock ability lets you break items like vases and bottles. The vases and bottles have items needed for your inventory. Make sure that after you break each item that you pick up whatever is inside. Fire Ability - With the fire ability you will be able to set things on fire.

You can also use it to attack some of the evil items in a scene. Wind Ability - The wind ability allows you blow away dusty areas in the game. Water Ability - The water ability allows you to water plants. When you water the plants and they bloom, click inside of them to find an inventory item. The hint option will be available right away. Click on the hint and the fairy will fly over to show you the location of an item. After you Princess isabella walkthrough a hint you have to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again.

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The hint button turns into a skip button when you are in the middle of a puzzle. It also needs to recharge before you can use it.

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You will not be able to use regular hints while you are doing a puzzle. You can collect the mirror pieces even if the room has not been cleared of evil spirits. The mirror pieces you collect for each person will be noted at all times in the lower left corner of the scene.

Princess isabella: a witch's curse walkthrough

After you find all the mirror pieces for a particular staff member the game will ask you if you want to go to the mirror room right away. If you choose yes, you will go to the mirror room. If you choose no, you will stay in your current location.

If you do decide to go to the mirror room right after the game warps you there, you can warp back to the last location you visited. Simply click on a mirror in the grand hall and you will get a closer view.

Princess isabella: a witch’s curse walkthrough

The mirror puzzles will float around the scene and will contain moving images within the mirror pieces. You can rotate pieces by right-clicking on them. You can left-click to put a piece into place. A piece will lock into place when it is placed in the right spot. The walkthrough shows you the shortest possible way. The majority of the solutions for the puzzles will be the same for everyone. In rare instances where the solution is not the same, we will make a note of it in the walkthrough. In the scenes in which you need to find a list of items, we will only highlight the items that are used for inventory on the screenshots.

If you need to reset a puzzle so you can follow the directions in the walkthrough, exit out of the puzzle and it should reset itself by the Princess isabella walkthrough you go back. Look for the items listed at the bottom of the screen.

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One medium gear is located on the right side. The second medium gear is on the right side of the wall. The large gear is in the top center of the scene.

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The small gear is on the top left side. The bear claw is on the lower center of the fountain. The piano key is on the lower right side of the fountain. You will find the green marble inside a crack on the upper right side of the wall. The door handle is on the lower left side of the scene. The second mirror piece is on the base of the lion statue on the left side of the door.

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The third mirror piece is on the lower right side, close to the lion statue on the right side of the door. Click on the window in the upper left side for a closer view. You will catch a quick glimpse of the witch spying on you. Click on the front door to get a closer view. Place the door handle on the left side of the door and this area will be clear. Go through the door.

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Click on all three windows on the right side of the scene to get a closer view. Click on all the skulls, gargoyles and snakes you see in the scene. Once all the evil has been removed, the window will open and light will shine in. Open all 3 windows to clear the room of evil. Please look at the next 3 screenshots for the location of all the evil items. The green squiggly lines represent the snakes in the scene. The screenshot shows you the location of the spider at the time the screenshot was taken.

Pick up the mirror piece that is at the bottom of the right banister.

Princess isabella: return of the curse walkthrough

Pick up the mirror piece that is on the lower left side of the scene. Pick up the other mirror piece on the banister on the left. Click on the note located on the left steps. Your goal is to click on the wheels on the side of the puzzle until you see only the good side of the painting.

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There are 4 wheels on this puzzle, click on them in the following order to complete the image. Pick up the medium gear on the lower center of the scene, close to the lion that is by the door. Pick up the small gear located on the steps on the right. Your goal in this puzzle is to put the gears from inventory in the right place. Please look at the screenshot for the solution.

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Once all the gears are in place, click on the handle so the gears can turn. You have to find the pieces so you can release everyone. Click on the mirror that is close to the door for a closer view. The puzzle pieces will float around the scene and will contain moving images within the mirror pieces. Once all the pieces have been assembled correctly, the servant will open the door up for you. He tells you that he will be at the main entrance if you need him. The door on the left gives you access to the Piano Lounge.

Pick up the bottle in the center of the floor and you will now have the rock ability in your power. The rock ability gives you the ability to smash anything that is breakable.

Princess isabella: return of the curse walkthrough, guide, & tips

These breakable items will contain valuable items for your journey. Click on the fairy in the upper right corner and a small menu opens up. Clicking on the rock automatically attaches it to your cursor. Click on the vase and the rock will break it. The vase contains the planet Mercury, click on it and it will go into your inventory. Let's go back to the Grand Hall so you can use the rock ability again.