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Pantyhose fantasy stories, I would like hunt for friend who Pantyhose fantasy stories tribbing

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Pantyhose Fantasy Stories

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John awoke as he did most mornings to the sound of the shower faucet being turned off. It was both his most anticipated and frustrating moment of every day. Walking in to the bathroom, there was his wife Sara. Looking every bit a women fifteen years younger than her, Sara had become a powerful executive.

Her daily fitness regime kept her in top shape and a woman to Pantyhose fantasy stories admired and feared. John looked her up and down as she extended one leg out and began to slide her shiny tan nylons up her leg. This was the moment John waited for every day. Sara pulled the shiny hose up and, extending her other lean, well figured leg pulled up the second silky tube.

As she snugged up the hose to her trim stomach, John crept behind her and, kissing her neck from behind, caressed her lithe, silky nylon covered legs with his hands. She is meeting Jenny early to finish their project for school. Yet again, he was denied. Her everyday dress of skirts and high dollar pantyhose had only served to further frustrate John and his obsession with legs and nylons. Trying to settle himself, John threw a t-shirt on and went down the hall to the bedroom of his 17 year old daughter, Kara. Kara had become quite a young beauty. John looked at his daughter. Kara buttoned the last buttons of her uniform shirt.

She wore the plaid skirt of her school uniform and a pair of very sheer, blue tights.

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John had kept the boys mostly away, but Kara would soon graduate the all girls school she attended, then John would have that to worry about. Just what he needed. Knock, knock, knock.

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Jenny was a lovely redhead with deep green eyes. She wore the same uniform as Kara, but her legs were covered in a extremely sheer and shiny pair of tan nylons terminating in white ankle socks and sneakers. Smith, Kara up yet?

‘pantyhose’ stories

John could not help but sneak a glimpse of her beautiful legs in those wonderful tights. He felt a bit like a dirty old man, Jenny was only 18, but given his lack of any sexual attention for weeks, he would take what he could get. Those boys will do anything to check you out while you are changing. John nearly spit out the cup of coffee he had just lifted to his mouth. Jenny and her mom had lived next to them since the girls were born and thought nothing of lifting her skirt in front of John. Once again, the dirty old man feelings arose.

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Wiping the hot coffee off of his face he heard the door open again. Cindy was a stunning redhead, also with deep green eyes. She worked down town with his wife in the same building. Cindy and Sara were good friends, worked together, went to the gym together every night, went out on the weekends together, in fact, Cindy probably spent more time with his wife than John did. Like Sara, Cindy dressed her part. Today she wore a dark green silk shirt which matched her eyes nicel, a short tan pleated skirt, tan pumps and a pair of nearly opaque silky pantyhose, at least so John thought.

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John gulped and put down his coffee before a repeat of his last performance. John felt a certain tightness in his shorts as his eyes nearly dropped from their sockets.

A pantyhose fantasy:- the boss - sex stories

This was too much. See you later John. Not time for a man, no doubt, thought John. At least he had the day off. The company he worked for was updating its computer systems. John would head off to the internet to hopefully take care of some of this pressure himself. Sitting down if front of the screen John googled his usual searches when a pop up appeared. Clicking on the ad and new box appeared. Eight hours and several beers later John arrive home to find a small box on the doorstep. Throwing his keys on the counter, John opened the box to find a small crystal ball.

A piece of paper read: Show this to any woman in nylons and all of your nylon fantasies will come true.

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Confused and a bit drunk, John read the paper several more times staring at the small crystal object. As if on cue Sara burst in to the house and headed straight for the bedroom.

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I am running late. Cindy will be over so we can head to the gym. Sara had already grabbed her gym bag as she turned. As soon as she could see the small orb, a bolt of light and energy shot out in to her eyes.

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She fell back on to the bed. Kicking off her shoes, Sara began to work her small nylon covered feet back and forth over themselves. Her legs slid up and down, nylon against shiny nylon. Ripping off her skirt, she began to caress her legs Pantyhose fantasy stories her hands as the orb continued to pulse energy and light back and forth from her eyes.

As she rubbed up and down, the nylon began to creep up her body slowly covering her stomach. The sheer fabric now crept over her breasts and began to work its way down her arms eventually covering her hands leaving a soft silky mesh between each finger.

John stood dumbfounded still holding the orb. One final pulse and the energy ceased as Sara convulsed one final time. John looked down at his now nylon covered wife and felt a lust more powerful that he had ever before. So soft, so silky, John was in heaven. Sara reached around him pulling him down. John entered her now nylon lined vagina. This was the most incredible thing he had ever experienced. A few quick thrusts was all it took and John slumped over, a seemingly lifetimes worth of energy waiting for this moment.

Sara continued to caress him with her nylon sheathed hand while rubbing her soft silk nylon encased legs up and down his. Oh my god, what happened to you Sara She was cut short as Sara grabbed the orb from where it had fallen on the bed and raised her nylon clad arm towards Cindy.

Energy shot out stopping Cindy in mid step. Cindy walked almost robotically towards the bed. John could see her shake as her stockings began Pantyhose fantasy stories glow. Her panties fell to the floor as the material worked its way up her tight stomach. As the glowing white silkiness moved down her arms, Cindy moaned.

Soon her hands were two soft white wonders, gauzy silk between each finger.

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The glow ceased and sara smiled, dropping her skirt and blouse to reveal a body covered in sheer white silky nylon. The transformation of his beautiful red headed neighbor had recharged him. Sara slid behind him wrapping her silky legs around his body and rubbing her nylon covered hands all over. As she began to move her soft feet up and down his member, Cindy straddled him and he entered her white silky nether region.

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The silky white nylon skin seemed to stimulate him with pure sexual energy, and within seconds a feeling more powerful than John had ever felt erupted over his body as he slumped back, exhausted. The two nylon covered women fell to either side, moving the nylon encased hand and legs all over him. John fell asleep, exhausted. Smith, oh my god Lunging out of bed he looked in to the living room. There on the Sofa was Jenny from next door. Her teeth were clenched shut as her green eyes rolled all around.