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But who is your ally and who is your enemy in this adventure?

Pokemon Nudist Version

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It has the same 2D gameplay and menu de as those games. But it brings a lot more to the table than them. Your character can walk around the game naked or fully clothed. If your game character walks around the areas naked, she can be groped or raped by other non-playable characters. Walking naked also changes the game dialogue.

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In the name of a Pokemon fan, the author of this game has spent three years for creating — deing — developing it.

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And we will see what can he bring to us now. Sponsored Links As usual, players will take the role of a young Pokemon trainer. He has been always dreaming about the Pokemon Champion title some day.

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Before officially going on the journey of a trainer, he meets his neighbor — a Pokemon Professor whose knowledge is widely known. In the lab of this professor, he gets his very first starter Pokemon based on the playing style and favorite element of players. After that, he has a fight with his rival — the grandson of that professor.

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Of course, winning or losing the battle do not matter because you will meet that one again later. Through many battles with wild trainers, difficult and strong opponents… he is getting closer and closer to the Pokemon Champion title. Moreover, he also becomes the hero of this region for preventing the madness of an evil organization which want to capture and control the power of some powerful Pokemon.

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At first, players do not notice the difference of this game with another normal Pokemon fan-made game. Through playing and from time to time, they will know that it is getting darker and darker.

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Yup, that is the reason why it has the name Uncensored Edition. Thank you. Sponsored Links.

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This game is similar to the game you are viewing. You will also like Pokemon Extremely Fire. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Polls Which game is the best Pokemon Hack? Pokemon ROM Hacks.

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